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  1. How packed is your filter? If you have over packed the filter, that may be causing additional flow restrictions causing low flow. In some cases, less is more. Also, I'd check to ensure everything is connected correctly and there aren't any blockages in the hoses or housing, especially around the pump and pump intake.
  2. I have a 207 on a 20 gallon and haven't had any issues. It keeps my water very clear. The only thing I can think would be to ensure the flow through your whole tank is good. It you have dead spots or eddies in your tank, that may be causing the problem. The additional flow or different flow pattern from the HOB may be removing this zones. I'd play around with the return and intake nozzle direction and placement a bit.
  3. Very interesting! I recently got Tetra test strips to quickly check nitrates on a new tank I'm cycling using the plant method so I know I'm fertilizing enough. I am about 99% sure I heard @Bob say he uses them on one of his recent streams.
  4. I had a similar concern setting up my 40 gallon. I had to dose something like 3 to 4 times the normal amount of Easy Green to get to 20 ppm Nitrates. My theory is the normal dosing is for an established tank that already has a base load of Nitrate, especially if you have fish. It makes sense to me that I would need more nitrates to get to the base level when initially dosing, especially if I don't have fish. Recently I heard a stream where Cory mentioned having no nitrates is essentially starving the plants, so the algae will grow and plants will die back. I think you need to dose to get to 20ppm Nitrates and then maintain the levels around there. I got some test strips to quickly check. I know the liquid test is more accurate, but the strips give me a quick check to help get my tank cycled.
  5. I feel like it is doing better. It is not perfect, but my plants are healthier. I have done a much better job of dosing fertilizer, including root tabs. The other thing I discovered is my heater malfunctioned on, so my tank was running at 85F. I had actually just bought a temperature controller to help prevent this, so I reduced the temperature down to 78F. I have not done any Easy Carbon or similar products. I think finding the correct balance of fertilizer, lighting, and temperature has helped tremendously. For a newly planted tank, I believe you will go through an algae cycle, and patience is key. I am setting up a 40 gal planted tank, and am having an algae bloom. I added some snails and plan to wait it put keeping my tank conditions optimal for plant growth.
  6. Triple Red Apistogramma cacatuoides L052 Butterfly pleco Red Lizard Whiptail Catfish Marbled Hatchetfish
  7. I am cycling a new 40 gallon breeder using the plant in method per the Co-op YouTube videos. Cory said that we needed to get up to 20ppm Nitrates to keep the plants healthy. It took me 16 pumps or 4 pumps per 10 gallon to get to that level. Is this a normal amount of fertilizer to add when starting? Any concern with overloading some of the micronutrients? Or is this just the initial boost of fertilizer needed when starting up, and the 1 pump per 10 gallons will maintain after that? And more plants are arriving from the Co-op today, but here is my tank currently. Been running about 2 weeks so far. Got the nitrates up after listening to more streams on the app. I've been dosing the normal amount until now.
  8. Quarantine Tanks. Do you always keep them running, or do you break them down after every fish? If you keep them running, do you float hornwort or something similar in it for cover? And do you keep a small fish or some snails in there to keep the cycle running and healthy? I just bought a 10 gallon tank to quarantine new fish in, and am trying to set it up right.
  9. I am looking at getting the python water changer. Any reason I can't buy the key parts and use a garden hose? I have a long run and the longer hose kits are costly compared to getting a garden hose. Anything I need to do to the hose before I use it for fish?
  10. I've been using an Inkbird controller for years in another application, and it has worked very well for me. I just bought their aquarium model for my new 40 gallon.
  11. This is my first time using wood in a tank. I know I need to let it soak so it will sink, but how long will that take? Days, weeks? I filled my tank today and used some of the rocks to hold the wood underwater. Pictures are before and after water.. It is smaller pieces of spiderwood. Thanks!
  12. @Sandy I have a large population of tiger spike chopstick snails and a few nerite snails. Is this something that only specific snails will eat? I'll go watch that video tomorrow.
  13. Can someone help me identify what is going on with my Anubias? Is this an algae or a fertilizer deficiency? I have a bit of BBA or hair algae on my pothos roots, but it is relatively on control at the moment, only in a few spots. I swapped to Easy Green a few weeks ago, though this has been going on for a while before then. I also reduced lighting intensity and duration a few weeks before swapping fertilizer. I have been using Seachem root tabs for my root feeders. Not a lot of growth in my Amazon sword or crypts, but they don't look bad, just a few bad leaves. I have what I think is an Ozelot sword that is not doing well either.
  14. I am going to be moving the current fish and some of the snails in this tank to a 40 gallon breeder planted tank with some Apistogramma in the next couple of months. I plan to keep this tank running as well. What would you suggest in an established 20 gallon tank? I've thought pea puffers, cherry shrimp only (with some of the snails currently there), or maybe a few different shrimp species like a bamboo or vampire shrimp with a bunch of neocardina and maybe a small schooling fish. Any other different ideas out there? Anything fun I can feature?
  15. I see aot of folks talking about coarse sand. What types of sand would be considered coarse? At what point is it gravel vs sand?
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