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  1. Hey co op family. My name is Aaron from NC. Brand new to the hobby. I have wanted a tank for a long time. Started with a 37 gallon and can't wait to add more. Doing reno on the house and plan on building stand for double 125s. That's the next goal.
  2. Hi, glad to find a forum like this with so much great discussion! I found the forums after watching many of Cory's great videos. My name is Laura - LLMGTAB had just been my default internet handle from the beginning. I used to keep a tank 15-20 years ago, but surprised how much I had never learned back then! I have also kept Goldfish/Koi in ponds we have had in previous houses. I started back in the hobby early this year after getting a small betta tank for my work from home setup. I just setup a 20 gallon long with the intention of Adolin (my betta) moving in to join the crowd after they all settle. Currently is stocked with 5 pygmy cory and 7 albino neon tetras (just got them yesterday!) I am having so much fun researching and setting up this tank. I'll be sad when I have to go back in the office and not get to see it much during the week! Here is my 20 gallon so far, not to great an image with the reflection, need to practice taking photo's of tanks!
  3. HI Im new to fish/aquatic animal keeping. I have done research the past couple years. I am in the works of cycling a tank for a couple of young axolotls. I also plan on setting up a 15 or 20 gallon betta tank for my daughter, I would be handling the care but its her fish.
  4. HI My name is Kaylon from Rocky Mount NC I am running 3 tanks a 15 flex planted tank a 5 gal Batta tank and a 40 gal tall guppy forest plated tank 1/2 aquatic 1/2 terrestrial a must see to understand will make another post with pics as soon as I can get pics on here give me a few days first time on a form any way hello
  5. We're moving to North Carolina and I gave away my aquarium and my beautiful fish. I just couldn't picture them surviving a 3000 mile drive in the heat of summer. We went to visit the Raleigh/Durham area last week to check it out. I also went to the Fish Room. Has anyone been there and had experience? They had a wonderful selection of fish that looked healthy, a good selection of plants. Nothing was very deep in inventory but everything looked healthy. One thing I noticed was a lot of people came in to get refills of either fresh or salt water. Why would they do that? I also was wondering about other stores in the area and the experience people have had. We currently live near Aquarium Coop where I have found the customer service to just be wonderful so I'd love to find something like that, where I can get good quality advice as well as good customer service.
  6. Here’s some shots from today’s birding. Several were too far for a very good shot (woodpecker, warbler, egret). Lens only goes up to 300 mm. From top to bottom we have: Red Headed Woodpecker Prothonotary Warbler Cattle Egret Royal Tern (look closely! It’s banded on right leg!) Double Crested Cormorant
  7. Hello fellow aquarists! I'm Rebecca, a Canadian (Winnipeg, Manitoba) now living in North Carolina. I'm an author (novelist), a dog trainer, and an amateur photographer. I am fairly new to the freshwater planted tank hobby; my "oldest" tank is 1.5 yrs (and is doing amazing!), and my newest is 8 mths--I have 4 tanks thus far. I prefer nano tanks and nano fish, and I LOVE bettas, but have lost two in less than a year and am wary about getting another. I also love aquascaping and am getting better at it: please see the attached photos 🙂 I researched like crazy before even getting into this hobby, and I've learned SO much! I look forward to reading all about everyone here, and learning from/about YOUR experiences, and maybe helping in return!
  8. Hi Everyone! I am Sandra, and I live in Wilmington NC. I always wanted an aquarium. but was totally petrified to start because I know absolutely NOTHING about starting one, keeping one, fish.. NADA. I finally decided to take the leap, and purchased a 20 gallon tall aquarium kit. The only thing I did know is that I wanted to have real plants, rocks, landscape, besides that stared a ground zero. Here's how it started, and where I am not. I an in this group to get as much support as I can, so I can grow and learn to eventually graduate to a larger tank and not be as stressed as I am now. On Dec 18th went to the local pet store purchase a aquarium starter kit (YAY me). I purchased a beginner aquarium plant package on line, and went to a local fish aquarium store, and purchased the following: 1 Mountain Rock, 1 Dragon Stone, a beautiful piece of drift wood (that was in an established aquarium in the store) bag of Eco complete black substrate, and Este Shallow creek pebble stone. Brought all my toys home, and set it all up. I was stoked! ON Dec 22nd(different store btw), brought my water to be tested (mistake #1), they said it was great. I explained that this was a brand new tank , and they said I could have fish. so guess what I did.. got 3 guppies and a mystery snail. brought everyone home, floated them in the tank for 20 min, and let them go. On Dec 24th, guppy # 1 died. I was devastated. I checked my water with the test strips, all looked fine per the bottle parameters. Dec 26th, I did a 25% water change, a little clean up fed the fish and called it a day. Dec 28th, here I go again, (mistake # 2) purchased 2 cory cat fish (which I am obsessed with) followed the same process, and let them into the tank. I also got a bubble stone for the aquarium. On Dec 30th, another guppy dies. Now I am under the impression I am doing something very wrong. I send out a desperate plea to my FB friends for ANYONE who has aquarium experience to please advise. A friend jumps in and helps me to begin to understand the cycling process, and sends me a video from Cory, and that is how I have begun to understand my mistakes and learn how to save what I have left. Here is what I have done up to now to try to fix my rookie mistakes. First thing, my friend told me to get Seachem prime (no one told me I had to prime my tap water.. ya..ugh), I got the API fresh water kit (because up till then was not even looking at ammonia). I purchased an aquarium heater that I can actually calibrate and control, a digital thermometer to maintain my water temp and a timer for my lights. I don't even know what I would do if my friend didn't come to my rescue and refer me to aquarium co op. I believe my results would have been worse (not saying that things can't change now.. but working hard to save them). Currently, I am letting my tank cycle, doing chemistry daily, doing water changes every second day (20%), feeding the fish every second day (very little). I watches Cory's video (big fan here!), and purchased reusable Filter medium (one for the internal and an external one as well), as currently have the ready made stuff that comes with the Aqueon quiet flow filter I have. Which is just not great. So, here I am. I made mistakes but will NOT give up! I look forward to learning from this forum. ps: I can't seem to get my picture to rotate.
