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  1. It takes 3 months for chloramine to break down and then gas out of water, unfortunately.
  2. I switched from prime to safe because I was having to triple dose prime to combat the chloramine so that wasn't really working. Safe is working out now but I just was curious if someone had experience on the best for chloramine. I double dose the safe currently.... to be safe.
  3. Hello All! I have been using Seachem Prime for about 20 years for treating water but recently switched to Seachem safe because I change a lot of water and have a lot of tanks. But I have been hearing from many people in my circle that Hikari Ultimate is the best, I was curious why it was the best and I was wondering what the best for chloramines were because my water is super high in chloramines.
  4. @gardenman wait wait wait, I can't keep blue whales?!? what am I going to do with the one I got in the basement, oh goodness I hope nobody finds out.
  5. @gardenmanThanks! and yeah I knew NJ was one of the most heavily regulated states, like California. I mean the famous one is that it is illegal to pump your own gas... but you can find examples of red tape everywhere if you look for it. I am just so worried about ending up with something illegal by mistake (like an axolotl) that is a 10,000 dollar fine per animal... doing something like that by mistake would be devastating.
  6. I appreciate that! I will look, last time I was on NJ fish and wildlife it was not a complete list though, it doesn't say anything about weather loach or "ornamental loach" is what they call it being illegal but local fish stores say its on the banned list they get
  7. African dwarf frogs are available to buy with a permit, if you want one petsmart gets them in sometimes they are licensed to sell them, or at least the one by me. African clawed frogs are also permit only to own and you need to be licensed to sell but I have never seen one for sale. I wish there was a list of what was illegal in New Jersey right @skipper
  8. Weather loaches (dojo loaches) are illegal in New Jersey, same with axolotls unfortunately. I also really wanted an axolotl but because they have the potential to breed with the native species of salamander they are illegal
  9. I could be totally wrong, but I thought all new piping these days were done with PVC. I am not sure how copper pipes will impact shrimp tanks but my gut reaction is that it won't be good.
  10. I highly recommend Dr. Ted Coletti's Tub Pond Handbook for anyone looking to summer tub, It is available on amazon fir purchase. If you do not want to buy the bible of tub ponds, you can listen to the pond hunter radio podcast interview on youtube with Dr. Ted Coletti (episode 52 I think) to get a ton of do's and don's
  11. the fact that you asking about rainbows makes me want to say yes even though i have never kept rainbows. Rainbow keepers are cultish like goldfish keepers (me!) so yes, keep the rainbows you want. but because i am a goldfish keeper I say no, keep goldfish instead 😄
  12. Just put it in a bucket and keep it under water and it should be fine, if you were really worried you can run a USB air pump in the bucket with it but I would think that to be excessive, 40-60 minutes shouldn't be a problem if kept underwater.
  13. Learn something new every day, never heard the term ppi. when looking into it, I wouldn't personally have an issue with using a 10 api sponge, but I wouldn't use anything over a 25 ppi outdoors.
  14. snails have a really small bio load, The algae is likely keeping up with the waste production.
  15. It looks as if your ph and hardness has crashed which is why the test results look like that, I would do a series of small water changes to bring the tank back into sorts, like 15% a day for 5 days then retest
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