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  1. My Panda and Venezuelan Cories are absolute lunatics that spend %75 of the day ZOOMING around the tank 🐠💨 These two have decided airstones = bubble baths 😂 I didn’t expect Corydoras to be such active and entertaining catfish, they certainly haven’t been hiding in the bottom of my tank that’s for sure 🥰
  2. Hello, 3 days ago I noticed 10 eggs from my Panda corydoras on the glass. They should be around breeding age and was not really planning on breeding them. However that night I also lost two Pandas. They got stuck between the outlet pipe and I could not see it in time because my tank is heavy planted. So now I have to few for them to be happy. So I decided to give it a shot and put the eggs in a container, because I've read they could eat their own young/eggs. And I have a beta and tétras in there who would like potentially nible on them as well. I change the water every day in that little container. But as far on what to do I'm new. Are the eggs even fertilized? The first picture was from the first 10 eggs 3 days ago and this morning I found a new batch. I don't even know what triggered them to spawn as I did not do a water change that week. (cleaning is every Sunday) and they always swim away when they see me. I do feed blood worms now and then for variation in their diet. Second picture is the batch from this morning. If anybody can have some tips and can tell if they are fertilized? If successfully hatched is frozen baby brine shrimp OK? Any tips will help. Thank you very much!
  3. The first inhabitants are in! So excited to watch them grow! 6 Corydoras panda and 3 Otocinclus sp. All are doing well (just put them in on Saturday). Corys are hiding in the back left corner most of the time while the light is on but I'm sure they're just getting use to their new home. Otos are zooming around like little jets and enjoying themselves. So excited to start my journey in fish keeping!
  4. All of the parameters for the aquarium work well for both species. I am just having a hard time choosing! Corydoras panda OR Corydoras bilineatus "San Juan"
  5. Hi all, So I only have an unhelpful picture of him after the fact because I couldn’t get a video in time. I’ll give some back story though... So I got 7 panda corydoras in the middle of December and I did not quarantine them (I know). Long story short they got some kind of fungal infection. At first sight of the infection I treated the display tank they were in with 1 dose of maracyn and ich x, but after a week they weren’t getting better and started dying. I then moved the remaining pandas to a hospital tank (that I had managed to set up in that week’s time). I only treated the hospital tank with stress guard as these pandas didn’t look very bad. So today I did their water change and I caught one flashing really intensely. The poor guy looked panicked and was frantically rubbing his sides on the (bare) bottom of the hospital tank. There are no visible lesions or redness and no sign of fungus any more. The only thing I haven’t treated them with is Paracleanse for parisites. What could be going on with him? I was really hoping to save my last 4 pandas but I have no clue what I’m doing apparently lol. Would it be worth it to dose the Paracleanse? Should I dose them all again with maracyn and ich x?
  6. Twice now I’ve had the Panda Cory’s in my 40 breeder heavily planted community tank hatch out fry. I see them for about a day and then they disappear. I don’t know if the Golden WCMMs eat them or if they starve. Either way I’d like to get them into the breeder box to save them. I have everything in place for next time except one part… I have no idea how to catch them. They are tiny, move fast and have lots of hiding places. Would a turkey baster or small gravel vac hurt them? I don’t think I could net them.
  7. Hello, wondering about your experiences adding salt to aquariums to promote healing, etc. for community tanks that include panda corydoras. I feel like I nearly killed mine by adding one tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons (they were acting so poorly after one day and seemed to be having skin issues that I moved them out immediately). Now I’m afraid to try again, but think my main display tank could benefit from it (perhaps at a lower dose?). I cannot find anything specifically speaking to pandas and I know that optimal water parameters can vary greatly between types of cories. I have seen other types called out specifically for how well they handle salt but never pandas. What’s been your experience? Thanks!
