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  1. I'll keep an eye on it. Until I add fertilizer I don't even get a measurement for nitrates so I'll make sure I'm not adding so much fertilizer that it's bringing it up too much. I haven't actually bothered checking nitrates right after adding it so I'll make sure I'm not going overboard. I just know after a few days nitrates are usually at 5 so I started doing a double-dose. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you so much! The planted tank I listed is the one they're going in and it's been staying about 6.8/7 for ph since I started regularly testing it. So I think I'm good to go. With all the plants I don't have to do big water changes so the ph doesn't fluctuate much. All the other parameters are right in the range they like too. I just kept seeing people so hung up on TDS that it had me worrying about it. My cherry shrimp are having a baby boom right now and hopefully these guys will be soon. I'll check back in after they've been settled in for a while.
  3. Like most things aquarium related, I cannot find consistent advice about TDS and the more I read the more confusing it gets. I get that TDS is pretty much a measurement of everything 'extra' that's in the water. After watching Cory's video about TDS my understanding is that it's most useful as a quick check to see if something is 'off' in the tank and unless it's fluctuating a lot, the value isn't really all that important. But I have some crystal reds coming next week and I know they're more sensitive than most shrimp. I keep seeing that their preferred TDS is around 140-160. All the values I've been measuring in their tank is consistently right in their preferred range except for TDS. Out the tap my TDS is already almost 180 and in my tanks with fertilizers and everything else I've seen it measuring between 350 and 450. I did test my meter with distilled water and got 2 ppm so the calibration doesn't seem to be that far off. What I've seen recommended is using RO or distilled water for CRS and adding gh+ until the TDS is in the right range. That's making me think that it's only the water components that affect GH that are important in the TDS reading for the shrimp. And my tap water has no GH. So does that mean I shouldn't worry about the TDS at all if my GH is now in the right range (I'm adding Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+)? Or am I wrong about that and it would be safer to just use distilled water instead and add gh+ to it? I'm probably way overthinking this. I never checked TDS until now and everyone in my other tanks has done well. If it helps, here's my normal water parameters: Tap water: ~5 nitrate, 0 nitrite/gh/chlorine, ~40 ppm kh, 8.2-8.4 ph, 178 TDS In tank (heavily planted, use extra Easy Green fert, lots of wood, gh+, etc): ~5 nitrate (didn't add more fert yet), 0 nitrite, 100 ppm gh, 0 chlorine, 0 kh, ~6.8-7 ph, 372 TDS
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