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My first babies!!!


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I am over the moon excited about my first guppy babies!! They may “just” be guppies but I’ve never bred anything before and it’s absolutely amazing. I was planning to just leave them with the parents and let the strong survive, but their little eyes melted my heart and so I set up a little makeshift breeder box for them in my plant grow out tank, by cutting the bottom out of an (old and thoroughly washed) litter box and stretching pantyhose over the bottom!


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13 hours ago, James Black said:

Congrats on yoru first batch of fry! Do you have any updates!

They're all doing awesome! Eating well and growing. My makeshift nursery is perfect in every way except for the fact that I can't really see anyone from the side, so it's hard to tell if anyone's putting on colour or anything. 

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