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  1. Sometimes Petco has online sales where if you spend $50 they will take 25% off for store pick up orders. Some people resale their tank supplies on Craigslist and Offer up for cheap. Our betta enjoys having plants and a little house as well as our Corydoras. Looks like you have a good start of plants so far.
  2. Maybe Stress Guard, it says it’s an antiseptic and helps with wounds. https://www.seachem.com/stressguard.php
  3. I’m sorry to hear about your fish 😞. The same exact thing happened to one of my new gourami over the weekend. He appeared to be doing perfectly fine at first. I’m starting the trio meds and after starting ich x he became weak, laying on the surface, heavy breathing, then bloated. I hope your new one stays healthy.
  4. This weekend we went shopping to select the first fish to introduce to our tank. My daughter picked some glo danios. We were excited and I didn’t take a close look at the fish. After we put the fish in the tank I noticed one fish had a cloudy looking eye. I’m worried I may have brought a sick fish home. Today I noticed some of the danios have red gills. Is this normal? Other then the red gills and the one with a cloudy eye they seem to be behaving normally I saw on Petsmart’s website, their glo danios have super red gills. I’m wondering if I should introduce meds or aquarium salts?
  5. Hi there, I’m cycling a brand new 55 gallon tank. No fish at the moment. I added the Fritz enzymes and fish food. I also added live plants I purchased from tanks in stores. Currently after 30 hours I have 0 for amonia, nitrite, and nitrates. Is this normal? Am I supposed to add ammonia to kickstart the process?
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