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  1. Hello. I've been wanting to set up a new tank and have fell in love with dwarf cichlids. I've been trying to do some research over the past few days and haven't quite found the answers I'm looking for. I have a tank setup in mind I'm just not sure it would work and would rather get opinions on what others think before committing to it. I was thinking of doing a 40 gallon breeder with 3 German Blue Rams (1M 2F) and 3 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (1M 2F). I would want to also add some shrimp and some snails. Would something like this not work due to species compatibilities or perhaps too many fish? Maybe the opposite and I could add in a small school of tetras or corys? Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I have an empty 60 gallon sitting around and I am thinking of getting it set up into a Central American cichlid tank if possible. I currently have a 150g South American community, a 60g Asiatic community and a 30g Lake Tanganyika community (micros). I know CA Cichlids are known for their tenacious aggression and breeding, I have had some in the past including firemouths, Honduran red points, salvinis and of course convicts. I know a 60g is not a large tank and it has a rather small footprint being a "Tall" tank. Am I limited to only getting away with the CA cichlids I have kept in the past, or is there a possibility of making a larger CA cichlid work in a 60g tank such as a, Texas, Carpinits, Jack Dempsey, Cuban, or a Nicaraguan? If so would it be a solitary tank, or could I get away with a breeder pair? Is there an option for a decent sized CA cichlid in a 60g with other smaller CA cichlids I've kept in the past or livebearers? I greatly appreciate any and all responses and shared knowledge and experience on this matter or any other suggestions of stocking species, Thank You!
  3. 11 Cherry Barb 6 corydora 1 pearl gourami length 32 in depth 12 in height 22 AQ advisor said 86% stocking level
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a well planted 20 gallon tall tank and was wondering how many more fish I could add without throwing off my water parameters. I currently do a 25% weekly water change and ideally wouldn't deviate from this with the new fish. Here's my current fish/invertebrate list: - 1 very chill male betta - 6 harlequin rasboras - 6 red cherry shrimp - 4 amano shrimp - 1 gold inca snail - 4 nerite snails - a few bladder snails that hitched a ride that I keep in check I was thinking of adding 3 or 4 more harlequin rasboras or doing a small school (6ish) of another species (Neon tetras, chili rasboras, etc.). Do you all think that would increase the bioload too much? I know the rough 1 inch/gallon rule, but I figured that the invertebrates aren't impacting the bioload the same as fish do. I attached a picture of the current setup.
  5. With everyone being so helpful in the past here with my stocking questions, I have come back with another one. So right now my 55 tank has been progressing along well, and I figured my janitor team could use a new member(s) to help with the green algae. I am trying to figure out what would be a good match for my tank. Right now I have a small school of Black Neon Tetras, a small school of Lemon Tetras, four Varitus Platys, three Pearl Gourami and a school of Peppered Corys. I also have seven Nerite snails. Everybody gets along pretty well and thriving, the Tetras have actually gotten larger then I expected they would My temp is 77.2, PH is 74 and hardness is 10. Tank is a heavily planted low tech set up with tons of driftwood. I do want to avoid Otocinclus. I saw Cory's video on them, but they still feel like they are a bit delicate to deal with, especially since there are lots of good options out there. I see some stuff on twig catfish, which made them look very interesting, but I am open to all ideas.
  6. What would yo stock in a five gallon having difficulty deciding
  7. Got a quick stocking question. Right now my 55 gallon has Black Neon Tetras, Lemon Tetras, Varitus Platys, Pearl Gourami, and some Salt and Pepper Corys that are going to be joining the main tank soon. I am slowly building up the number of Pearl Gouramis to four fish. I was wondering, as my last fish, could I add an Angelfish? Would it get along okay with the other fish in the tank? The tanks is heavily planted, so it provides plenty of cover for everybody.
  8. I have a 15 gallon seasoned tropical tank with a large anubius. I want to get some new fish in soon but i'm not sure what I should go for. Any tips? I'm more than interested in adding plants to suit their needs as well. My only concern are fish that constantly breed as I am not in a situation where I can sell or rehome fry. I appreciate any suggestions!
