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Hello from Ohio


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Hi everyone, I'm new at aquariums and I am in Columbus, Ohio (newly moved here, too). @laritheloud is my sister-in-law and is primarily the reason we got into aquariums in the first place! Despite loving aquariums, I never thought to try to start my own but hers really inspired me to get into it! I figured I shouldn't constantly ask her about everything, and she highly recommends this forum, and so here I am!

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On 7/29/2021 at 11:20 AM, laritheloud said:

WELCOME! @Krys is the fish mom of a very tiny pea puffer, and I know how many here are fans of those little guys!

YO! I finally joined up, haha. Thanks for always being so helpful! I started feeling a bit guilty bothering you so much, lol

I am really being careful with that pea puffer, it is SO TEENY but I think they've grown over the past week, and has gotten more active - so far so good! We haven't named it, I think we're already so attached to the little guy that we're afraid to name it because we'd be so heartbroken if it doesn't make it through quarantine lmao 

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