  8. Hello all, So I noticed this white stuff on this panda today during feeding... I also noticed him flash once too. Any thoughts? ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 20 pH 8.0 gh very hard (300) Kh 180 temp ~77-78 heavily planted 20 long with 2 sponge filters with air stones, 7 panda corys, 7 ember tetras, 5 amano shrimp and 3 nerite snails.
  9. Hi everyone, First, I am new to the hobby (exactly two weeks) and to this forum (discovered yesterday) and have learned that I am making tons of mistakes at the expense of my amazing new fish pets. Right away, I started a Betta sorority with 10 gorgeous girls who are getting along beautifully, 10 neon tetras that are now down to 6 - mysteriously disappearing from the tank (not in filter) -, 6 panda Corydoras, a Nerite snail, two African dwarf frogs and one hillstream loach (plan to add two more as soon as I have a stable environment). These were all intended to live together in a 75 gallon community tank (along with many more fish in the future). As you can imagine, I didn’t cycle before adding the fish. This was about two weeks ago (Dec 20). *Main display tank started cycling a couple days ago though - yay!!! And, I’m testing water several times a day with strips and master kit and changing 30-50% of water depending on ammonia level. Nitrates are ~20; nitrites have remained very low, and ammonia has been coming in at 1 or less when checked. I am struggling with PH though, even used Ph tabs and added distilled water and still cannot seem to bring it down under 8. And I do have soft water, so what gives!? I’m thinking my fish will have to learn to live with a high Ph? Which I’ve heard is doable??* Anyway, after learning about cycling and quarantining a week into the hobby, I immediately ran out and bought a 10 gal hospital tank (Dec 27) and began cycling it with no fish, to be ready to take on new fish in the future. The next day (Dec 28) is when I bought the six pandas and loach, and added them to my main display tank since all of the fish were purchased within 7 days of each other, and decided I would treat the lot safely at once while waiting for the tank to cycle. I thought I knew so much more than I actually did 🙁 I hadn’t heard about the quarantine meds yet, but had heard a lot about aquarium salt as a “general” remedy to a litany of things for “most” fish - including ich which I understood to be the only real worry *at the time* 🤦🏽‍♀️ Also, because of cycling process, I didn’t want to risk progress by using other meds that required the removal of the filter. Thus, salt. Please hag with me, I know this is getting long. So, last Monday, after adding my pandas and loach to the 75 gal main display tank, I treated the whole thing with aquarium salt (per package instructions) and cranked up the heat by two degrees to 80. The pandas seemed like they were having an amazing time in the main tank last Monday. Then, Tuesday (Dec 29), I noticed that a couple pandas didn’t look so good, and they were all motionless. I furiously began researching and learned that I had really messed this up - in SO MANY WAYS. But, most importantly, what I found was that I needed to get my pandas and loach out of that salty main tank immediately. So, I transferred them to the even newer hospital tank with clean water, comfortable temp (which I brought down over a series of days), and slightly lower ph (much easier to manage that in a 10 gal). I figured the brand new tank was the lesser of two evils. They seem to be doing a gazillion times better and the really sick one that had white stuff on it has clear skin now. HOWEVER, his tail is missing!! It was half gone when I transferred them on Tuesday and as of today ... well, look at the photo 🥺 I also have two others with slightly damaged tail fins but their injuries are not nearly as severe (just a couple of jagged edges) and have not progressed at all this week. Just this poor little guy. He has been hiding, only occasionally joining the group, but he still has an appetite. I love these pandas and am devastated by what I’ve done to them. I’m working so hard to keep them all alive. And, believe me, I’m running on about 12 hrs sleep since this past Tuesday, reading and researching anything I can find about how to handle this situation. I don’t think I’m at a point yet that this one needs to be euthanized, am I? The hospital tank with pandas and loach also began cycling two days ago and I’m watching it very carefully. The pandas seem to be tolerating it fine so far, but I know they are a more sensitive type. The one thing I’m really struggling with is a consistent water temp with changes happening 2x/day. This has to be a stressor for them, but their behavior is normal based on what I’ve been learning about them this week and what I’ve seen in other people’s videos. Please, does anyone have any advice about these pandas? Anymore more I can do at this point? (My plan for the tanks: allow them to finish cycling and, barring no additional/noticeable distress, treat both with med trio after cycle when I can remove filter pads. After meds complete, add pandas and loach to the salt free main tank and treat with paracleanse two weeks later.) I am so incredibly grateful for this resource and already appreciate this community. I have watched hours of Aquarium Co-op videos in the past two weeks and am obsessed with absorbing every bit of knowledge that I can from Aquarists/hobbyists like you 🙂 Thank you in advance for your advice and encouragement!
