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Found 6 results

  1. So I got these plants yesterday as a continuing project to add plants to my tanks. I don't have any of these yet. Once I got them home I placed them in my quarantine tank. I have 2 issues: 1.) In one of my pics you'll see some black stuff on one of the bulbs, is that harmful to the plant or fish or tank in any way? It looks like I might be able to remove it with a toothbrush but if that's something the plant needs I didn't want to act before I knew. 2.) Does one plant these or just leave them free floating/wandering in the tank?
  2. Greetings Every single serious aquarist know to do his/her research on a particular species before buying it. But... is it me or you can find pretty much every opinion and it’s opposite? I want to give the best care possible to my fish but I end up so confused. I have hair algea in my 10 gallons and green algea mostly only on my anubias on my 15 and 20 gallons. For some reason, my nerite snail don’t like to go on top of the leaves. My lights are on a timer, 8 hours a day. I dislike the look of algea and would like to get otocinclus - everywhere they recommend a group of 5-6 or else the fish get stressed. I don’t think my tanks are big enough or could support them. Cory is the only one that seems to recommend 2 oto, even only 1 for a small tank. Has anyone experienced only 1 or 2 oto in their tank? @Cory Could you reassure me that I wouldn’t make a mistake to get only 2 otos for each of my tanks? Thank you!
  3. Would you recommend adding plants to an aquarium first, or stocking it with fish? Concern: disease and medications I have a cycled 20 gallon that is ready for life. I plan to add fish directly into it as there is nothing from which they need to be quarantined (other than the disease-free aquarium itself). If I add fish that end up requiring medication, then it is better to medicate an aquarium without living plants in there, correct? So, fish, and then plants, and then quarantine each future new fish before adding it to the community? Or, plants, quarantine fish, and then add the first fish to a planted tank after they have been quarantined?
  4. I’ve had my moss bridge for about 10 weeks and it’s still shedding tons of detritus as it converts. Is it unusual for it to take this this long? My Java moss seems to grow faster and doesn’t shed nearly as much.
  5. We have a Japanese trap door snail that is in rough shape. Not sure how it happened. He has an infection or fungus on his foot, we’ve noticed it 3 days ago. The tank he came from is a 30 gal with a few ADFs, a female trap door, and mystery snails and nerites. Parameters of that tank are 0 ammonia/0 nitrite/0 nitrate (I know that will raise red flags re: cycling, happy to get into a side discussion about it in the comments but it’s the substrate), 77 degrees, ph 8. I was already qt’ing some cories and treating them with the maracyn and paracleanse so we decided to put him in a cup and drip acclimate him to the medicated tank. he’s been in there last night, we’re keeping him in the cup so the cories don’t bother him and will change the water each day with “fresh” medicated water. getting desperate, I added some pimafix today to try to treat the fungus. I only did a half dose bc the info I found online was inconclusive about whether it was dangerous to snails. just wondering if anyone has any other ideas? He moves his head in and out and retracts when he feels threatened so I know he’s still alive, he just hasn’t even tried to roll over though. Every time we try to flip him over, but he inevitably flips back over. Edit to explain picture, it looks like less of a “cottony “ growth but more looks like white hairs sticking out of the foot.
  6. Hi there, I’m cycling a brand new 55 gallon tank. No fish at the moment. I added the Fritz enzymes and fish food. I also added live plants I purchased from tanks in stores. Currently after 30 hours I have 0 for amonia, nitrite, and nitrates. Is this normal? Am I supposed to add ammonia to kickstart the process?
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