  9. Hey everyone, I would like some advice on stocking my 29 gallon. I know I want to do a school of congo tetras, but I read that electric blue acaras can actually work starting at 30 gallons. Does anyone think a school of congo tetras (like 8, maybe), a solo electric blue acara as a showpiece fish, and a school of something loachy (maybe 5 or 6) for the bottom would work out? It feels like a lot, but idk. I would be going heavily planted, including floating plants to pull out nitrates. Thoughts?
  10. Hello All, This is my first post here. I found the co-op on YouTube when looking into how to stock my 37 gallon aquarium. I currently have 2 Angel fish, 4 Rams, 1 Rainbow Shark, and 1 Clown Pleco. I am unsure if I should add more fish and if so what I could add. Thanks for any help and suggestions! 😊
  11. I have a 75g planted with jungle val anubias and java ferns and will be getting some crypts. My tank is filled with driftwood and I was thinking of stocking yellow labs and demasoni cichlids is there any other fish that go well with them and how many should I stock?
  12. Hey there everyone, I don't know if someone had someone had already asked this question before, but does anyone know of any uses for duckweed besides throwing it away? I accidentally got some in my tank and it is blocking out a lot of light for my other plants, as well as making it hard for my albino cories to make their way up to the surface for a breath of air.
  13. Hello everybody! I have recently come back to the hobby, Cory and Irene's videos were a big help to me getting info! After having tanks as a kid, and am in the process of setting up a 55 gallon community with a lot of beginner friendly, low light loving plants. One nice thing to coming back to the hobby as an older adult is I now have the patience and budget to do thing properly, the nice tech bump in equipment is a bonus too! My water parameters are 74 PH, with 10 hardness. Here in my area of NJ we have reasonably hard well water. Which brings me to my main questions I really wanted to have a couple groups of different types of tetras, but am worried about the water quality being bad for them. Cory showing off the Black Neon Tetras did make me excited for them, but I am very worried the water parameters would be too much for the little guys. I am adding a bunch of driftwood to the tank, but am concerned that would not drop things down enough. So, instead I am getting research on suitable tetras that could work with what I have. The following look like okay choices, but I figured it would best to ask people with actual experience what they think. I have already crossed of Serpe and Buenos Aires tetras for being fin nipers or turning the plants into their personal salad bar. Here's the list: Penguin Tetra Lemon Tetra X-Ray Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Red Phantom Tetra Emperor Tetra Candy Cane Tetra (seen conflicting info on these guys, some sources say they are okay, others list much lower PH requirements) Would any of these, or other good suggestions work out okay? Thinking of two schools, so they have plenty of friends. For tankmates I am thinking a little group of platies, some Corydoras or Zebra Loaches, if the loaches are okay with the water (yes I know the two will not get along, so it is one or the other), maybe some dwarf neon rainbowfish ( as an alternative to one of the tetras), and a nice herbivore, so Bristlenose Pleco or Hillstream Loach pack. Still thinking about a good centerpiece too, but right now I want the tetras locked down before I think of that.
  14. So my tub seems to stay in-between 65-75 degrees. I am thinking white clouds, guppies, pearl or leopard danios, daisy's ricefish and peppered corydoras to stock it and another I'll be setting up this weekend. Does anyone see an issue of these fish at these temperatures?
  15. How many pygmy corydoras can be in a 5.5 gallon tank with a veiltail betta? I currently have 3, and I am thinking of buying more. Thanks!
  16. Hello! I’m having a bit of a problem with my neon blue dwarf gourami. I have 3 males (LFS had no females) in a fairly heavily planted 36 gallon (most of the plants are still growing in). I was told by the employee at my LFS that the 3 should do well together, but it seems the bigger one is bullying the slightly smaller two. It’s not constant as they have lots of room to swim, but I’m not sure if I should just let it continue. I’ve only seen the bigger one be aggressive, so I’m wondering if it makes sense to return the aggressive one and keep the more passive two. Or will they start fighting amongst themselves once the dominant one is gone? Also, if I decide to keep just one, will it be able to thrive alone? I read that they like to be in groups, which is why I’m a bit confused about what to do.