  10. Hi all. Beginner here. Have had a 29 gallon for about 8 weeks. Ammonia=0; Nitrites=0; Nitrates=20; PH=7.6; Temp 73; Have been doing 20-30% water change 2x a week. Started with 3 black mollies who have been doing well and thriving throughout this whole thing. Added 6 panda cories a couple weeks ago. I didn't quarantine because I'm new and didn't know to do that :( Lost one within 24 hours and LFS replaced. Lost another one within next 24 hours and again LFS replaced. (LFS checked our water both times and confirmed it looked good). Figured it was stress and poor acclimation. A week later we lost another cory, so have 5 currently. They all stopped acting active and laying around more. Started researching to see what might be going on and started to suspect illness. I decided to treat with Erythromycin, Parasite, and for Ick. I just put in last dose of everything today, and plan to do partial water change in 48 hours per instructions. 4 of the cories are looking better, but one is sitting off alone and I noticed today it looks like a small white tube growth out of gills, top fin not standing up, not eating. So, wondering any suggestions at this point? What would be your next steps especially if the 1 doesn't start looking better? Feeding omega one shrimp pellets and tropical flakes for mollies if that's helpful.
  11. Hi I have 8 Panda corys. Two of them have issues First one developped a white coat on it. It is visible when you look at on specific angles. What this could be, and what would be the treatment. We do not have your med trio over here. Is it fungus? The second one has his chest sunken in from both sides. it is like this since I got him, its been three months. I thought it might be internal parasites but, it is active eating well growing well and its poop iooks normal. any idea? pH: 7.0 Nitrates:10-20 ppm Hardness: 10 dH Nitrite:0 Ammonia:0 KH/Buffer:7 dh Water Temperature: 25 degre celsius
  12. Hi! I am new to this forum and glad to be here! A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that one of my panda cories was breathing rapidly and not eating. He was the only fish behaving this way. Since my water tested okay (current parameters below), and I read that rapid breathing can be a sign of gill flukes, I thought perhaps that was the problem and treated the tank with ParaCleanse (metronidazole and praziquantel). You treat one day, skip a day, then treat a second time. Both times, the day after the treatment, he seemed much improved, breathing normally and eating. After the treatment ended, he did well for a week, but now he's back to breathing rapidly and not eating again. I treated the tank yesterday, but he is still breathing rapidly so far today. I'm unable to take photos, but I don't see anything wrong with his body or fins. Since he improved after each treatment during the first round of medication, I figured the medicine was helping, but now this most recent time, it hasn't made a difference, so I'm not sure what's going on. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Water parameters are: Ammonia 0, GH 60, KH 80, pH 7.0, nitrites 0, nitrates 20. Temperature is 76.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Please advise as I bought 8 panda cory catfish and I quarantined for 4 weeks in a tank with white sand. I did the trio of meds recommended by A/C. I moved them into my 55 gallon tank. it was relatively new (like 2 months into nitrogen cycle). one died and I checked parameter and ammonia was a little high like .25ppm. so I kept vigilant and tested and fixed the problem. ammonia only once went to 1.0ppm. Well as of yesterday, 6 have died. I can not figure out why. I lost a couple platy along the way to maybe bloat. one had whirling disease so I thought maybe a parasite. I fed the whole tank with a parasite food for 3 days as recommended on the label. The only thing I have tried to adjust without success is my water temp. it is at 78 degrees. My eheim heater is now set at 75 degrees, yet the actual temp goes back to 78 even after a 30% water change. I did do a w/c last night. parameters have been steady at zero ammonia, zero nitrites and about 30-40ppm nitrates. I am down to TWO. also some of my fluval stratum substrate was above the black sand and I noticed all the dead corys were at that end of the tank. Last night, I scooped up some sand to redistribute it and cover the gravel. I will get more sand to make it a blanket of sand.. Meanwhile I have 3 panda garras quarantining (did the trio on them too) in the white sand tank that I wanted to put in the 55 gal (to help with algae) but I am afraid to put them in the 55 gal. the 55 gal has lots of platys and mollies, nerites and little snails. all friendly...and 4 little platy fry born in the last week. (so tiny I put in a mesh breeder box). I am obsessed with this problem so please please give me advice.
