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  1. Curios if anyone has ever used this stuff and what they thought of it? I have 2 HOB filters on my 55 (old Second Nature Whisper 3 and Marieland Emperor 400) with course sponge media and some crushed coral in them (followed Cory's advice on his pimp my filter episode). Been working fine for me so the question is more out of curiosity than anything.
  2. Daniel - Thanks for the cool idea. Luckily, my house stays above 69 in the winter so shouldn't be too cold. As for the MD question, i provided a link to one of his videos on a low tech bowl.
  3. What type of loach would go well in a 10 gallon that also isn't afraid to chow down on some bladder snails?
  4. I was thinking of doing a low tech planted nano bowl (3 gallon or less) similar to what GFarmer or MD have done on their YouTube channels. What fish/shrimp would you guys consider outside of Betta or Cherry Shrimp. Nothing against either of those options, I love them both, just trying to get ideas. Oh, and open to any pointers since this will be my first attempt at a no filter or heater nano bowl.
  5. Good call Joshua. Large it is. Another order coming Aquarium Co-op! Is it just me or do others go to the site to buy 1 thing and leave with a cart full of stuff?
  6. I have an old second nature whisper HOB 3 filer and need to get a pre filter sponge. Should i get a medium or large pre filter sponge for the filter?
  7. My blue balloon ram appears to have fungus but i'm no expert. I have her in my quarantine tank now and have added 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt per 2 gallons of water and about to add Ich-X and Maricyn. Anything you would suggest different? Temp is around 79/80 and parameters are good (7.2/0/0/20 ph/ammonia/nitrite/nitrates) with softish water 4/5 KH/GH.
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