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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, I’m cycling a brand new 55 gallon tank. No fish at the moment. I added the Fritz enzymes and fish food. I also added live plants I purchased from tanks in stores. Currently after 30 hours I have 0 for amonia, nitrite, and nitrates. Is this normal? Am I supposed to add ammonia to kickstart the process?
  2. Will adding Fritz Zyme 7 help anything if my aquarium is already having a decent bacterial bloom?
  3. Using Dr Tim's ammonia, my started level of ammonia was ~4-5ppm (API test kit). I added 1oz of FritzZyme and in few days, the ammonia level was under 1ppm. I repeated this and once again, the ammonia levels went from ~4-5ppm to under 1 ppm. Clearly I have establish the ammonia munching colony of bacteria. The nitrites levels are difficult to read as they are on the bottom end of the scale (.25ppm) and being color blind doesn't help :-). Same issue with nitrates. I did a comparison test using tap water, there was a significant color difference for nitrites and a very slight difference for nitrates. Initially I expected to see the normal cycling curve with nitrites spiking at high level then ramping down which confirms the establishment of the bacteria. But on second thought, if you seed your tank with live bacteria, this is what you should expect ie: no significant levels of nitrites. I believe my tank is cycled and ready for fish once the ammonia levels drop. FritzZyme recommends adding fish right away but I do not agree with this, Spiking your tank with ammonia confirms the bacteria was alive when added to your tank. Time for a major water change and finally, buy some fish on Friday! Mark
  4. I have an established QT that has been empty. I just added some new fish to it today and the SeaChem ammonia dot is at alert right now. API liquid test says .25 ppm. I also moved another sponge filter from a well established tank to the QT after seeing the ammonia reading. I added Fritz ACCR double dose as well. Would adding Fritz Zyme 7 to the tank help at all?
  5. Has anyone ever used fritz zyme turbo 700? If so when dosing do you do it every day until normal reading or ever week? I added one dose already am I able to do a water change ?
  6. Hi can i add fritzzyme 7 and stability together for avoiding new tank syndrome or both are mutually exclusive. my new tank has some guppies. Any experiences / recommendations
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