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  1. What does everyone like to feed their ottos and how often I just got 3 for my shrimp tank and want to make sure they get enough to eat
  2. @Guppysnailthanks I will check that out.
  3. My 5 gallon planted shrimp tank has broken out with green water. My parameters are consistent nitrate- 10-20 nitrite 0 ammonia 0 gh 300 kh 80 ph 6.8 I am running a finnex stingray 8 hours a day I was running it 10 hours then dropped it to 8 once the green water showed up which seemed to make it worse. For filtration I run a aco sponge filter. I do around 2 pumps of easy green a week to keep my nitrates around 20 ppm. I am also injecting co2 and my drop checker is a lime green after 2 hours of light and stays like green till it turns off. In the tank I have 3 Amano shrimp and 10 red rilis and a collection of pond snails. I started 2 months ago and the green water showed up about a week and a half ago. I know that my best option would be to get a uv sterilizer but I haven’t been able to find anything that isn’t just overkill for the tank. Would I be able to water change my way through this doing 10% daily water changes or will that stress my shrimp to much?
  4. Has anyone ever tried using a ziss premium air valve to make a drip acclimatization system for shrimp? With the valve controlling flow?
  5. How often do you guys feed?
  6. What does everyone like to feed their neo shrimp when starting a colony before fish are in?
  7. I had a bunch of build up on the bottom of my hatchery then I added a 1 in piece of airline to extend the stiff internal airline to reach the bottom of my hatchery not sure if that will help your hatch rate but made me “feel” like I was doing a better job i also am doing small hatches I have been doing half a teaspoon.
  8. I have seen Cory say that you would get that color from water hardness that’s over 300
  9. I recently started a new planted tank and unfortunately lost a finger in a work accident. Which has made tank maintenance a bit difficult. My tank has no ammonia, nitrites over 10 ppm, and nitrates over 100 ppm. Thankfully I have no livestock other thank some stowaway snails from my plants. Am I at risk or stalling the cycle or crashing the tank if I just leave the tank be till I can change the water. I think I will be mobile enough in a week or two?
  10. My gh is always around 300 and I got a pink reading the other day and chalked it up as bad strip. The next tone I tested I got a normal reading.
  11. Chili rasboras are great
  12. @shkote How long would you say the initial acclimatization period is My rcs colony is struggling as well
  13. If you keep your pump above the water line you will be ok without a check valve I believe. Even though it was fine in your test it would be a real bummer to come home to an empty tank and flooded house when the prevention to the problem is such a low cost item.
  14. As for tank size you 10 is fine I’m running co2 on my 5 gallon and all my plants are loving it (dwarf baby tears, cryp tropica, tiger lotus, and ammannia gracillis) and i plan on having fish and shrimp
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