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Possible fungus/infection on snail foot


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We have a Japanese trap door snail that is in rough shape. Not sure how it happened. He has an infection or fungus on his foot, we’ve noticed it 3 days ago. The tank he came from is a 30 gal with a few ADFs, a female trap door, and mystery snails and nerites. Parameters of that tank are 0 ammonia/0 nitrite/0 nitrate (I know that will raise red flags re: cycling, happy to get into a side discussion about it in the comments but it’s the substrate), 77 degrees, ph 8. 

I was already qt’ing some cories and treating them with the maracyn and paracleanse so we decided to put him in a cup and drip acclimate him to the medicated tank. 
he’s been in there last night, we’re keeping him in the cup so the cories don’t bother him and will change the water each day with “fresh” medicated water. 
getting desperate, I added some pimafix today to try to treat the fungus. I only did a half dose bc the info I found online was inconclusive about whether it was dangerous to snails. 

just wondering if anyone has any other ideas?  
He moves his head in and out and retracts when he feels threatened so I know he’s still alive, he just hasn’t even tried to roll over though. Every time we try to flip him over, but he inevitably flips back over. 
Edit to explain picture, it looks like less of a “cottony “ growth but more looks like white hairs sticking out of the foot.


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Thats a hard one. I haven't dealt with that before. I'd say a combo of maracyn and Ich x is what I'd be trying. Also making sure I had calcium in the water to stop further shell decay. No idea if it's "too far gone" or just needs time to recover at this point.

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