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  1. Welcome back and beautiful bettas! I hope your next scape is a great success.
  2. Definitely an incredibly late self introduction, but I’ve been enjoying learning from the background. Typically reserved online and didn’t feel like I had much to offer as I’m so new to fish keeping, so just never posted. I wanted to become more invested in the community and really participate so this was my first step. 👍 Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and kind comments.
  3. Newbie here, eager to learn and further develop my skill set for nurturing by expanding into the aquarium world. Initially discovered the hobby while researching care for keeping bettas three years ago, simply blown away by the naturalistic set ups and breathtaking aquascapes. Decided to attempt keeping a freshwater oasis myself. Stumbled upon Aquarium Co-ops videos in my research and, I’m sure like many of you, never looked back. Miyamoto Musushi is currently my only fishy friend. Residing in a 17 gallon with a few snails to bully, ripping them off the aquarium glass was one of his favorite ways to pass time. He’s mellowing out substantially with age however, I’ve been fortunate to have him under my care for two years. Definitely a champ as he’s gone through a family move and navigated ridiculous amounts of floating vegetation before I got it under wraps. Simply stoked to still have this little warrior, and looking forward to keeping more aquariums in the future. Excited to be a part of what seems to be such an awesome community, and continually grow as a fish keeper.
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