  9. So at summer time me and my family plan on going on a trip to North Carolina and we want to try to catch fish in the inlets and waterways. I was planning on setting back some money to try to get a big tank for freshwater wild caught sailfin mollies or something of that sort. Do you guys know what I should do and how to transport them to where I live. I was thinking about on getting a big bucket with a aquarium co-op sponge filter and air pump. How would I do that in a rent a car though without spilling water everywhere? Do you guys also know if there is any other types of cool fish I could fin in North Carolina? Thanks
  10. Hi! I am Jonathan (but everyone calls me howze) and I live in NC. I currently just have a little 8 gallon Fluval Nano tank but I’m starting to get the itch for a larger tank! I’ve been keeping or working with fish for at least 35 years or so. I’ve kept many different things over the years from community fresh water tanks to reef tanks and a lot in between. I especially love planted tanks though. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve had one but I have the feeling it won’t be much longer! I’m looking forward to learning tons from the community here and maybe passing on a lesson or 2 I’ve learned over the years!
  11. It all started September of 2019 when some sixth graders at the school I work for decided to get me a betta for my birthday. Fast forward a year and I have two tanks in my office (20 long and 40 breeder) and 4 at home (two 20's, 36 bowfront and a 75). Here are the current contents: 20 long - It's currently cycling. It was broken down a month ago. It will house my 9 pseudomugil gertrudae and 3 peacock gudgeons which are currently in a 10 gallon. It is dirted and I am still adding plants here and there. The "floating" plants are what I will be carpeting with. 10 gallon who will be getting upgraded soon to the 20 long. It's a tad bare now because I moved some plants over to the 20 long. 40 breeder - This is also dirted and has DIY CO2. It currently has 6 albino corydoras, a Siamese algae eater, an albino bristlenose pleco and a pair of Bolivian rams with a lot of various plants, rocks and driftwood. I have 7 celebes rainbowfish currently in quarantine that will be going in there. 20 #1 - This is another dirted tank that has 5 (soon to be a dozen) pseudomugil luminatus and a female apistogramma cacatuoides (the male died about a month ago). Also has various plants and a DIY CO2. 20 #2 - This one will be rescaped. It currently has 6 white clouds and an apistogramma agasizzii. It sits next to 20 #1 and will share the DIY CO2. No picture because it's ugly! lol 36 bowfront - This one is not dirted but has root tabs for the plants and a DIY CO2. Fish-wise it has 10 black harlequin rasboras, a dozen habrosus corydoras, 5 kuhli loaches, a Siamese algae eater, a bristlenose pleco, a female apistogramma borellii and a female apistogramma breitbinden (they are besties) and some cherry shrimp who love to hang out on the sponge filter. Some of the background plants died, but there are some "saplings" that you can't see behind the spiderwood. 75 - It's currently empty while I finish scaping it. Currently it has four pieces of driftwood and three swords and it also dirted. It will be room temperature because I want to put native fish in there. Mountain redbelly daces and some sort of darter are what I'm thinking at the moment. I also have a 2.5 gallon that has a few golden wonder killifish fry in it. Both parents died recently.
  12. Just getting back into the hobby after a 20 year hiatus. Found the Aquarium co-op while surfing YouTube. Great info that is helping me get caught up on the current state of the hobby. One question for Cory at Aquarium co-op. Where are the Murphy mask? Help us be stylish, safe and promote the hobby! I have a Shark mask, attached, but would really like to have a Murphy mask! Thanks for all that you do to promote the hobby!