  14. Hello- This morning my panda cory was very listless and I noticed his gills are really inflamed and puffy. My daughter says it looks like there is a small pom-pom in his gills (my eyesight is not the greatest). I have him quarantined and did a dose of Maracyn. The other fish in my 20g long tank (another cory, guppy, place) look fine but should I dose them just in case? Sorry, trying to figure out a way to post an image of him. Thanks for any input, greatly needed!
  15. I found one of my Panda Cory's dead this morning, Had a red blotch or injury on his left side. Seemed fine yesterday. I check tank daily since I have had a few other Cory issues. Not sure if I should do a preventative dose of meds or if this was an injury. I have lost 3 Panda's from this shipment. One arrived dead, one died of fungus and now this - red blotch death. Tank parameters are all great. Water change on every Friday. 55gal tank. Tank mates: 6 honey gourami, 9 Harlequin Rasboro, 7 molly, 2 mystery snail, and 4 (-1 now) Panda Cory. I did the trio in QT, did Paracleanse on week3 and did Maracyne and IckX when fungus happened. All other fish seem ok.
  16. I have 4 new longfin panda corys in my 55g community tank. The rest of the tank includes about a dozen guppies (they breed like crazy), couple SAEs, Blue eyed yellow longfin pleco, a couple balloon rams and a few nerite and mystery snails in the tank. I try to mix up their diet with spirulina flake, virbra bites, sera tabs, algae wafers, bug bites and freeze dried blood worms. My concern is that the food is not always getting down to the substrate, or that enough remains after the others have had their share of the sinking food, to satisfy the corys. I'm probably just being paranoid, but is there any I could be doing or feeding differently to ensure the pandas are getting enough?
  17. I have baby Panda Corydoras!!! I was hoping they’d spawn and I did everything I read here... good food, cool water changes, and here they are!!! I’m SOOO excited!!! I never saw eggs, just a super cute surprise! ❤️
  18. Hello everyone! I ended up with a sickly batch of Cory cats when I went to the lfs a few weeks ago. One of the original three is still alive, and has been through the meds trio process. Has anyone seen their Cory cat look like this before? I’m not sure how to treat? Looks like it hasn’t been eating? It has this exact same white sunken spot on the other side, so it can’t be Ich. Is it just not eating? It is lethargic...still in quarantine tank. edit: the other two from the same batch developed fungus and sadly passed before the meds could take care of it. My main tank is very healthy with great water parameters. Will add a picture of that.
  19. I am looking for some stocking advice. I have a 90B (3 foot bookshelf tank- 36 inches by 8 x 10 - 12 gallons) that is set up with wood from ADG in Houston, La Plata Sand, dragon stone, a dwarf aquarium lily that has yet to sprout and lots of different Anubias (petite and golden from the coop and some rarer varieties like paxing that I picked up on aqua bid and such). It has lots of filtration (Fluval 307 with 4 pounds of Biohome Ultimate in it). I am adding a pair of Apistogramma macmasteri. I am thinking I would like to add 5-6 Honey Gourami instead of a schooling fish. My question is, can I get away with adding 5-6 panda cories as well? Any other suggestions for stocking would be welcomed. Pic is taken before adding any fish (other than some Clithon corona snails)... ignore the HOB filter, I just have that running with mature media to get the 307 seasoned. I promise the tank will look better soon once the Anubias anchors itself and I can remove the Wood Tight that is securing it to the wood.
