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Greetings from Vermont


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Hello everyone! I joined the forum a few days ago technically but I've been lurking and reading some of the great information on here. My name is Castiel, or Cas, feel free to call me either what is easier, and I'm a 21 year old college student from Vermont. I'm getting back into the hobby after taking a break for a few years and I'm very excited to have a new tank set up and be trying my hands at a planted tank. I'm currently waiting for the water to clear up in my new Fluvel Spec on my desk before planting the first few plants so I thought I'd post an intro and show off the last two tanks I set up before I took a break from the hobby. 


This first one is a 3.5 gallon Marineland hex that has seen many fish over its time as it was originally my parents tank, but its last inhabitent was a yellow veil tail Betta named Hugo. 


The second, and last one, I set up was a 5 gallon bow front that was home to Tilli the Betta. This tank I actually did my best to scape going into it but I was never successful in getting much to grow besides Java Moss which eventually filled in quite a bit of the tank but I don't think I have any pictures of it.

The Spec is going to be the first tank I'm going into with a planned scape and more knowledge of appropriate plants and how to keep them alive and I'm excited for the challenge. I'm unsure if I'm going to be stocking anything but we'll see what happens.

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On 1/18/2022 at 6:03 PM, WillC said:

Welcome to the forum! If its something you're interested, start a journal on your new tank. I am finding it fun and informative to get feedback on my new tank as I go.

Thank you I think I will! I was thinking about it and was going to wait until I had it planted but I guess there's no time like the present anyway. 

On 1/18/2022 at 6:06 PM, Patrick_G said:


Thank you!

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