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  1. Looks like I have a project next weekend while nursing my Turkey coma! Thank you for the quick response!
  2. I'm unable to find what the Fluval hose measurement on their website is referring to, inside or outside. I've seen numerous posts on various sites stating if I went to 16/22 tubing it should be fine for connecting to the filter and lily piping.
  3. Thinking about getting a CO2 systems for my planted 55g tank. I have a Fluval 407 on the tank so not sure if inline diffuser is an option or not. Curious to hear what others are doing. Thanks.
  4. @Colu i was thinking this might be the other option. I have mixed up some Kannaplex with Hikari tropical micro wafers to feed them and they are happy to eat it. I also have Fritz Maracyn that i could use with Ich X. Is this overkill or a good idea? finally, i have UV cleanser that i could drop in the tank as well if that would help. Not sure if that would do anything, but its available.
  5. I have a planted community 55 gl tank and woke up this morning to find my black rams have what appears to be ich on them. I didn't notice anything on him yesterday, but its possible i may have just overlooked it. None of the other fish appear to have it at the moment. They are eating, swimming and acting fine other than the white spots. I've added a picture and water parameters below. Treatment i've done since this morning is gradually raised temp from 78 up to 80, trying to get to 82 if possible (hillstream loach will not send me a Xmas card for this). Add 1 tablespoon salt per 10 gallons to avoid wiping out my plants and does IchX. Let me know if you think there is something else i can try or if you think this is something other than ich. Water Parameters: PH: 7.0 - 7.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20 TDS: 225 I can get exact GH and KH if it will help
  6. I've kept many tetras in my day but have not kept these. Thinking of getting some for my 55 gal planted tank. For those who have kept these, any recommendations/pointers on minimum number to keep together and anything tricky about them? Also, could these be kept in a nano tank, something between 6 - 10 gallons? I didn't think they would be good for nano, but thought I would ask.
  7. Thanks @Colu. I was afraid they would end up snacks. I would love to get some rummies but they are hard to find at LFS and big box guys in my area.
  8. Do you guys think the chili rasboras, green neons or harlequins would make it in a community tank that has 2 platinum angel fish as well?
  9. Great thread. I was about to ask this very same question but found this thread with search. I'm doing the same with my HOB now. Thanks for the help.
  10. I live in Atlanta, GA and we have super soft water. I'd love to add Rainbows into my planted community tank, but its a struggle to keep the KH/GH up. I'm using crushed coral in the filter and it's been able to keep the KH around 5 to 6. PH is around 7.4/7.5 typcially with rest of the water parameters being just right. Is the KH too low for something like bosemani rainbows or turquoise rainbows? Sorry for the noob question, but i've never kept rainbows before.
  11. I have a relatively well planted 55g tank with a Fluval 3.0 48inch 59 watt light and no CO2 at the moment but using easy green and root tabs for a few of my plants. Thinking about adding CO2 at some point, but that's a question for another time. I'm looking to add some carpeting plants up front and was curious if the Fluval would have the PAR needed at the substrate level to grow something like dwarf hair grass, monte carlo or helanthium tenellum. The follow up question would be if its not strong enough, what additional light could i add to help me achieve the light needed? Appreciate any help you can provide.
  12. Thanks everyone for the responses. I'll give it a try and post how it goes.
  13. I have a 55 gallon planted aquarium with several stem plants in my background (water sprite, pogo stellatus and ludwigia repens). They are all doing well and so some of them need a trim. Couple questions for the experienced folks on the forum: How low would you trim them? and Would you trim them even if they are not touching the surface to stimulate more bushy growth?
  14. I have 4 new longfin panda corys in my 55g community tank. The rest of the tank includes about a dozen guppies (they breed like crazy), couple SAEs, Blue eyed yellow longfin pleco, a couple balloon rams and a few nerite and mystery snails in the tank. I try to mix up their diet with spirulina flake, virbra bites, sera tabs, algae wafers, bug bites and freeze dried blood worms. My concern is that the food is not always getting down to the substrate, or that enough remains after the others have had their share of the sinking food, to satisfy the corys. I'm probably just being paranoid, but is there any I could be doing or feeding differently to ensure the pandas are getting enough?
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