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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I've never trimmed aquarium plants before. For stem plants, I should cut, remove the "top half", remove some of the leaves from the bottom of the "top half", plant the "top half" in the substrate (or throw it away if you want). For root plants, I should just cut dead/decaying leaves. That's it. Do I have it right?
  2. I am setting up a new tank and will move some of my Val. Do I cut the runner at the mother plant end? New plant? And do I leave it hanging off or cut it off entirely and toss it? I’m not sure if it propagates from the same runner or if it melts back. I have regular jungle Val and dwarf that have both sent several runners and I’ll be trimming and moving.
  3. Hello everyone, Apologies if this has been asked before... but how would I go about trimming a dwarf aquarium lily? It is so happy in my tank that I have too many lily pads! They are starting to block a lot of light in my low tech tank so I’m worried about my other plants getting enough light. Is it as simple as trimming some of the lily pads at the base of the bulb? Will I hurt anything? I’m used to trimming stem plants but not lily/bulb plants. Thanks guys!
  4. Can these jungle Val trimmings be regrown somehow? Do most of you throw out your trimmings (any plants) or collect them? I have a a 28 filled with mystery snails and duckweed that I often throw scrap type stuff in, and am surprised by how decent it grows just floating in there.
  5. I have a 55 gallon planted aquarium with several stem plants in my background (water sprite, pogo stellatus and ludwigia repens). They are all doing well and so some of them need a trim. Couple questions for the experienced folks on the forum: How low would you trim them? and Would you trim them even if they are not touching the surface to stimulate more bushy growth?
  6. All right so here is a silly thing to whine about but it’s really frustrated me for a long while. To actually try to get in the fluval spec V to do plant trimming I have to take the lid and light off (it’s a planted plus HLC)...then it’s dark in there...even with the overhead on. If I leave the light scooted over to the side, I’m paranoid it’ll fall in or fall out. I tried a headlamp but I’m worried that freaks my fish out. Geez, Idk what I want from you really? I don’t know. Anyone have any words of wisdom? Do you use a headlamp? Just ignore me. Haha I’d like a really step by step procedure video of someone trimming their plants. Ya got that somewhere in your saved videos?
  7. I’m going to trim back my bunch plants, but how far back should I go? If it’s like 3-4”, can the trimmings be replanted in another tank?
  8. I have a plant that I don’t remember the name. While trying to clean algae off it several weeks ago I accidentally plucked one of the leaves off. 🙁 so I just stuck it into the substrate to see what would happen. It didn’t die off and is budding or something. My question is if or when I should remove the sprout-root babies? It seems like they would do better at some stage getting their roots in to the soil. But I’m guessing they are feeding off the leaf at present. Thanks, Z
  9. Does anyone have some insight to the small bubbles coming from my trimmed plant? Did I trim this wrong? I'm sure it's photosynthesising, but should I have trimmed it with on an angle instead of perpendicular?
  10. My valisnaira has become too tall and most of the upper ends of old growth is covered in algae. How should I best trim this? Cut at waterline? base? middle? uproot and thin out old growth? TIA
  11. I have a hospital tank where i keep lose plant trimming to grow out. My theory is the dense vegetation also helps reduce stress in fish while quarantined. I was trimming plants in my guppy tank and i went to throw a plant in there, and i noticed a tiny blue dot moving. I dropped to the floor and looked closer and saw a cloud of blue dots. There's fry in there. I haven't had a fish in there for like, 2 months. The last fish i had in there were forktail rainbow fish and i left them in there a little longer than intended (5 weeks) before moving them to my main tank. Zero clue how the fry have been surviving or how long ago they hatched. Thankfully i have fry food on hand and started feeding immediately. I'm still blown away that i somehow bred fish.
  12. I have one of my Java Fern growing out of a knot of Mopani. I had no idea it would grow this much this fast. Anyway, the rhizome and roots are growing out of the wood. Should I cut the rhizome or would it hurt to just let it grow?
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