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  1. As for tank size you 10 is fine I’m running co2 on my 5 gallon and all my plants are loving it (dwarf baby tears, cryp tropica, tiger lotus, and ammannia gracillis) and i plan on having fish and shrimp
  2. II have a group of 8 Chili rasboras in my 5 gal and they hang around in the corners till they think it’s time to eat
  3. @Corygotcha that makes sense guess I will have to get a set up and start hatching them on a smaller scale since I’ve got just one 5 gal.
  4. Is there a specific day that you guys sell the bags of live baby brine shrimp? Or is just when ever you guys happen to have left overs?
  5. Awesome thanks for the great videos and information @Danielin your experience does a sponge filter cause to much surface agitation for the bubble nests?
  6. @Daniel awesome video is the live food for the fry or is it to promote mating?
  7. I recently got a trio of sparkling gouramis and it appears I got two females and a male and I am newer to the hobby and I am interested in breeding these guys for a fun project. What would be the ideal set up for a new 5 gal tank I would start to move the trio to.
  8. Hmm didn’t see anything come in and I’m a member
  9. @Brian no worries I love having as much input as possible! Thanks
  10. @James B I was thinking of just doing one to try an avoid any aggression issues do you think the good benefits of having a group would out weigh the potential issues?
  11. @Eddie Dingle I’m actually hoping for some population control once they start breeding since I’ve just got the one tank. I was going to wait till the colony grows to introduce either.
  12. I’m debating between getting one scarlet badis or a sparkling gourami for the centerpiece fish for my 5 gal heavily planted tank. There are 8 chili rasboras and rcs in there currently. Currently my nitrates never get above 10 ppm and I’m willing to do water changes two or three times a week if need be. As this is my only tank so I am able to and willing to dedicate a lot of time into upkeep. Any thoughts?
  13. @Dirtydave yeah my nitrates could definitely be higher for the plants it was the nitrites I was worried about.
  14. Oh ok that makes sense I guess I just thought that ammonia was more or less instantly turned into nitrates since everyone talks about how important 0 ppm nitrites are. Thanks for the help guys
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