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  1. Thanks again for all your advise. I have decided for now to leave Adolin (the Betta :P) in his 3 gallon and start up a new 5 to transfer him to soon. He is already making bubble nests, maybe he is happier on his own. And at least I just found out I will be able to still work from home 2 days a week (just started back in the office) so I can interact with him more. The rest of the group is still settling, so think I will keep it betta free and after some time try increasing the neon group again.
  2. Thank Keeg. I know on catching them! I put them in and stepped away literally for 5 minutes and came back and saw the tail fins of one of them sticking out of his mouth! With those long fins its not like he is that agile. Not sure on the second - does not seem possible he could have ate another after that large meal! He could have just found a good hiding spot. And yes I was just thinking that if I was to get that 5 gallon (my LFS has one in stock I believe) I would put the nano sponge filter I am using in the 3 gallon in there for sure. Basically just dismantle the 3 gallon into the 5.
  3. I have a 20 gallon long tank that housed 1 betta veil tail, 6 albino tetras, 5 pygmy corries and a mystery snail. They have all been together for at least 6 weeks and the betta has been very well behaved. Lots of plants and plenty of hide spaces for all I wanted to add a few more tetra's so they would have a better group, but could not find any more albinos. Yesterday I bought 3 neon tetras - this seems to have turned my betta into a monster. I do know now I did a few things wrong. First, I could have moved the betta out for a bit to let the other settle. Second - I think its the color that is driving him made (he is a blue betta). But its too late now. One neon got swallowed whole immediately. Not sure how the betta even fit that guy in! A second one seems to have disappeared over night. So only one extra fish, but the betta is still constantly flaring and turned the tank into a battle ground. The tetras are very stressed - he is even chasing the cory! I still had the 3 gallon that was his home before with just a few CPD so I just moved the CPD out and the betta back in. I guess I have two choices, can let this guy chill a bit and try adding him back in, or just get a new 5 gallon tank for him. Can't keep him in a 3 gallon anymore! The main question I had on that for you experts - if I get something like the fluval spec 5 and populate it with the substrate/plants decorations from the 3 gallon (and maybe some from the 20) could I move him into that quickly without doing a cycle? Sorry for the long post, can't believe I made a mistake like this! Never imagined 3 little fish would disrupt the tank so much.
  4. Thanks everyone for all the responses! I had no idea mystery snails were social.
  5. I have a 20G long tank that currently houses 6 albino neon tetra, 5 pygmy cory's, a betta and a mystery snail. I believe I have room for few more fish, and wanted to add 3 more of the tetra's to have a larger school. But I did not realize when I got them its an unusual stock for my LFS's. Would 3 regular neon tetra's be close enough to be able to add? I don't think I have room for another school of a different type. If not I may just add more of the cory's,!
  6. Does your betta interact with you? Can you maybe feed him some pellets on the side? My betta was in a smaller tank by himself before the community so he was used to that. But now that is is in the bigger tank - he will still swims up to me and I can just drop a pellet right in front of him.
  7. That was actually the scariest part of the introduction. Was not too long before Adolin noticed those 'worms' coming out of the Snail :). I almost took him out right at that time. He did get just a little bit, but has not tried again since. Trying to keep a close eye. The snail seems to know now and if he gets near he hide them in his shell.
  8. There has been a lot less chasing, and yes he cannot catch them either. The long fins hinder that. The other fish don't appear impacted by it, the cory's are so cute, the are curious and will swim up to him. He will then chase them off but not very far. I am waiting for the light to come on to see how it went overnight, but see normal activity so I think its going to work out. So great to see him swimming around in such a large space!
  9. Things have seemed to calm down a bit. I'll just keep an eye out through the day. I think the first community feeding time may be interesting, but its good I can still hand feed him.
  10. I have a 20G long planted tank with 5 pygmy cory, 6 albino neon tetras and 1 mystery snail. The intention was this will be a community tank for my Betta who was in a 3 gallon cube tank. He is a vail tail standard boy I have had about 6 months. The other fish have been in the tank for a few weeks. I just introduced Adolin (Betta) 30 minutes ago. I first floated him in his cup for 45-60 minutes to acclimate him to the tank and also get everyone used to each other. So far its not going great, he is chasing everything. I did have a nirite snail in his other tank just to see how he reacted to other living things and they did well. I know not all Betta's can work in this type of community. How long do I give it before giving up? I am sure he is a bit frighted with the new surroundings and could settle - but also hate to be stressing the others! I have got him to come up and take a couple pellets from me so he can know he is still getting fed. Anyone else go through this and have any suggestions? If this does not work out I will probably look into getting another 5 gallon to give him more space.
  11. Yes that is the parent plant. I bought this at my LFS about a month ago and it already had this started. I got lucky the associate that helped me found this one in the back of the tank for me.
  12. I have a java fern and amazon sword that are nicely supplying me with new plants! Have a couple questions on how to use these properly For the amazon sword, I have let this go for a time and the roots are pretty long. If I want to separate this and plant in substrate, should I coil up all the long roots, or maybe trim a bit? For the java fern, I have a few rooted offshoots on this plant. Since this is a rhizome plant I know to not plant it in substrate, but if I removed these should I just attach to a rock/wood like I would a full plant? Or should I wait until more it develops more.
  13. I have my Betta's tank right next to my work desk and all I have to do is turn my head toward him and he swims over to see me! I was surprised how quickly he started doing this, never afraid and started engaging with me right away. They are such fun fish,
  14. Hi, glad to find a forum like this with so much great discussion! I found the forums after watching many of Cory's great videos. My name is Laura - LLMGTAB had just been my default internet handle from the beginning. I used to keep a tank 15-20 years ago, but surprised how much I had never learned back then! I have also kept Goldfish/Koi in ponds we have had in previous houses. I started back in the hobby early this year after getting a small betta tank for my work from home setup. I just setup a 20 gallon long with the intention of Adolin (my betta) moving in to join the crowd after they all settle. Currently is stocked with 5 pygmy cory and 7 albino neon tetras (just got them yesterday!) I am having so much fun researching and setting up this tank. I'll be sad when I have to go back in the office and not get to see it much during the week! Here is my 20 gallon so far, not to great an image with the reflection, need to practice taking photo's of tanks!
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