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Found 21 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of buying a house that has very hard water but also uses a water softener. As I have planted tanks I'd prefer to remove sodium from the softened water before putting into my aquariums. I've decided to split my outdoor hose line (which uses the regular hard water) and make it accessible to my sink as well as using some RO/DI filtering on the soft water to cut down on the mineral hardness and hopefully maintain some control over the pH. Does anyone have experience with this process? Has anyone installed an RO/DI to remove sodium ions from softened water?
  2. Building a new tank set up display 275 gal and sump 125 gal I am adding a auto water top off connected to a ro unit I will be adding crushed coral to the sump was wondering if their is any other rocks to add to bring the water back up to a more hard level location is texas also live plants are going in the sump and I am trying to build a complete eco system to live and thrive starting off is shrimp not sure what type yet
  3. I have a RO unit I use to make softer water for some wild bettas. I have some Guppies outside in a tub at the moment and I was wondering if I could use the "waste" water outlet (8 in the photo) as regular de-chlorinated water to fill this up without using a chemical dechlorinator. Does anyone see any issues with this?
  4. I have RO water I was wondering if I could use easy green to put the minerals back into the water using easy green?
  5. Hey everyone, I’m thinking of setting up an RO unit for aquarium (and household) use. My pipes are 100 years old, pretty nasty and leech a bit of copper into the water. 🤢 Pipes to street are lead... ugh 🤢 I have a pretty good idea of how to set up the RO unit, but I’m unsure about re-mineralzing the pure filtered for aquarium use. Can anyone guide me on what is involved? Thanks!! 🙂
  6. We're moving to North Carolina and I gave away my aquarium and my beautiful fish. I just couldn't picture them surviving a 3000 mile drive in the heat of summer. We went to visit the Raleigh/Durham area last week to check it out. I also went to the Fish Room. Has anyone been there and had experience? They had a wonderful selection of fish that looked healthy, a good selection of plants. Nothing was very deep in inventory but everything looked healthy. One thing I noticed was a lot of people came in to get refills of either fresh or salt water. Why would they do that? I also was wondering about other stores in the area and the experience people have had. We currently live near Aquarium Coop where I have found the customer service to just be wonderful so I'd love to find something like that, where I can get good quality advice as well as good customer service.
  7. So I’m getting some new L134 plecos and will be doing RO water in the 20 long they going to be in going to be using these to remineralize the water are these good or what’s better ? And IF I use these says the dose for 20 gallons wanted to do it 5 gallon buckets how much or what do you guys and girls recommend @Cory @Dean’s Fishroom @Candi @Bentley Pascoe or anyone that can help please and thank you they come in tomorrow so trying to get it figured out right so will do a test one today with no fish and make sure it stays stable
  8. While I can totally geek out with tech, I would like some recommendations on RODI systems. I am hoping to do caridina shrimp and this is pretty much a requirement. I never had one before and do not know what is best. I don’t plan to go saltwater anytime soon so a simple system with low waste is preferred. What are your thoughts? Many thanks, Tedrock.
  9. I’ve been purchasing RO water from my LFS for water changes. I’ll soon be setting up a 75gal (for the cichlids), then will redo my 40gal (to a planted community tank), and still have my 5gal betta setup With the additional tank, buying water will add up fast not to mention it will be tedious to haul around, etc. I was thinking about buying a submersible pump and a large trash can on wheels to do water changes using tap water. No more carrying buckets and lifting a gallon at a time to refill by hand. My water parameters are always good with the RO water, so I hate to ruin a good thing. I do use Malawi buffer to ensure pH stays nice and high as it does get a little low without it. Other than that, numbers are good/stable. Assuming I change my cichlids over gradually, will they be OK? What would I need to watch for, other than doing extra water testing? Installing my own RO system is not an option at this time.
  10. Is it really worth it....what water do aquarium co.op use in water change
  11. Just finished setting up a ro filter system connected it to my sink going to call the shop I got it from as well but the psi reads 0 I followed the instructions to set it up and connected the supply line to the psi reader still 0 any ideas or is it faulty
  12. I'm running water changes through an r/o system and can barely get the gh/kh back up to suitable levels. Gh =25ppm kh= 80 ppm barely, and the ph hangs around 7. Any tips on raising these levels suitable to maintain guppies and snails in same tank.
