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  1. Thank you so much, everyone! I have ordered a bag of crushed coral and media bag from the coop's site and am going to try putting it in the HOB (I think when I set up another tank, I will put it in the substrate. I want a desktop cube nano tank for breeding shrimp for the pea puffer to eat in my studio eventually, that one will rely on it). I think it was good timing too because one of my shrimp is berried and I want to make sure the new baby shrimp develop properly.
  2. Thank you! We have very similar water, then! It is always helpful to have several people confirm especially because aquarium stuff on the internet is overall inconsistent at worse and vague at best, so I get excited when several people agree on something. It is definitely the plants! The quarantine tank's parameters have been completely stable this entire time with no plants or substrate. I thought crushed coral would boost my pH so high it was uninhabitable so I hadn't even considered it. I was also worried about the mystery snail. In the week we've had 'em, he's grown a half-inch of shell! I am very worried since some things say they need 0dkH, but others say they need at least 80ppm! I am... very confused. I would rather be safe than sorry. Plus, the bamboo died with a failed molt. I read that water changes can force a shrimp to molt prematurely, but typically if the water parameters are good for the shrimp, it should be able to molt properly. Husband really wanted a bamboo shrimp, so I would like to get him a new one and keep it alive this time. @quikv6 @tolstoy21 When you put the crushed coral in your HOB, how much do you put in there? And, ah, if the pH climbs higher than desired, could I not just take the filter bag out of the HOB? I would presume that it would get kicked back down when I do a water change. Do you try to keep your water changes smaller to make sure the kH/pH doesn't drop too much? I'm also worried about shocking the tank with a water change and killing everything.
  3. I agree! I am choosing fish that, from my research, can live in my water. The problem is that the pH drops very quickly, and currently I need to do a water change every 3rd day to prevent the pH from dropping. By the end of 7 days, the pH drops by almost a full point, which I thought would kill the fish - or the water change would kill the fish when it is suddenly higher again. Therefore, I am looking to stabilize the pH, really, not.... change anything. Maybe I am lazy, haha, I sort of don't want to need to change the water daily.
  4. This is the mindset pushed by, who I now perceive as, those who are more interested in making money than helping you keep your fish alive. When I was at my "LFS" (which is actually owned by a big box disguised as a LFS with horrifically inflated prices) I asked them for THEIR water parameters (the store) and despite asking several people who work there, even though most of them said they kept fish at home themselves, they repeatedly told me "water parameters don't matter" and even started to shame me for looking up stuff about the fish. "I've been keeping fish for 4 years, I know better than what the internet says, you're just being gullible, are you this dramatic about everything? its not that big of a deal, god." etc. The kicker is this: They have a 48 hour return policy (as in they will give you a new one). When I called after the amano shrimp died within 24 hours, they wanted me to bring in a water sample to prove my water parameters were good, and bring them the dead shrimp. They have 4 1/2 stars on google, but if you go through the very few 1 star reviews, its people saying they never honor their 48hr policy. I am even more determined than ever to get this to work now LOL But I will never purchase anything from them again. I felt like I HAD to because they are the only place locally other than petco and walmart, and I was afraid of shipping fish but I think paying for shipping for healthier fish is going to be worth it plus most places have a DOA policy. I also think they completely lied about their fish being bred in the US. It seemed like one of the guys was really pushing me to believe they buy all the fish states-side, but I know that's literally impossible. Some fish are ONLY wild caught, and some of them are not bred in the US.
  5. I have no idea. All the "information" online as to what individual species need is extremely inconsistent. It's definitely been a pain to try to figure out. I was trying to avoid adding crushed coral / wonder shells / anything that raises pH/gH because it's pretty clear that the water is already densely packed with minerals. I wish the information was more consistent. Perhaps the question should really be how much can the pH fluctuate before it's dangerous for the fish? To maintain the current pH, I have to water change every 3/4 days, and I don't even have fish in it. With fish I feel like I will be doing water changes daily to prevent a pH crash.
  6. We have a 40g planted tank that has been up for a month. Currently, it has 1 mystery snail, 1 amano shrimp, and 4 neocaridina shrimp. We also have a rice sized pea puffer who is in the quarantine tank, since I wanted to dose it for parasites. Puffer is going in his own tank (that has yet to be set up). The water parameters are as follows: pH: 7.5 gH: 300ish? (co op test strip) kH: 40ppm (2.25~dkH) (both coop strip and API kH test) nitrates: 5ppm (might be due to fertilizer) nitrites: 0 ammonia: 0 According to the water company: gH: 289 TDS: 410 pH: 7.8 We have cast iron pipes and get water mostly from surface water and ground water (from what I can research, but Ohio makes it REALLY hard to find information about your specific water source when you live in an apartment). I noticed over the past several weeks, that the pH drops an entire point with nothing in the tank but plants over the course of a week and from my research, it seems all fish but especially inverts are sensitive to pH fluctuations, but many also need higher kH than I have. I read mixed reporting about using baking soda to raise kH (as it is claimed it doesn't raise pH). I attempted to raise the kH of my tank (before adding the shrimp) to 6dkH, but it most certainly rose the pH of my tank to 7.8. I did a 75% water change to get the parameters back to normal. The stock we have has been here for 8 days. From the initial stocking we have lost 1 amano shrimp and a bamboo shrimp. After the 1st amano died, we haven't seen the second, however I haven't had any ammonia spikes so I have chosen to closely monitor the water rather than stress out the shrimp looking for the amano. Should I be concerned about the lack of kH? Is there something I can do to help stabilize my kH and pH without making it higher than it already is? I have been doing water changes every few days because the pH drops. What pH stabilizer would you recommend? To note, the pea puffer in quarantine has no live plants, substrate. etc in order to facilitate cleaning and making sure not to complicate things further (for me, the new fish keeper). This pH flux doesn't happen, nor does the kH deplete quickly. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  7. here is the best picture i got of ‘em in decent lighting. Getting washed out on camera but irl the dark spots are vibrant. With a microscope i can see fins!
  8. YO! I finally joined up, haha. Thanks for always being so helpful! I started feeling a bit guilty bothering you so much, lol I am really being careful with that pea puffer, it is SO TEENY but I think they've grown over the past week, and has gotten more active - so far so good! We haven't named it, I think we're already so attached to the little guy that we're afraid to name it because we'd be so heartbroken if it doesn't make it through quarantine lmao
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new at aquariums and I am in Columbus, Ohio (newly moved here, too). @laritheloud is my sister-in-law and is primarily the reason we got into aquariums in the first place! Despite loving aquariums, I never thought to try to start my own but hers really inspired me to get into it! I figured I shouldn't constantly ask her about everything, and she highly recommends this forum, and so here I am!
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