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  1. birthday puppy, he's one year old today
  2. im thinking of making a goldfish pond out of one, would it matter if I don't buy a food grade one? thanks.
  3. thank you. thanks for these rescources too, nice to meet you.
  4. thank you, we like to joke that he is a swimming ear of corn, because of the texture of his scales.
  5. yeah, I love meeting other young people too. thank you, I also have cherry shrimp, paleatus corys and a 20 gallon with some orphan goldfish and loaches I need to rehome. once I do, I want some balloon mollies ❤️
  6. been on here a few months and have made a couple posts. i thought I should introduce myself. im 15 years old, im broke taking care of my fish 🤣. Ive been into the hobby for a year, messed up everything you possibly could, and then I found aquarium co op. I have 4 aquariums, im into livebearers (don't have any yet, but I dream of them) I have a 50 gallon Mbuna tank, and some miscellaneous community tanks. to my surprise, my mom got me a load of aquarium co op goods for christmas, and I love them all. I love to answer questions on forums when I can as well. here are some pics of my fishmy old man fish, he's super old and wasting away😂 ive got to hand feed him every night (my dad was into fish years ago, and this fish is still around) here is my gourami who doesn't have a name yet. its hard taking pics of it, so don't mind the eye out of focus.
  7. alright. so is this a new problem? or is she just healing from her last fungus? also, I have some acriflavine, would you happen to know if this would work instead?
  8. thanks for your reply. 0 ammonia nitrite 20 or above nitrate -76 degrees.
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