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  1. Can anyone identify this piece of driftwood I have?
  2. Hi all! Have a question. Was out at the beach (salt water) and found this AMAZING piece of driftwood. I’m a freshest tank gal, but was hoping I could use this piece sometime. Can I soak it? Months? What are your thoughts!
  3. Some years back I purchased a piece of Driftwood from my LFS and I had put it in a bucket with a lid with tap water to soak and after some life events it became forgotten. I'm wondering if using that driftwood in an aquarium is safe or should I add bleach or something else so it can be used? btw the water is very tea like in color lol go figure.
  4. Soooo what's the deal with using river water/rocks, driftwood, debris, silt, media for cycling??...I live on a nice river here in northern California.. Full of trout and a type of bluegill, also two fatty salmon runs a year and huge steelies! The water is good and clean. Been drinking it 30years..I waz at the river, fishing and waiting on my new 20gallon to cycle (done the normal way)and got to thinking...anyway I'm new so any info would be great stay healthy. Cw
  5. Hello everyone I recently (about 3 weeks ago) added new Ghostwood dirft wood to my tank and was very close to a perfect fit! But it kept floating. I said To my self I would just keep it in and let it soak... fast forward 3 weeks I can’t close my lid 🙈did it change size? Anyone experience this before? Or is it just me? Maybe it just shifted but I can’t close my lid.....
  6. It took two months of soaking. My piece of driftwood has finally slowed its excessive (to me) leaching of tannins. During that time, I've added rocks and plants. There's no place left for the driftwood!!! How do I store it? Will it split apart while drying? It's "Malaysian driftwood".
  7. I got several new pieces of driftwood from a reputable supplier. The setup guide says that I should presoak, boil, and then resoak the wood before introducing it to my tank. I got the wood not only for the aesthetic of it but because the tannin is a good way of helping control how hard my water is. Is soaking like this going to release most of the tannin that I need in the tank? The current water hardness is greater then 300 and I am trying to bring it down to hopefully introduce some new verities of fish.
  8. Well I was going to send a pic but not going to spend an hour how to so I found a small piece of bamboo at the beach. It is drift bamboo from the mountains but floating who knows how long in the ocean but its cool and small and cool. Can I use it? It floats bigtime but I am now boiling it. It does have some places where the skin of the bamboo has worn off at the broken spots and that worries me. I did google and some say no, some say try, some say get more opinions. The bamboo that is exposed is kind of like a used toothpic texture. The bamboo piece is incredibly solid and strong. No breaking in two. So it is not lucky bamboo but dried drift bamboo from the ocean. I am boiling it now. Any advice for first time poster? I hope I can get this in right topic, progress on pics!
  9. Hi all, Is someone able to identify what this white stuff is that is on my driftwood? Is it bad? What do I do about it?
  10. Howdy! A few days ago (Feb. 16th) I setup my first planted tank. (Fluval Spec V 5 gallons) I used fluval stratum substrate and bought some plants along with easy green from the co-op. After letting the tank sit for 24 hours I did a half pump of easy green, I'm not sure if that was too soon or not but I wanted to make sure the plants had some food. This morning when I checked on the tank to my surprise I found this piece of driftwood enveloped in a white/translucent film. After some googling and poking around for info I'm assuming this is a biofilm from bacteria? Is this stuff anything to worry about? Should I attempt to remove it? There's no livestock in the tank, just the plants. I just wanted to make sure it isn't going to harm the plants etc. (its covering some of the golden anubias roots) I boiled the piece of driftwood for 15 minutes before initially putting it in the tank. I tested the water today and here are the parameters: (Ph: 6.4 Ammonia: 0.25ppm Nitrite: 2.0ppm Nitrate: 5.0ppm) (My tap water has around 5.0ppm Nitrates on its own)
  11. Hello everyone! thank you In advance for your posts! I have recently changed out my substrate to sand and am wanting to create an Amazon tank! Any suggestions on hardscape wood? I’m back and forth between Ghostwood or Malaysian drift wood
  12. Here's a tip I have not really seen anyone talked about but have tried myself and had success with. If you have a fresher piece of driftwood or say you even dig up a small tree root or stump even after you have dried it out and shaved the bark off you can soak it for 24 hours and take a piece of wire and why it is still wet you can shape it anyway you like now you might not be able to make curly cues with larger branches but finger size and under should work well then all you have to do is bake it or let it dry and it will retain that shape
  13. I purchased an arranged driftwood (mopani) ornament from a local pet store. I rearranged it (used screws) and boiled it for a couple of days to extract some tannins, used it in my aqua scape and added plants (no fish). My tank is still cycling, but today I noticed one of the pieces of wood is glowing roots. Has anyone experienced this before? Should I pull the wood out or leave it in?
