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Hi Aquariast’s,

I’m Daniel out of CA, I’m relatively new to the hobby! I started with a 5 gallon tank with a blue betta fish, Saff. Recently, due to illness (he ate some Neon Tetras),RIP, I decided to upgrade to a 10 gallon tank and dive into a planted nano aquarium.

Researching, watching Co-Op videos on YouTube, there’s so much information to consume and start a journey into this hobby.

My tank is only a week old and I’ve been working on testing the water parameters pretty consistently. I still have lots to learn and already have questions bubbling up in my mind.

I added an image breakdown of my creatures but here’s some insights on the plants I’ve added / adding:

- Pearl Weed, Dwarf Sagittaria, Scarlet Temple, Micro Sword, Duckweed, and Fairy Moss, Fissidens Rock, and 2 Moss Balls

I also plan to add in the Honey Gourami after a few weeks to be my centerpiece fish in the nano aquarium.

Looking forward to seeing this planted tank come to life!

Pleasure to meet everyone!





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Awesome tank @Daniel E!! I have a 20g tank, currently I have a combination of platies, danios, and tetras. They are the survivors of the Ich disease. So I am considering restocking my tank, and reconstruct the layout of my tank. I love how you arrange the appropriate amount of live plants in the tank! I will definitely keep that in mind! Can't wait to see your little fish in the tank! 😃

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