  20. 40 gallon Kribs I like how this tank is maturing.
  21. Hello everyone! I have a 29 gallon long, all of my vital water levels are well within parameters. The tank holds 19 fish, and all are community fish. I purchased five new panda corycats two weeks ago. I quarantined and medicated them per the co-op specifications for one week and then put them in the main tank. They were great for the first few days, but now they are just sitting on the bottom of the tank. I have never seen them get bullied. I did start adding easy green and easy carbon in the last week. Anyone know what I could check? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi everyone, Quick question: Can panda cory’s tolerate salt as a treatment? I figure they are a form of catfish and I thought catfish don’t do well in salt. But I may also be confused about now, as I’ve read so much in the past month that the info is a bit garbled in my mind
  23. I got 5 panda cory several months ago, they were very small when I got them, less than a half inch, basically large fry size (which I relaize was a bad idea, but I wasn't having a lot of luck finding them). They would not eat anything in the first few days of quarantine. I de wormed them with both paracleanse and levamisole. The levamisole twice, and later, because of another issue with a differentl tank in my house. Before I got them to eat one died. Finally about a week in I tried frozen bloodworms and they went nuts for them. When I was less worried they were starving to death I tried to add other foods by skipping feeding them a day then offering it, but nothing took. Finally after a few weeks of fattening them up on bloodworms I moved them to my display tank wondering if they needed a change of scenery to eat other stuff and still they would only eat frozen bloodworms. I was thinking of trying to add some kind of vitamin to those, when I found hikari vibra bites. To my shock, they loved them too. I guess they only want to eat bloodworm shaped food? It is a pain, because the guppies they live with are very pushy about the bloodworms and vibra bites, so I usually reach in and bury it under a little bit of substrate (its a planted tank), and they dig it up and eat it. I do plan to get a few more when I can find them, and I am hoping the new batch might lead by example and they will eat more stuff? Is this normal for cory? I am very new to them! Here is a list of what they don't eat: xtreme sinking catfish wafers, omega one veggie rounds, xtreme krill flakes, hikari sinking carnivore pellets, sera nature tabs, frozen brine shrimp, live baby brine shrimp, frozen daphnia, freeze dried tubifex worms, new life spectrum tropical flakes, repashy soilent green. Some of these things I never expected them to eat, but I tried everything in my house. This is fine right now, but one day I will be traveling for work again, and my husband is terrified of fish touching him and won't stick his hand in my tanks. I would like to get them on a more "drop and go" food, at least some of the time.
  24. So all day today things were good. I go to feed them dinner and I find one of my Panda’s is half eaten. I have no idea who ate him or what happened! It is my 10 gallon. 1 male betta 2 (now 1) Pandas 4 Amano shrimp I am so sad! I used to have 5 pandas but 3 of them died late July/August due to high nitrates. I’m so sad.
  25. Hi all, Today I noticed one of my panda corydora had this white patch on it. It's definitely raised and looks like fungus to me. My plan of action is to move it to my hospital tank and treat with general cure and erythromycin. My question is what is the cause? I had another cory die from some sort of injury to it's side about 2 weeks ago and I'm worried this is a trend. The only tankmates are 10 juvenile odessa barbs and 2 juvenile BN plecos. I've never seen any aggression from anyone. Is this a wound from a fish attack that has fungused up? Or is it some sort of transmissible disease? I've kept on top of my water quality, nitrates are never below 40. Thanks for any help! I'm happy to answer any questions if it will help diagnose what's going on. pH 7.4 Nitrates 25 Hardness 75 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 20 Water Temperature 76
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