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Found 10 results

  1. Recently decided to reenter freshwater aquariums after a long layoff. While I have kept fish often successfully I never really advanced in the hobby. Look forward to talking with you guys.
  2. Been reading here for a while, bout time I join in on the fun. I have 8 tanks from 10 gallons all the way to 150 gallons.....
  3. Just wanted to say hello. I'm a retired trucker/auto mechanic. Been keeping fish off and on for most of my life. Seeing as I am now retired, I am setting up my first tank in about 12 years. Looking to learn and grow in the hobby. Scott
  4. These are my two tanks. My 20 gallon hex was just recently converted to a fully planted tank a few days ago. It houses a betta, named Creme Brulee, 9 neon tetras, an otocinclus, a guppy, two African dwarf frogs, and a ghost shrimp. They all seem to get along very well, even the shrimp that I thought I would kill immediately with the frogs or betta. I've been binge watching every video I can on aquascaping and aquariums in general. This is my first real attempt at aquatic plants. I feel like I've gotten pretty good at houseplants over this year due to the pandemic and this was my next step in the hobby since my husband said I couldn't get anymore plants since we will be moving soon (GA to the DC area) and he doesn't want to move them.I have had fish tanks since 2011 and worked at pet stores with fish for 4 years so I have the basics down but want to expand my knowledge and maybe someday have a room in my house just for my fish and plants. The 10 gallon tank is a tank I'm cycling for cherry shrimp or crystal shrimp. I have all the tests (TDS meter, Gh, Kh, freshwater master test kit) to see which species based on my water parameters. I have very soft water with a low TDS (under 100) so I'm leaning towards crystal red shrimp since they would require fewer adjustments. I'm hesitant to call it my first attempt at aquascaping but really that's what it is. Lol The plants on the right (Rotala indica) should grow nice and tall to hide the heated and filter nicely. They melted back pretty hard but the new growth I replanted makes me pretty confident that they will be just fine in a few months. I even have a crytocoryne wendtii green that completely melted and the roots seemed firm so I planted them in the tank and they seem to be regrowing new leaves as well! I'm really having some fun with it and I'm definitely getting the itch to get another tank. I'm trying to convince my husband to just let me upgrade the 20 gallon to a 75 but no luck until we move again.
  5. Hello all I’m John from the Deep South of Georgia and recently gotten back into the hobby. My wife and I have a community tank of 40 gallons with Danios, cherry shrimp and a few algae eaters. She’s working on a 55 gallon betta sorority and I’m starting a 46 gallon mega guppy tank. “Thanks Cory”! Plus our home has nano tanks all over with male bettas. Can’t wait to chat with like minded folks.
  6. Apart from the Tanganyika thunderdome tank, I was extremely impressed with the selection and layout of it. The whale shark tank was absolutely stunning and the freshwater layouts were inspiring. General public aquarium discussion is welcome here or the Georgia Aquarium in particular.
  7. I live in Atlanta, GA and we have super soft water. I'd love to add Rainbows into my planted community tank, but its a struggle to keep the KH/GH up. I'm using crushed coral in the filter and it's been able to keep the KH around 5 to 6. PH is around 7.4/7.5 typcially with rest of the water parameters being just right. Is the KH too low for something like bosemani rainbows or turquoise rainbows? Sorry for the noob question, but i've never kept rainbows before.
  8. Hi Everyone, coming back to the hobby been taking care of a 55g -10g and two 3.5g aquariums, love it!!! I have Guppies, Cori's, Tetras and a beutiful Betta called Sebastian. And how can I forget my snails... Looking forward to learn form all of you and have fun at the same time. Thanks, DQ
  9. Been an amateur hobbyist for about 5 years with a 10 gallon neon tetra tank and a 2 gallon Betta tank, with junky fake plants. But over the past 4 months I've decided to up my game! I can't comprehend how many hours I've spent watching (and re-watching) Aquarium Co-Op videos to make it happen. But I'm happy with the results (and of course the sponge filters and the plants)
  10. My name is Ben and I live in Ga Currently keeping: Oranda goldfish, lion head ranchu goldfish red cap oranda, black moor, and a couple that defies all categorization. Also have neon tetras, corydoras, a feather in squeaker catfish. A couple of betta's I breed mutt guppies, mystery snails, and skittle shrimp. Also, have two cats a senior beagle and a sulcatta tortoise. There are ducks but they are not really ours lol. I am so excited to be involved in this kind of forum and I hope to learn and contribute as much as possible!
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