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  1. Can I make my own driftwood from oak branches that I found on our land? I cleaned them up and am going to boil them, then sand any sharp or rough edges. Will this work or am I asking for problems when I set my tank up? Thanks for your help!
  2. Can we say score!!!!! I know most people boil tgere drift wood but what do you do if it's too big! Lol beautiful piece
  3. There has been pleanty have posts on this forum of the amazing deal they got on an amazing pecie of driftwood. Driftwood is very expensive, it can range anywhere from $20 to a few hundred. Some are able to find driftwood in creeks, ponds, rivers, where as other may find their driftwood in the their LFS or a nearby hobbyist. So what have been your amazing driftwood deals? I got this peice for $10 at my LFS. This was because the tag had fallen off so they didn't know how much to charge me. I'm assuming this would be around $30-40. I love how many nooks and cranys it has, its great for shimmying plants rhizomes into it like anubais, or buce.
  4. Found a great root on the on the river bank on my walk this morning. Heavy as heck, so I thought probably water logged, bonus. Took 3 of us to walk it home before I cut it. Good neighbours are priceless! Hacked it up, took a wire brush and hose to it, and voila I'm pretty impressed! Soaking in the tub, will dump in enough salt to kill and then pour some boiling water over. The LFS had same size pieces of imported wood and wanted $187 each for them, I'm pretty happy with mine and have never had any this large before. The creek was dry and I think it was washed ashore or someone pulled it in for me!
  5. Hi I would like to glue some wood together for my aqauirum what would be the best option I could try anyone help, thank you
  6. Me and my son went down to the creek today, him to do a little fishing, me to do a little driftwood hunting for the new 55 gallon:
  7. Hello! I have a planted tank that's been set up for about 2 months now (no fish yet, just bladder snails and assorted microfauna), and yesterday after doing a water change I noticed this black branch-like stuff that seems to be growing from my driftwood. It doesn't look like algae, so my best guess is it's a fungus? Does anyone know if this could be harmful?
  8. So I was wondering if anybody knew why my driftwood shed its skin.( I don’t know if it was even the bark it shed) and then turned this really ugly black color. I had it soaking in a tub outside for the past month to get the tannins out and it’s been really hot, soI don’t know if that has something to with it too. If anybody knows what the problems is thanks in advanced!😊
  9. So I have a question I think I already know the answer to, but we will see. I have some drift wood from the sea shore that was soaked in bleach water a few years ago and has been outside of the house since. My question is would that drift wood be safe to put in a aquarium after being soaked in just water to get it water logged
  10. How long should a 30 to 40 pound piece of wood need to soak before it sinks? I thought that with that weight I would not have to deal with the whole will not sink issue. So much for getting tank planted tonight.
  11. i got this driftwood for my 125g planted rainbowfish tank. 2 pieces are mopani and the other branchy one is mangrove root. My questions are is mangrove root safe to put in aquariums? Also how long would it take to get most of the tannins out of the pieces of mopani. The one on far left is over 20 inches tall and the middle one is a pretty thick piece of mopani. I can not boil them they are too big and heavy. I'm concerned about the tannins lowering my ph. My ph is 8.0-8.2 gh 12 kh 10. I know people use driftwood for softwater fish but every rainbow tank i see has driftwood in it. Thanks for any help
  12. Hey everyone! in my betta tank I have a wonderful peice of dirftwood. This wonerful pecie of driftwood also has lots of crevises to shimmy different rhizome species into. I have moved all my anubias from different tank and added them to the driftwood. Currently that makes it 4 anubias species on this driftwood. But I want more plants that are not anubias for this peice of wood. I was thinking some bucephalandra green wavy and godzilla, but there so expensive. I'm also planning on getting some java moss but that wont be for the next little while. So what are your suggestions for more plants? Ideally these plants would have some redish to them like the buce.
  13. I'm looking to create a native species only north american biotope tank with naturalistic hardscape materials. What types of hardwoods can I use safely to create this effect, and how can I prepare them to be used in the tank?
