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  1. I have snails in all my tanks, as well as floaters. I've never seen them going for the roots. I do enjoy the occasional sinking snail when one gets on a floater that can't support its what. It's like a little snail tornado cascading to the substrate.
  2. I am always looking for something new, or really, some where to add new fishy friends. So if I moved the kois, I'd probably be looking for another type to replace them in their current tank.
  3. I'll try to post tomorrow. The lights are off at the moment.
  4. Is anyone else still in? My tabs are looking wild.
  5. Decided it was a good day for pulled pork on one of the hottest days we've had so far in Louisiana. Also had one of the best blooms in the outdoor mini pond that I've seen. The pond is doing well. The water is starting relatively cool deeper in the pond, so the raised bed around the pond is doing its job to temper the temperature swings. Hoping the rainbow shiners are still doing well. I saw a few fish swim by earlier this week, so at least a couple still hanging out. I plan to get in and see how they did in the fall. I don't want to mess with them too much until it cold off.
  6. If you don't have the plywood, you need the outside dimensions to match the Aquarium footprint, or at least the 4 corners of a rimmed aquarium sitting on the frame, with vertical supports underneath. Basically, the design from King of DIY has the corners of the tank on the corners of the stand. My longer stand emulates that, but is designed for 2 40 breeders. I have 1/2 inch plywood on top, and only 1 40 breeder. It also has a terrarium and 5 gallon tank on the left now. For a 6 ft rack, I'd definitely do a center support on the rack. I cannot say if it would be required for a 4 ft tank, but I don't think so. I encourage you to watch a few DIY 2x4 aquarium stand builds on YouTube. They'll typically talk about what length they'll add the center support. I think a lot of people use plywood, not sure what thickness, on the various racks to hold aquariums without the supports directly underneath. I haven't done this, but there are a number if fish room builds in this forum where they use this setup.
  7. IQ2I built my own stands based on Joey at King of DIY and KG Tropicals videos. I'd recommend watching those. I don't recall any Aquarium Coop videos on the wooden stands. What dimensions are your tank and the stand going to be? 4ft high for the stand sounds pretty tall. Here's some photos that show how mine are built.
  8. My tanks are in my living room. I feed in the evenings and tend to watch them to decompress after work. I also enjoy trimming the plants and getting things back tidy on maintenance day. There is something very satisfying about a newly cleaned tank.
  9. I am not aware of a way to decontaminate something as porous as lava rock. I personally wouldn't risk it. If you think it is ok, maybe soak it for a couple of days in a QT aquarium, then introduce a few shrimp to see if you have any problems. This would only help with quick problems though. Not sure what long term things could come up.
  10. I usually make more of a mess trying to get a bag around the sponge than just slowly pulling it out. I make a mess, but I've given up on the bag. I figure more mulm for my plants at this point. 😅
  11. What are the fish in the bottom picture? They look really cool.
  12. Great looking room! What are you using as the racks?
  13. @Sweetpickles I understand! As much as we want to fill the tank at first,, its much better for the fish to take it slow. Stocking level will really come down to how often do you want to change water? The more heavily stocked, the more frequent and larger changes will be necessary.
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