  13. Hi! Im so glad to be here! I watch Aquarium Co Op videos all the time! The closest LFS is 2 hours away (unless you count petsmart) and i know no fellow fish people in real life. Im in between fish/tanks right now...i lost my last guy in march. Im strictly a keeper of male bettas..one fish at a time...and i need some serious water chemistry help!..but ill post about that later. Super excited for a forum. Stuff does get so lost on fb. This is a picture of my last guy...Beta...like the greek letter...not betta. Lol
  14. Hey guys, a new fan of the co-op here. I actually just got my aquarium out of storage a little over a month ago after about 10 years in stasis (did a lot of moving around the country where it wouldn't have made sense to keep fish that i have to continually pack up and move). Since then i've been doing a lot of reading and watching a lot of videos to get back into it. Been intermittently binge watching some of the longer RFT videos too, not gon lie. Only been a month and already ordered from the co-op twice. My primary interest is in nano tanks and planted tanks. I also, almost always, keep a betta if anything. Although i don't have one currently. At the moment i have a 5g hex thats about 5 weeks old with 3 otos, 2 panda cory's, 1 black kuhli loach and a ghost shrimp. The pandas and the kuhli were impulse buys because they were the last ones left at petsmart (2 weeks prior they had whole group) but honestly i just felt bad and figured that at least if they don't have a shoal, if i take them they'll be able to eat. The tank also has water wisteria, bacopa caroliniana, mini dwarf hair grass, hornwort, and cholla wood. This is actually the first week of livestock after i let the tank sit with plants for 4 weeks. So they're in the middle of their med trio dose right now (first i let them eat for 2 or 3 days because my understanding is to fast them for 4-5 days during the dosing). They all seem to be doing well, except the ghost shrimp (they started out as 5 but now he's the sole survivor skrimp. I didn't know beforehand they come from brackish water). I was largely concerned about the otos having no appetite but they decimated all the visible soft green algae in the tank within a day. Now i have to figure out what else they'll eat or if they'll start to accept algae wafers (tossed a few in over the weekend but didnt witness them go for it), although they are still picking at, what i assume is biofilm, on the cholla wood and plants. Also have a 1g bowl with mini dwarf hair grass i plan to turn into a shrimp bowl but i haven't gotten any shrimp for that yet. And just bought a 10g aqueon kit on sale so after that is planted and allowed to sit for a few weeks i'm going to move the pandas and kuhli into the bigger tank and give them some bros to shoal with. Then put a betta in the 5g with the 3 otos. Although i am definitely jonesin' for some pygmy corys too. The plan for both tanks is to be fairly densely planted, a bit forest-like in rear with some carpeting plants up front as well as a few trimmed stem plants up front and corners. tl;dr i like derpy fish
  15. Hello Co-op Family, I am very interested in setting up a 15 Gallon Cube Betta Tank with Maylasian Driftwood and nothing but different types of Anubias, everything from Nana Petite to a Anubuias Mother pot's. What would be the ideal fertilizers for the anubias thrive. I have read where i believe more Potassium in the water would be beneficial w/ medium to low lights. Any extra info would help. Thank you in advance, Brian (charlotte NC)
  16. Hey y'all, my name is Devin. This is my Betta fish named Bruce and a picture of my planted tank with Bruce, 9 neon tetras, 4 nerite snails, and a slight algae problem😅. Im 16 years old. Any other teens on here? I started keeping fish when I was 14. Any one else start around my age? I'm also looking to meet some fish keepers from NC, let me know where my NC people are at.
  17. I am so glad to have found this forum. 🙂 My name is Ben and I am from a small town on the coast of North Carolina, I have been keeping tanks for most my life, but only really got interested in the hobby back in the 90s. I don't have a fish room or anything, just a few nano tanks ranging from 5 gallons to 35 gallons. I switched over a few years ago to all planted tanks after finding Aquarium Co Op on YouTube. This definitely sparked a new joy for me in the hobby. Professionally I work in plumbing, so nothing to fancy.
  18. I've got a 29 gallon tank that is currently not operational. I'm getting ready to set it up as my first planted tank. I'll be drilling it, adding an overflow and building a custom sump. As for right now I'm still deciding on the substrate and plants. I want to keep it fairly simple and low maintenance. I'm not in a hurry as I'll be constructing the overflow and the sump. Right now I'm focused on finalizing the designs for both of those items.
  19. Hi fellow fish fanatics! My name is Kathy. I'll confess I'm not as die-hard into this hobby as others. I'm happy with just one fish tank and my fake plants lol. But I do love to see others fish tanks and what the pet stores are stocking in theirs. I currently have a 38 gallon Aqueon tank, with Aqueon HOB filter. It's stocked with 16 Tiger Barb's (8 regular, 6 green platinum, and 2 red GloFish) and 3 male platies. My tap water where I live in NC is SUPER soft...and by soft I mean close to zero, if not zero, gH. Ph is in the 6-6.5 range. Im looking to harden the water for the fish I have, OR get different fish entirely that will thrive in my tap water. Thanks for any input, and thank you for sharing your pics!
  20. I keep Apistogramma, Discus, Corydoras, Pygmy Sunfish and Angelfish. My favorite tank is a 500 gallon community tank that has several pairs of Angelfish that breed often. The tank is large enough that the fry are able to grow to adults in the tank. The majority of fish in the tank were born in this aquarium and have never been out of the tank or even netted. My goal is to have a very stable tank that doesn't need me to do any maintenance. Daniel
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