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  1. for some reason my first thought is glowlight tetras. they could look pretty good in that tank.
  2. i dont know much about them, but check these ones out that used to be in corys 800g
  3. sounds good. i must admit, clown loaches are adorable, I couldn't not help it
  4. i have nowhere to put it longterm. its in quarintine now because it has ick, velvet, and fin rot (poor thing) the best thing i got is a 50 gallon mbuna tank. my family is absolutely in love with this fish and i dont know how to rehome it without them getting angry at me. i would love to put it with my cichlids long term but i want to get rid of it before it gets huge. thanks
  5. love the mermaid barbie lol. I keep my fish food in a small cooler with icepacks. it keeps the fish food at about 35 degrees. I just have to replace the icepacks every other day and refreeze the warmer ones. maybe its worth it, maybe its not. but I like to do it.
  6. considering their larger and broader body shape than guppys for example. should they need something larger, or do they not mind eating something so small.
  7. I like to put them on my bucket. Most of these aren’t even stickers, I just rip things off and glue them on there.
  8. great advice. I definitely can't afford a new aquarium because I am only 14 and I don't have that kind of cash. maybe ill just wait a few months for a dollar per gallon sale and buy a 40 breeder πŸ‘
  9. I love your tanks. good luck with your future and hopefully the bigger home you mention.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I ended up wiping the area with an alcohol wipe and put some aquarium silicone on the entire area of the brace with any cracks and a bit on the underside. I have no idea how strong aquarium silicone is. If you were me, would you still buy another aquarium? its 50 gallons
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