  14. I’m planning a breeding tank for blue velvet or blue dream neocardinia shrimp. I also want it to be gorgeous because why not? So I’m wondering if there are any kinds of aquarium-safe wood that stay fairly pale even when submerged. The little guys are so dark—I want to keep all the decor in their tank light so they stand out.
  15. Hey everyone, I have used manzanita wood in my tanks that I collected, but I boiled it. Now I don't really want to have to boil it more, for my new tank. I was just wondering how important the boiling process is, in the sense of killing parasites and bad things. I am not worried about it floating, I will tie it to rocks. @CoryI remember in one of your livestreams you talked about a women who had lots of problems from collecting wood, would you reminding me that story? Thanks!
  16. I’m recently found driftwood I want to put in a established tank. It’s a 75g aquarium with plants that I would prefer were not affected. The wood has been soaking for long enough that it is probably not going to sink on its own anytime soon. Ideally the weights would be minimal so it doesn’t look like they were zip tied to the wood. how would you recommend weighing down the wood to put in a full tank?
  17. The purpose of this thread is to celebrate each Wednesday with pictures of the wood in our tanks. We could also include discussions of driftwoods, I guess, like what kinds we like best and best uses. I have one tank with two measly pieces of driftwood. The bigger piece was sold as spiderwood, the smaller didn't have any name attached to it, it was just a piece of wood screwed to a piece of slate that caught my eye at my lfs. I will admit, the nighttime lighting from my NICREW RGB Plus made for some neat creepy photos! I know y'all have better pictures than ME! Let's see 'em!!!
  18. I just saw this on reddit, it's a log eaten away by termites and it looks like it would be absolutely amazing for a shrimp tank and aquariums in general. I wonder if anyone has experience with this, especially with preparing it for the tank (sterilization and such) and if it is not as uncommon as I thought where I could obtain such a piece of wood.
  19. I just bought this branch. I don’t want to give it the typical tree/bonsai appearance but I still would like to decorate it with plants. Any suggestion?
  20. So this is my first post on this forum so I just set up my new 29 gallon on Monday and I am noticing a lot of driftwood fuzz. Is there any way I can get it to go away with out buying something
  21. Can anyone identity if this is either green mold or algae growing on the driftwoood?
  22. Hey everyone, I posted pics below but they're not really gonna show what I'll describe to you. I'm finding that my tank ALWAYS has tons of stuff that I'm gravel-vac-ing out, and I'm very confident a majority of it is not fish poop. My tank is pretty lightly stocked, it's a 29-gallon with a dozen cardinals, an Apisto pair and two small ottos. I'm also having algae issues, but I know what that looks like and this is not it. Every week I gravel out tons of stuff from the substrate, and I even find often times my plants are kicking off soot when I move them around. I do have Flourite red substrate underneath the top gravel, but it doesn't appear to be the film that I know Flourite can cause. I'm wondering, could this be coming from the driftwood? Could I take the driftwood out and give it a good scrubbing? Would I be killing off beneficial bacteria by doing that? I really like the algae look that is slowly growing on it, but I'm having a big algae problem elsewhere on my plants so I probably should scrub it off the driftwood too to help stop the spread. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hey all, More than a year and a half ago, we brought back some driftwood we found on an Aruba beach. We were originally thinking of using it for crafts but I'm wondering if it would be safe to use in an aquarium. We rinsed it off with hot water when we first brought it home but it has otherwise sat forgotten on a shelf for 1.5 years. Is it possible for there to be anything still alive on this stuff? The four pieces in the middle are a hardwood of some sort. I have no idea what the fan shaped thing is on the left or the funky item on the right is. Any advice from the collective?
  24. Can I just walk into the woods and grab some wood and use it in my tank? Don't I need to boil it or soak it? What kinds of wood? Will it turn my water yellow? Thanks!
  25. I live right near the falls of Ohio river and there’s tons of driftwood. I’m thinking of scavenging some. Is there anything I should avoid. I know to avoid softwoods. Any advice to tell the difference.
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