  17. I want to re-stock my community tank. It is currently stocked with... Upsidedown Catfish x2 Britlenose Pleco Angelfish Zebra Danios x6 Cardinal Tetras x5 The fish that will go are the... Bristlenose Pleco Cardinal Tetra and possibly the upside down catfish Meaning that only the angelfish and danios remain I know I want a fleet of corydoras and a nice school of rummynose tetra Now for my question... I only have one angelfish in this tank, I used to have three. But the two died. One of parasites, the other was killed by the other angels. So... Should I get another angelfish or another fish like a Electric Blue Acara, or a baby Blood Parrot. The tank size is 40 Gallons and is run by two spongefilters. It is planted and has salvania growing like CRAZY! Edit: The picture shows two angels, this picture was taken before the second one passed.
  18. All of the parameters for the aquarium work well for both species. I am just having a hard time choosing! Corydoras panda OR Corydoras bilineatus "San Juan"
  19. After thinking it through, I definitely want to add some corys to my new 16 gal. It's 24"x 12"x 14". This is my stocking idea list: 20 Celestial Pearl Danios 20 Neocaridina davidii "Blue Dream" 3 Otocinclus vittatus 1 Red Racer Nerites Snail 1 Batik Nerite Snail 3 Zebra Thorn Nerite Snails 1 Black Devil Snail 1 Cappuccino Snail 1 White Wizard Snail 1 King Koopa Nerite Snail 1 Yellow Giant Sulawesi Rabbit Snail With these creatures in mind, what would you take away or lower numbers on so I can have a group of corys? I'm thinking Corydoras panda as a strong option.
  20. I have one quarter size angel in a 29. He's alone because he is the only one I could find locally. Its very shy hiding behind the plants, but did come out to eat today. What is a good way to handle getting another angel (assuming I can find another). Should I get 1 or 2 more. I plan on getting them into a 55 eventually. The 29 has a few plants and a clown pleco right now. Any advice?
  21. I got a great deal on a 10 gallon tank on craigslist. Aqueon starter kit, 2 cans of food, water additives , net 4 large decorations, syphon,substrate etc. 22 dollars. It came with a rosey barb. I put him my 29 gallon just cycled tank. I was thinking 5 more barbs, danios and a cleaner fish. Any thoughts?
  22. My son has a 5 gallon tank that was in his room. Unfortunately, it was mostly forgotten up there as we don't spend much time up there, so I've relocated it next to my normal tanks and added some plants from my other tanks. He is a bit discouraged by the past several months of it, but I think a new spot will help significantly. He had a Betta in there before, and he may go back with another one. However, I want to give him the option of a few other fish. I've got the following to consider: cherry shrimp, betta, celestial pearl danio, clown killifish, and neon tetra. Any suggestions on my list, or anything else to add?
  23. I have ordered a 29 gallon acrylic aquarium. I definitely am going to dirt it and plant it. I have a piece of driftwood about 10 inches high by about 12 inches across with 5 branches that I am going to turn into a tree using Anubias Nana Petite. I also have several pieces of granite that I'm currently using in my 20 high. I also have an 8x8x2 red stone. All came from a beach and have been boiled. For stocking I plan on the following: 20 Neon Tetras 02 Bristlenose Plecos 02 Reticulated Hillstream Loachs 04 Kuhli Loachs 06 Sterbai Corydoras 03 Electric Blue Acaras Thoughts please?
  24. Hi, I own 3 smaller 5 gallon tanks since 6 months and bought a fourth one just now - a 45 Gallon. I binge watched a ton of informative vids in the last couple of months, but I'd like to have an opionion from you guys with way more experience regarding my stocking ideas. 1 Betta 3 Kuhli loaches 2 Hillstream loaches 6 Corys 8 Celestial Pearl danio ~30 Shrimp A Feedback would be much appreciated (too many? Other problems?) Greetings, Tim
  25. Thought I would ask here, do you guys think I can stock a planted 10 gal with a small honey gourami, some small rasboras (or maybe some neon green tetras? I heard regular neons like a little more space so I'm a bit skeptical.) and a school of pygmy cories? Or would that be too much? I plan to water change a lot btw, however much is necessary without disrupting them too much. Have a Tetra Whisper 40 HOB (which I'm positive probably pumps half the amount of water it advertises) filled to the brim with sponge (quite literally) and a small little sponge filter.
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