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  1. It is not without risk to label yourself. It may draw unwanted attention!
  2. wow, that's good news! I though something bad was going on. Thanks for the quick respons.
  3. one cherry shrimp got some stripes. is it pre-molting signs, some deficiencies in food or some other thing.
  4. yeah, but I haven't found The answer yet. Yes probably a hitchhiker tubifex, but could it be black worms? Just fed some BW I bought from the LFS and there are similarities but these are way bigger. we are talking up to 16-17 cm ( 6-7 inch?). they don't really swim around, just crawl. Hmm.
  5. found these curled up in the roots of a plant I was relocating. thought blood worms first when I saw their color but then they turned out to be very long, so nooo.... what do you think it is? Leeches or...???
  6. I wonder what was said just before....
  7. Well, my salvinia is definitely schooling more than it is shoaling.
  8. Looking at your aqua sky profile you run your red-light high. according to master aquatic horticulturist Bentley Pascoe, red tends to make plants grow tall. Check him out. hes got good videos on lighting.He made one video recently on the color spectrum and how it affected plants. good stuff. might be if you adjust your red lights the crinum maybe will slow down and "crinum up" some. you also run high on the blue light. Blue tends to grow excess algae. If you take that down and you might see less of the algae. good luck. keep us updated.
  9. Regarding the thread "cereal substrate" on general discussion, Petco is not alone, or even the first trying that. Fluval be trippin'??
  10. I found out recently that the ones I enjoy the most are the otos. I would like a real big gang just hanging around in the tank doing their thing. seven at the moment but at least double that. the first thing I down I come home Is trying to find them all. Find them a little bit of a challenge, and I worry that they don't get enough food. When they slowly glide through the water together they look awesome!
  11. I won't give up my tanks and beggars can't be choosers!
  12. I would like to see a video on stocking ideas for open top tanks
  13. JBL has this water test that comes with a phone app. It reads you strip against the chart and gives you the parameters and additional advice to what you should do to correct the issue.
  14. neither do I, really. Was more hoping for someone to share common experiences or have some insight to this behavior. It is a weird thing to do. I just wanted to know why it chose to do that. there must be a reason, right. Never mind.
  15. Why would a fish (Emperor tetra) be hanging out in the outflow current, riding the flow when it has a swim bladder problem? For a couple of months now he's been swimming around the tank like a kid learning to swim. you know, head up high and almost vertical. he's been doing alright but I didn't expect him to last this long. These last days though he hangs in one spot just riding the current. Why? he doesn't have to stay there. is he joyriding or suicidal? It's just odd to me.
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