  13. It was my Birthday on Thursday. My husband knew I was going through a lot with my tank. He recommended maybe I just need to go to the local mom/pop FS and just look around... He reminded me that I wanted to do another aquascape, and maybe they had an aquarium I liked and could get some stuff to "Play with". WELLLLLL... He ordered me a 30 gallon breeder and a stand 🙂 . I picked out some really nice dragon stone, and wood. I will wait to get substrate and plants (from Aquarium co op of course) closer to when I get it set up. I just want to scape it for now, and later (WAY later) add some fish. BUT... while I was there, I was taking time to look at people, what they were buying questions they were asking etc.. I noticed people coming in with huge jugs... I was wondering, what are they doing? This LFS sell a lot of live corals, salt water and fresh water fish. I went to the back of the store and saw 2 stations. 1 for saltwater, another reverse osmosis water. People were going to fill their jugs with water to do their water changes!!! I was like WHAT!! how cool is that! All of the fresh water fish in this store have reverse osmosis water in the tanks. My question is .. If someone purchases fish from a store like this, and they don't have reverse osmosis water if the fish would struggle with adapting? I have very hard water here.. Just was thinking about it when I was in there sitting on the floor playing with rocks..LOL (which drew quite a crowd I must say.. haha). Below is a picture of one of the tanks set up in the store that I just LOVED.. Nothing is for sale in it.. but its was just magical to look at. Does anyone know what the little grasses are? I love that look.. but have NO idea what they are...and the banana plants..GAH so awesome!
  14. When we first moved into our new home, one of the things the old owners were doing was renting a water softener. It was a service we knew we would drop ande put it on the to-do list. Welp, we finally reached this line item and have bought a full filtration/softener set up. The kit came with a pleated sediment filter, a large GAC/KDF mixed media filter, the water softener and a 4 filter RO kit. My question is thus, would I be better served supplying the RO system from water before or after the softener. My thought is before. But being just smart enough to be dangerous, I wonder if that is correct. I wonder if maybe the magnesium and calcium in the water might be worse for the system, spoiling the filters faster than the sodium ions. Anyone smarter than I have a solid answer on this and can share some knowledge?
  15. I already have an rodi system up and running for my saltwater tanks, and my tapwater can't keep fish alive. So I was wondering how to re mineralize it for tetras, cory's, and other community fish
  16. First time poster here...I did try to search for an answer but couldn't find it. Great forum with tons of knowledge being shared though! I'm about to get a new 40 gallon breeder going and am going to be planting it using eco complete, root tabs, and easy green. I saw one of Cory's videos suggesting stocking it with some bolivian rams, black phantom tetras, and julii corydoras and I really like that idea. I have an under the sink RODI unit that I use for my smaller shrimp tank. Should I go RODI water for the 40 gallon or my tap water? I just tested my tap water and here's what I got: pH = 6.8 No ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates. GH = 0-.5 KH = 2 TDS = 80ppm Thanks!
  17. @DavidR was asking in another thread about automated water changes. My water comes from a well into my utility room where I run it through an reverse osmosis (RO) system. The big pump (red circle) takes the water from the RO system and pumps it through PEX tubing embedded in the concrete slab for our house and pumps the water over and into my large aquarium in the living area. The large aquarium has an overflow standpipe that only lets the water get to the top of the aquarium before it goes down the pipe and out to the summer tubbing ponds. This is the automated part of the water change. The second part is less automated but only uses gravity. Once the water is in the big tank, it is 7 1/2 feet off the ground and will readily flow downhill to the aquariums in the fishroom. The picture below is of doing a water change on the green water tank this morning. The floors are concrete so spilling a little water isn't the end of the world. It is nice to not have to use buckets.
  18. Hi. Has anybody ever use the wastewater from a RO/DI for a planted tank?
  19. Has anyone done a comparison between Zerowater filtration and reverse osmosis systems specifically for hobbyist-type home aquarium tanks?
  20. Hey all, I am looking into getting an RO/DI water filter for my aquariums. I am wondering if i need to mount it on the wall, or at all? Or can I just use it sitting on the countertop? Thanks!
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