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Fish Food Storage


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1 hour ago, brighamthatcher said:

love the mermaid barbie lol. I keep my fish food in a small cooler with icepacks. it keeps the fish food at about 35 degrees. I just have to replace the icepacks every other day and refreeze the warmer ones. maybe its worth it, maybe its not. but I like to do it.

Haha, I didn't even notice the barbie. Guess its half fish, so still fits the forum, right? 

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15 hours ago, GardenStateGoldfish said:

I suggest keeping it frozen or refrigerated, I keep small containers out of the freezer and I refill them when they run low. Some commercial brands can lose up to 50% nutrition in the first week due to oxidation and moisture. 

Heat doesnt help (most fish rooms are hot and humid, mine is cold) 


I do the same, keeping enough out for a week or two at the most.

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22 hours ago, Andy's Fish Den said:

I have small containers that I will mix foods in. I'll mix several foods together so that the entire tank gets a variety.

I do the same. I have some old mason jars and I mix a slew of freeze dried critters into them. I've noticed some fish are picky and they dont all like the same thing. I got tired of opening half a dozen containers for each tank just to suite everyone.

I'll be honest I cant recall what all is in here but I know my fish chow down on it! I mixed 8-9 different foods. About half of them float and the others sink at varying speeds.

This is my normal mix. I'll offset with frozen food periodically too.


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