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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I have some complicated questions regarding aquarium water. background: So, lately I have been buying Crystal Geyser jugs to do water changes because our well water has 80+ nitrates and high calcium (water spots everywhere) - it gets so annoying buying mass amount of gallon jugs at the store, plus water bottles to drink too ~ so we invested in a whole house Eco Water - Water softener, Culligan water nitrate remover & carbon filter. So nitrates are removed and carbon filter to remove impurities because we have a lot of ag (livestock & fruit/veg/nut crops) so increase risk of pesticides and fertilizer leeching into the water underground, we now officially have drinkable water from the tap! Woo! My question is can I use this water for my aquarium? I’m worried about the water softener putting salt in my freshwater aquarium? Does anyone use a water softener for their aquarium? Do I need to add Seachem equilibrium to harden the water? - I have a cycling planted aquarium & a regular gravel aquarium with my single betta fish As for getting a reverse osmosis filtration a whole house costs like 20k & can’t afford that lol and we just bought our house and I’m not willing to drill a whole in our granite because it’s too all brand new. Any suggestions are helpful. This is our water on a strip TDS = 179 ppm conductivity meter = 378 us/cm
  2. Hey everyone. I have a 240 gallon African cichlid tank. About 2 years ago, I got a water softener in my house, the very first day I test the water and it showed 0 chlorine. So, logically I stopped using water conditioners and I've had no problem. Recently, I lost 2 adult male Haps. About a month ago I change the substrate from gravel to white sand, however I added turbo start to my water to add extra bacteria I was taking away from removing the gravel. So my question is, are my fish getting sodium poisoning slowly over time from my water softener and if they are, should I start adding water conditioner again?
  3. Hello, Wanted to get some feedback about the affects of a whole house water softener on tropical plants and fish. It is obvious that the main change will be the hardness of the water, however online research has indicated some potential issues with how the water softener softens the water (Basically exchanging ions of different elements). The problem is the "salt ions" left in the water? Again, the water is fresh water, but softened with salt. Online research has conflicting information and none of the big names in YouTube really have touched on it. Thanks
  4. So my family was thinking of getting a water softener installed on our well but I was wondering if this could harm my fish
  5. Does anyone have experience with water softeners for well water? I’m worried the softener is putting too much sodium in the tap water for plants. May not be good for low/med light plants I’m planning to buy here. I’m confident I can add back the other minerals needed with frets. But no clue about the sodium. My tap water parameters are... 7 dPH, 7 or 8 dGH, KH is high - well over 200 ppm. I’ve not set up tank yet. Will be a 75 gallon tho. Lots of vals, crypts and octopus tho. Anyone with experience in this area? I live in MI. So hard, rusty water if I went straight from well. I don’t want to do that. Happy holidays!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of buying a house that has very hard water but also uses a water softener. As I have planted tanks I'd prefer to remove sodium from the softened water before putting into my aquariums. I've decided to split my outdoor hose line (which uses the regular hard water) and make it accessible to my sink as well as using some RO/DI filtering on the soft water to cut down on the mineral hardness and hopefully maintain some control over the pH. Does anyone have experience with this process? Has anyone installed an RO/DI to remove sodium ions from softened water?
  7. I am planning on getting shrimp I have a water softener (the kind that you put salt in) would that reduce the tds so i couldn't have neocaridina shrimp?
  8. I have very hard water here in Nashville. I just started a dirted tank with three absolutely beautiful German rams included in the tank. My current GH test was 8-9 dH. Is this too hard for rams? If so, best way to soften?
  9. I am wanting to set up a 29 gallon medium tech planted tank with Rummynose and Neon Tetras and Cory cats and maybe even a few shrimp...I may even add Co2 someday. My problem is, my city water is so hard it rattles when it comes out of the tap. 😉 Seriously, the API tests results are off the chart with KH at 13 drops and GH a whopping 15 drops....PH around 8.0. In addition, sometimes we’re on city well water and sometimes local lake water. The water department lists, vaguely, that it uses chlorine and chloramines. This is just fine for my Lake Tanganyikan cichlids but I don’t think more sensitive plants and fish will thrive in it. I am seriously thinking about buying the small 4 stage RODI Buddy that sells for under $60. It would be more than enough for my one small 29 gallon tank. I guess my question is; am I better off adding various chemicals and treatments to make my tap water suitable...OR strip my hard water of virtually everything and start with a clean slate and add only what I need to produce the water parameters that I need?
  10. So my wife wants to add a water softener in the house and everything I've read online indicates that not only are water that comes out of the softeners bad for the plants, but they are also bad for fish. However, this is based on what I've read up on salt-based softeners as, apparently, the salt-based systems work off an 'ion-exchange' process which replaces all minerals in the water with sodium ions. The system I am looking at is a salt-free system which physically change the structure of the hardness minerals to take away their ability to bond and stick to surfaces, and to each other through a 'Template Assisted Crystallization' process. So my question is, will a salt-free system also affect the plants and fish in the same way that a salt-based system would or would it be ok to have it installed without any danger to the tank inhabitants?
  11. Does anyone know anything about home water softeners. Mine uses salt in a tank placed in the garage. All our water comes through it. My PH stays a consistent 8.0. Do I need to add anything to my water for happy healthy parrots and fish?
  12. I'm pretty new. I just started keeping fish this summer. I completely love it. I bought this house recently. It has a water softener from like 1975. The bypass is stuck, and I can't turn the water softener off. I've been getting water from the garden hose because it doesn't go through the water softener. Anyway, I noticed my fish weren't looking so great and tested my water; my nitrates were too high. I changed probably 3 gallons in my 20 long. Almost immediately, they were better, so I did another 5 gallon water change, but then they didn't look so good again. The next day, they were great. They were swimming around, investigating things, grouping up (guppies), acting just how they should. I think they were shocked from the temperature. It did drop by a degree or two when I changed that water. I really want to be able to match temperatures and do a water change whenever I need to, but I have this undesired water softener, and I can't turn it off. Is there anything I can do to my softened water to make it okay to use for water changes? PS I love my guppies so much.
  13. I have hard well water and was wondering what would happen if I installed a water softener for the house. Is this safe for the fish? I currently have 3 tanks set up that have been up for 6 mo to 2 years.
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