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Hi, glad to find a forum like this with so much great discussion! I found the forums after watching many of Cory's great videos. My name is Laura - LLMGTAB had just been my default internet handle from the beginning.

I used to keep a tank 15-20 years ago, but surprised how much I had never learned back then! I have also kept Goldfish/Koi in ponds we have had in previous houses. 

I started back in the hobby early this year after getting a small betta tank for my work from home setup. I just setup a 20 gallon long with the intention of Adolin (my betta) moving in to join the crowd after they all settle. Currently is stocked with 5 pygmy cory and 7 albino neon tetras (just got them yesterday!)

I am having so much fun researching and setting up this tank. I'll be sad when I have to go back in the office and not get to see it much during the week!

Here is my 20 gallon so far, not to great an image with the reflection, need to practice taking photo's of tanks!


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