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  1. Those are blader snail, totally armless. Though if they are comfortable they might end up spawning babies. Its your call if you want to keep it. If you have another aquarium i would suggest putting it in that one if you want to keep your betta tank ""pretty"".
  2. Should i try some meds on him? I have a small 5 gallon that ive been medicating so that my guppy frys and new corys are all healthy. Should i try putting him in with them? Would that help the healing process?
  3. Sorry for the late reply, it seems like a white lump. it looks to be part of its ""skin"". Will try to get better pics later. Though i'm wondering. Can the spawn of a albino strain bronze cory and normal bronze cory make fry with white patches? I have a albino cory in my tank, maybe it was a bronze and it mated with my normal male?
  4. I found this on my cory fry and i'm wondering what it could be and if i need to be worried. Its with my blue cherry shrimps if that can help pH : 7.6 normal ph and High range PH 7.8 to 8.0 Nitrates: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm to 0.25 at most Water Temperature is 24 C : 74 F
  5. Sad news, the original shrimp tank cory (not the new one i put in) died yesterday. My dad said that the shrimps were eating it alive. But that cant be right. Shrimps only eat dead and dying fish correct? If anyone as an idea as to why this happen i would be really greatful. Was the water hardness too high? Was i not feeding it enough? Did i just get a case of bad luck and it got sick?
  6. Hey congrats, like the gay said above its always fun seeing your fish breed nomatter how ""easy"" it is. Its shows that you are doing a good job.
  7. Was thinking of putting him in my shrimp tank.I already have one that got in that tank by accident and it seems to be ok. I'm only afraid the two might eat up all the cool bio diversity i got in that tank. Question can fry cage stunt the growth of a fish? think its been a couple of weeks since it hatch in that thing. Is that bad?
  8. Are they going to be alright with seaching for food? Also i got a angel fish at what i think is full adult size, how big does a cory need to be to not be eaten by him? 1 cm, 2?
  9. These look great, I dont think i've ever seen a guppy like that.
  10. Anyone know how long i should keep my cory fry in a fry cage? How big should they be before i let it go in my tank?
  11. oh yeah that might work. By the way does anyone know if snails need to be temperature regulated?
  12. You got any tips on how to attrack snails to one spot? I want to move them but most are still too small and i'm afraid i might kill some.
  13. So i was keeping one blader snail in my 10 G shrimp tank but now its started to reproduce. Usually i dont have a problem with them but im afraid both might compete for food and calcium. what should i do? Also just a side question but anyone know a good snail or shrimp mate that can deal with green spot algae?
  14. Yea usually but i remember someone saying epton salt or something name like that could be used too.
  15. Hey i was just wondering what kind of salt is needed to cure this. What type of salt causes fish to relax their muscles and poop? Also any guideline for that kind of salt treatment?
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