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  1. It can be a lot of things or nothing, I would keep an eye on his belly size, if he looks healthy or fat and he’s not eating, maybe try switching up the food maybe it is hard for him to digest and he’s already full of food. maybe it’s the type of food and he’s being picky, I have had bettas that really don’t like flakes and go more for pellets and I have had some bettas who don’t care what it is it’s in their belly lol. if your betta is very skinny and not eating it could be a health issue but I’m guessing more towards the first.
  2. If I had to choose one as my favorite it would have to be the rams horn snail, ability to colonize, but looks nice. Amazing algae and food scrap eater and also keeps goldfish eggs clean and clear of fungus so very useful for breeding, also by the time the goldfish are getting bigger more rams horns are hatching and the goldfish can get a few love snacks
  3. Never heard of such a thing but this is certainly interesting, can you tell what it eats yet?
  4. I don’t know much about rainbows but I heard they are better in a 75, I also think (or thought) rams were a little finicky so that may not be the best for your mom if she’s a beginner. id also like to put in a plug for fancy goldfish in the 75 or 40b, they make great companions 😇.
  5. Do you notice it mostly after water changes? If you live in the United States especially this time of year a lot of the tap water can be flushed with extra chemicals and that could be impacting your fish. second guess would be flukes
  6. I think the trendiest things right now are rice fish, but I’m still hooked on goldfish like it’s the 1800’s
  7. The depth needed for PA will likely be at least two feet deep, you should check your plant zone (I am 6B) and the safe minimum depth is about 3 feet for me but rarely does the ground water ever freeze more thank 18 inches anymore from what I have heard by my local club, all my tubs are above ground and I take my fish in right before thanksgiving to give them plenty of time to egg up. Also the turtle will eventually eat the goldfish most likely, if you want to keep them together just know that eventually you may just be left with a turtle.
  8. It depends on what fish you are keeping, if you have jumpers yes, if you want limited evaporation, yes, bur practically? No, I keep no lids on any aquarium and actually prefer no lids at all, I like the extra air along the top, the top down viewing experience and the ability to add more light and plants to grow out the top, so I prefer no lids ever
  9. Aquarium coop and prime time aquatics have good sponge filter videos, also your goldfish will be fine with a sponge filter it’s my favorite type of filtration for them, goldfish kinda handle the mechanical piece, the sponge provides the biological filtration they need and also oxygenates the water for them. You can do a large sponge filter from aquarium coop and they have a tutorial on how to set it up, I would also recommend the micro usb air pump because it’s so quiet and enough for the sponge filter.
  10. I love crushed coral in all my tanks as well because my KH is only two and I have such heavy plant loads that they suck it all up very quickly, I found myself doing water changes for KH instead of nitrates, now I have greatly extended my need for water changes and the KH really enables the plants to do their thing!
  11. I find that banging it on the counter works better than just shaking, it meaning the bottles before it goes in the vials not after. this is also why I use test strips, those liquid tests are just to annoying and human error prone
  12. Whenever you purchased them from will likely take them back, if not as others recommended fry online options, or you can send them likely to Michael’s fish room, he takes in all guppies, you would just have to ship them to him if you weren’t local.
  13. This doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with the sponge filters, glad you were able to put a stop to it however I run many tanks with almost zero mechanical filtration outside of goldfish, snails and clams they break everything down for plants, and I do not experience any types of ill effects. you mention ph fluctuations, was your ph fluctuating? If so that could be the culprit, I’d recommend adding some crushed coral to help buffer your KH to prevent the ph swings if that’s what was happening.
  14. Can you show a photo? That will help a lot. goldfish can naturally change white or change color, it could be disease, and male goldfish do get breeding stars which do look a lot like ich, but the breeding stars are only on the hill plates and front fins, never the tail so if that’s where the white spots where definitely ich. scale loss can be from decorations in the tank or from scraping along the sides to scratch something off, goldfish are clumsy eaters so it can be disease or decoration damage, either way a photo helps get to the bottom! Happy goldfish keeping 🤓
  15. I would advise against heater use for goldfish, I can dredge up research and literature when I get home (in Virginia this weekend for a wedding) but goldfish are not cold water fish, but they are temperate, it is much healthier for them to go through periods of cold and periods of warm. Goldfish metabolisms are faster the warmer the water is, which means if you kept goldfish in warm water only, they need more food, more oxygen, grow faster, and live shorter and get larger. So lots of research says when farming or growing goldfish for sale, warmer water is best for sale, but it is not for health, Thai goldfish fall in this category, they are not as cold tolerant as Chinese or Japanese varieties and are very pretty, but generally have more health issues associated because of the quick growth to sale from warm water. Female goldfish need the period of cold water for about 6 to 8 weeks for healthy egg development and these periods of cold are very healthy for male and female goldfish and greatly lengthen lifespan. Keeping goldfish at a stable temp around 70 is like us on a 70 degree day, not to cold nor to hot, so that’s a great temp for them, but doesn’t elicit the natural cycle in their life. tldr ; warm water is beneficial but so is cold water, seasons are better than stable temp, If you can’t create a season heater for 6 months and no heater for 6 months is better, if you can get goldfish into the 50-60 range for 3 months it’s amazing for their functions and health
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