  14. So I realize there are plenty of methods to cure drift wood. Mostly we boil driftwood and soak it for a while. But I would like to ask about drift wood that's LARGE. So far even the largest driftwood I've used I was able to boil at least half of it, then flip and boil the second half; rinse and repeat. However, what about driftwood that's too large to boil? I currently have two pieces of driftwood about 3-4ft each and in shapes unfit for even my largest pot for boiling. For now I'm just soaking them in my 32gal trash bin which I use from time to time to prep source water. Now this wood came from my LFS as is most of my drift wood. The only outlier is some driftwood I found while on a fishing trip where it also was too large to boil, so I just hand washed it and rolled the dice. This new wood however I would like to do more than just soaking. Would boiling water and pouring it over the driftwood accomplish the same 'sterile' environment to kill off any pests (if any) compared to boiling it in a pot? If no, then is there a method to kill off pests (not bleach)? I'm really not worried about tannins, they go away over time and they don't do anything to my ph. While I'm really not worried about pests in the wood, I'm in no hurry to add this wood to my 72gal as I'm awaiting some new plants and want to re-scape when I have everything ready to go. Probably next week or the week after. Just wondering if anyone has any good methods for sterilization.
  15. Looking for ideas for keeping wood submerged. I've been soaking this for about two weeks and it's still not waterlogged. The last time I tried using it in my present 20 high I soaked it for a couple of months and it still floated. I'm wanting to attach Anubias Nana Petite to make it look like a deciduous tree.
  16. Can anyone identify this piece of driftwood I have?
  17. Hi all! Have a question. Was out at the beach (salt water) and found this AMAZING piece of driftwood. I’m a freshest tank gal, but was hoping I could use this piece sometime. Can I soak it? Months? What are your thoughts!
  18. Some years back I purchased a piece of Driftwood from my LFS and I had put it in a bucket with a lid with tap water to soak and after some life events it became forgotten. I'm wondering if using that driftwood in an aquarium is safe or should I add bleach or something else so it can be used? btw the water is very tea like in color lol go figure.
  19. Soooo what's the deal with using river water/rocks, driftwood, debris, silt, media for cycling??...I live on a nice river here in northern California.. Full of trout and a type of bluegill, also two fatty salmon runs a year and huge steelies! The water is good and clean. Been drinking it 30years..I waz at the river, fishing and waiting on my new 20gallon to cycle (done the normal way)and got to thinking...anyway I'm new so any info would be great stay healthy. Cw
  20. Hello everyone I recently (about 3 weeks ago) added new Ghostwood dirft wood to my tank and was very close to a perfect fit! But it kept floating. I said To my self I would just keep it in and let it soak... fast forward 3 weeks I can’t close my lid 🙈did it change size? Anyone experience this before? Or is it just me? Maybe it just shifted but I can’t close my lid.....
  21. It took two months of soaking. My piece of driftwood has finally slowed its excessive (to me) leaching of tannins. During that time, I've added rocks and plants. There's no place left for the driftwood!!! How do I store it? Will it split apart while drying? It's "Malaysian driftwood".
  22. I got several new pieces of driftwood from a reputable supplier. The setup guide says that I should presoak, boil, and then resoak the wood before introducing it to my tank. I got the wood not only for the aesthetic of it but because the tannin is a good way of helping control how hard my water is. Is soaking like this going to release most of the tannin that I need in the tank? The current water hardness is greater then 300 and I am trying to bring it down to hopefully introduce some new verities of fish.
  23. Well I was going to send a pic but not going to spend an hour how to so I found a small piece of bamboo at the beach. It is drift bamboo from the mountains but floating who knows how long in the ocean but its cool and small and cool. Can I use it? It floats bigtime but I am now boiling it. It does have some places where the skin of the bamboo has worn off at the broken spots and that worries me. I did google and some say no, some say try, some say get more opinions. The bamboo that is exposed is kind of like a used toothpic texture. The bamboo piece is incredibly solid and strong. No breaking in two. So it is not lucky bamboo but dried drift bamboo from the ocean. I am boiling it now. Any advice for first time poster? I hope I can get this in right topic, progress on pics!
  24. Hi all, Is someone able to identify what this white stuff is that is on my driftwood? Is it bad? What do I do about it?
  25. Hello everyone! thank you In advance for your posts! I have recently changed out my substrate to sand and am wanting to create an Amazon tank! Any suggestions on hardscape wood? I’m back and forth between Ghostwood or Malaysian drift wood
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