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  1. Wow...thank you so much! I will definitely check these vids out!😊 Awesome! I will start with the vids you guys recommended! Thank you so much for your help!😊 That's pretty awesome! I might have to clean it up a bit more and make a sump for it. Thank you for your help! 😊
  2. Yes, @Fish Folk, it's drilled through the glass in the bottom. No, I don't think she has a sump. She said she couldn't figure it out and that's why it's been sitting in her garage for a few years. I don't have a sump either. What do you guys recommend I should do?
  3. Hey guys! I rescued a 55g tank from my neighbor. It has been sitting in her garage for a few years, never cleaned it out either, so there are a lot of calcification spots. Her tank is a little different than the typical ones, from my understanding by cleaning it today, there is self-draining system as well as a pvc pipe for refilling the water, but I could not seem to figure out the idea of it. Please see pictures below: (This is the overall of the tank, pretty decent I would say.) (This is the front side of the section where there are self-draining and filling systems.) (This is where it boggles my mind, how come the water level from the left side is not synchronized with the right? Is there anything that I'm missing?) Not sure if anyone out there would know what type of tank this is and how this works. I hope to figure this out before adding a few cichlids in. Thank you so much! 😊
  4. THANK YOU for letting me know about the Lexan! I have been wondering what they are called!!! Now I found it!! I will definitely get it for my holding tank, and see how that works out. I do worry that because of the constant moisture, the life of the lights will be shortened. I have to put this into my consideration.
  5. Thank you, I will definitely give it a try! Thank you for sharing your thoughtful consideration. I have not checked the operating temp, I will definitely do so. Thank you so much for your detailed info! I think I will play around with my plastic lid knowing that there are glass lids out there if I mess up. lol...
  6. Considering silicone is widely used for fish tanks, it is a safe option. I happen to have a tube for shower/bathtub purposes, so I will definitely give it a try before drilling holes. Thank you very much for your input!
  7. I absolutely did not think of the heat factor! That is a good point! I will take the aquarium lid off and check it out. Thank you so much!
  8. It's good idea. Is there any recommended brand? I asked because I got the Gorilla double-sided tape last time, and it failed.
  9. Good day! I am thinking of changing the light bar that came with the TopFin Bowfront Aquarium. The white LED is too bright and white to my liking. As the pictures shown below, you can see how it is attached to the hood, but I would like to use my Beamswork light, which is much wider and does not come with anything for me to secure it under the aquarium hood. I tried using outdoor double-sided tape, it's either I got a dud or because of the built-up moisture, the light bar eventually fell from the hood. I would like to keep the aquarium hood, so I can't use the extendable "arms" to "hug" both sides of the tank. I'd appreciate any creative and practical ideas. Thank you!
  10. I have one Halfmoon Betta as center piece fish and a few cardinal tetras in my 10g tank.
  11. Awesome tank and stand!! And I absolutely LOVE the stones!!!! I recently also got platy fries too!! Can't wait for them to grow up!
  12. Hey @tcamp1208, I am wondering how your 3 males are getting along? I got 2 brothers a few weeks ago, thinking to get a powder blue, but not sure if they would get along ok. So I am here to see if you could share some update on them? Thank you!
  13. I do the same like you. Sunday is always my water change day, and I haul buckets from the bathroom to my tanks back and forth. I pre-mix the conditioner before putting them in the fish tank. I just don't want to harm my fish. But after reading the comments, I might try their methods because my back is killing me every time I do water change.
  14. I got this 36g tank a few weeks ago and now it is being cycled. In the meantime, I purchased 2 female Neon Dwarf Gouramis, 1 Blue Ram Cichilid and 1 Butterly Ballon Molly(that was all they had >.<), they are currently being quarantined for about... I think this is the 3rd week. Other than those fish, I have a few surviors from the Ich outbreak: 2 Green Lantern Platies, 1 Serpae Tetra(acting like a platy). I introduced them this week, and so far they have been getting along pretty well. So now I am thinking to get more fish to be put in my quarantine tank after I put the above-mentioned fish in the 36g tank. I am thinking of getting male flame dwarf gouramis, but I don't know if I want to risk it because people say they fight a lot. I would like to pick out some fish that are no bigger than the dwarf gouramis because I would like them to be the center piece type of fish. I know you would recommend tetras, but I would like to pause on tetras for a while since I lost a lot of them from Ich. So I'd appreciate if you could share any ideas in mind. Thank you!
  15. I originally had the same idea of having a patio pond, but we live in Michigan, it gets cold in the winter. My husband still likes the idea, and he said comet goldfish would be good for our warm season, and then when it gets cold, he would donate them to the pet store. But judging the size of your pond, you might not be able to fit that many goldfish in. I would say Zebra Danios is a pretty good choice, they are not too sensitive to the water pH and hardness. Here is an article for your reference: https://explorefishworld.com/can-zebra-danios-survive-in-a-pond-5-reasons/
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