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  1. Thank you! Very helpful! Yes, I am in WV. I am finding I need to watch KH like a hawk. I can have a high TDS but 0 KH which can be dangerous.
  2. I do not do well with Water Sprite either. I have tried floating, planted, etc and it just does not do well. Trying in my Beta tanks now as they are the softest. Some stem plants I no longer even bother with although best results are to float not plant. Crypts, Val, Anubia, Java Fern do great. I think Anubia would grow in battery acid. Thanks for commenting!
  3. I'm going to reply to my own topic but I did think of one possibility. Both tanks have HOB. I may try it in sponge filter tanks. Maybe it got beat up? Thoughts?
  4. I would like any information on keeping Riccia Fluitans. The last that I got, placed in two separate tanks, simply disappeared. My water is hard. More Gh than Kh. Other parameters fairly normal with lower pH. I was floating it. Lovely plant. Would love to keep it. Thanks to anyone in advance.
  5. Thank you Issac! Yes, I understand Old Tank Syndrome and have painfully lived it due to my surgeries and inability to do water changes. I had to add water with a pitcher as I could not manage buckets or even a python due to not having use of both arms. My tanks are all planted but don't absorb minerals fast enough to balance against evaporation. I guess my point is that I did not see an expected pH response as the mineralization climbed. I don't routinely add ferts. I tend to do that as indicated by low nitrate. My question was due to wanting more understanding toward causation of lower pH when one may expect an alkaline mineralized water. Again, thank you for your input!
  6. This sounds very similar to my own water. I had a broken wrist and shoulder surgery over the winter and could only do water topoffs to tanks. Things were OK, then they were not with plant and fish die offs. With ApI test kit, water looked OK. Then got TDS meter. I got readings over 1000 ppm. Then used API hardness tests and readings were over the top. By then my right arm was better and I started doing water changes with distilled water and bought an RO system. Constant testing as it can be tricky to get TDS down without dropping kh buffer too far, too fast. I am finding that fish/ and most plants are Ok once I got below TDS of 800 ppm. Stem plants seem to hate this water the most. Anubias do not care. Crypts are OK but not as tolerant as Anubia. I live in Northern WV, about and hour SW of Pittsburgh , PA. From my college Chem days, I know we do have high iron content and am wondering if this is a factor.
  7. My tap water is TDS 300+. However, my pH is 7.4-7.6 rather than more Alkaline. Is there some mineral component that drives this? I don't think it is a problem but I am curious. In my tanks with plants, peat, leaves my tanks have dropped into acidic ranges while getting ridiculous TDS with water top- offs. That did create problems.
  8. Yeah...I get that. I guess I am thinking Discus vs Angel vs Sevrum or Gourami. Sigh.. I probably won't do it. May even use stim check for something sensible. I 😔 Thx!
  9. Thank you! 150 is my limit. I just love them but maybe best to leave them alone and not waste the money on something in-humane. Thx!
  10. I have used the Community and use regular non- dedicated kitchen ware. I don't view it or any frozen fish food differently than human food. Everyone has their own comfort levels with such. Follow your heart.
  11. Greetings Nerms! I am thinking of a 150 gallon tank for at least 3 Bala Sharks. Enough? Not enough? Stupid idea? Looking for thoughts from any Bala Shark Nerms. If good...tank mates. Want to waste my Stim check. 👩‍⚕️ Thank you from WV.
  12. Thank you! I will give it a go. I was ready to blame the instrument, my API test kit, etc but after numerous tests, it points to some sort of tank syndrome. I'm going to test more of my tanks in am and try to sort out a pattern. I appreciate your input!
  13. The one tank is ecocomplete and the other is dirt/ gravel. Hmmm. Some Lava Rock. Could that be culprit? Thank you!
  14. Good evening Nerms. I just found a weird situation. I did not test every tank but in the few I checked I got high - over 1000 ppm TDS.. no, not my tap water. It checked average 25. So, on two tanks I checked all parameters which were within normal, low ranges except GH which was off the chart. Tap water normal. What is causing this? Fish seem fine. Plants seem fine. Low pH. 6.0 - 6.5.
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