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  1. Approximately how long does it take for plants to absorb liquid fertilizers? I assume it depends on the number of plants that are water column feeders, their immediate need for nutrients, and the amount of water in the aquarium. How about a lightly planted 30 gallon that just got several more water column feeders (to make the tank heavily planted) just a few weeks ago? Is it best to dose the tank after a water change? Is it okay to dose a day or two (or three or four) before a water change so the nutrients are not wasted? I assume adding the Easy Green All-In-One Fertilizer will not spike the level of ammonia in the aquarium. I use tabs too, of course. I do not have water column feeders exclusively.
  2. Thanks, Cory. I do have a 10 gallon I can use for fish quarantine. I have a recent order of plants from you, so none of them have established roots in their current home. Will any of them stand up to medicine: Cryptocorne Wendtii Green, Amazon Sword, Red Melon Sword, Anubias Barteri, Christmas Moss (floating ball and bridge), Java Fern?
  3. When stocking in aquarium, has it worked best for you to have started with the bottom dwellers (like Corydoras), then other schooling fish (like smaller Rasboras or Tetras), and then centerpiece fish (like gourami)?
  4. Would you recommend adding plants to an aquarium first, or stocking it with fish? Concern: disease and medications I have a cycled 20 gallon that is ready for life. I plan to add fish directly into it as there is nothing from which they need to be quarantined (other than the disease-free aquarium itself). If I add fish that end up requiring medication, then it is better to medicate an aquarium without living plants in there, correct? So, fish, and then plants, and then quarantine each future new fish before adding it to the community? Or, plants, quarantine fish, and then add the first fish to a planted tank after they have been quarantined?
  5. They probably are not too old. I got them for a local aquarium store a couple of weeks ago. I am heavily filtering the aquarium right now. The sponge filter and an air stone are keeping the surface covered in bubbles, and two HOB filters keep the water flowing swiftly. I am going to slow things down soon. I just ramped up the filtration to prep media so I can cycle a new tank, and to accommodate the addition of more fish to this tank. Sounds like your gourami are behaving like mine. I just got another large order of plants from Aquarium Co-Op, which will real up the territories and add even more places for the fish to create personal space.
  6. The gourami that looks more female acts tough around the gourami that looks more male. They hang out a little, but then “she” harasses him and chases him away. Neither fish seems to control a set portion of the tank. Found these images online of a male and of a female for sale.
  7. I rearranged my aquarium a few times (since I had gotten my first shipment of plants from Aquarium Co-op), and effectively killed all of the plants (shrank them down to stumps in a few cases). I should have left all of them potted until I knew no more rocks or sand would be shifted. Also, I find it easier to place root tabs in the bottom of the pots than in the substrate. I might cut out the bottom of the pots so they can easily be removed from around the plants one the plants have taken root or sent out multiple runners.
  8. Do we need to transfer new plants to the substrate or onto hard scape promptly, or can they remain in their little plastic shipping/growing containers for an extended period?
  9. Males? Females? One of each? Of the many persons I have asked online, some are certain they are both females, and the others are certain that they are both males. I have researched this EXHAUSTIVELY and remain uncertain. I am hoping to find an expert that can tell me their sexes with absolute certainty.
  10. My 29 gallon after A LOT of research and 5 months of adding plants (healthy specimens from Aquarium Co-Op), sand, rocks and fish (after a period of quarantine) I was given the corydoras and emerald catfish at the start. Currently, I use a hang on back filter and a large sponge filter (with an air stone inside). Stock: 3 Corydoras aeneus (Bronze/Green Corydoras) 2 Brochis splendens (Emerald Green Catfish) 8 Paracheirodon axelrodi (Cardinal Tetras) 10 Trigonostigma hengeli (Orange Hengel Rasbora or Glowlight Harlequin) Today, I added a pair of Trichogaster Ialius (Flame Dwarf Gourami) 7 Hemigrammus rhodostomus (Rummy Nose Tetras) that will come out of quarantine this weekend. The fish are well balanced (among upper, middle, and lower levels of the tank), are very playful, peaceful, healthy and happy. Very pleasing to watch. I may add 4 more cardinals and 3-5 more rummy nose tetras in due time - and probably with added filtration.
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