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  1. @Mmiller2001 Did you replace the eco complete? If so what did you swap to?
  2. A couple eggs looked like they were forming fungus so I pulled them from the tumbler. Then added a catappa leave to the tank to try and limit any more fungus.
  3. The water in the container was slightly cloudy by the morning so I ended up getting a ziss egg tumbler. So the eggs are happily hanging out in a water flow
  4. @Guppysnail thanks I will keep everyone updated. My guess is inexperience mother as all my shrimp were juvenile and had no saddles when I got them so I believe most of my shrimp are starting to carry eggs for the first time.
  5. Today while watching my shrimp tank (fairly new tank have only had 2 females get berried) I saw a fresh molt and all the males swimming around so I sat and watched for a while and saw one of my females moving her eggs from her saddle to her underbelly. When I checked back in 10 minutes later I saw she had dropped most of her eggs still carry 5 or so but I saw the eggs she dropped. So I grabbed a pipette and was able to gently suck up the eggs. After I grabbed the eggs I grabbed my specimen container and filled it with tank water and threw in an air stone in it. It’s currently sitting next to the tank. My main tank doesn’t have a heater so I’m guessing I don’t need to heat the container. I only have a 5 gallon tank so I’m not sure if an egg tumbler will fit. Do you guys thing this set up has a chance of success if I change the water out daily? Any advice on how to give these guys a fighting chance.
  6. One My Pygmy cories spends a lot of his day following my sparkling gouramis around
  7. @Tihshho I would totally start another tank but I live in a tiny house on wheels so I am currently limited to two 5 gallon tanks. Once my wife and I get our own land I will be building a fish room and won’t have to try and get all the thing I want in the hobby in two nano tanks.
  8. Thanks guys. I think I will leave it and just trim any leaves that cover my attempted dwarf hair grass carpet
  9. I have a crypt that is starting to take over and crowd part of my tank. I’m just wanting to remove it but don’t really want to disturb my substrate since it’s been in the tank for 5 months. Could I cut the crypt at substrate level leaving the roots intact without having any issues from the roots decaying?
  10. I have Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus under my hob outflow and it grows just as well as the Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus on the other side of my tank
  11. @Mmiller2001would c02 be higher at a one point drop if you have a higher kh than at 0 kh like you run?
  12. @tolstoy21 I just have red rilis in the tank. I stocked the tank 2 months ago with 10 and one came home berried and those have hatched and grown up. I have many femal a with saddles currently but none have become berried yet
  13. My tank is heavily planted. I had to do just top offs for a couple months cause I cut my finger off in a work accident and couldn’t manage full water changes. If I brought it down I would lower it over time so it wouldn’t shock the shrimps systems. All the shrimp seem to be doing fine I just don’t want them to start having molting issues with the high tds
  14. I recently bought a tds meter and am currently trying to understand where the difference in my tap water and tank water came from. Out of my tap my tds is around 160 with a dkh of 0. Then when I check the tds in my nano shrimp tank the tds was 360. I have crushed coral in my substrate that puts my tank dkh ph 4. My dgh in the tank is 16 did my general hardness get so high from topping off with tap water? And would it be safe to use Rodi water to bring the general hardness down to lower my tds? If I did do this would my kh stay around the same level since the coral is in the substrate?
  15. What does everyone like to feed their ottos and how often I just got 3 for my shrimp tank and want to make sure they get enough to eat
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