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Found 11 results

  1. I’m making my first PVC intake and spray bar. What PVC cement is aquarium safe? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all! So I found a used 75g where the price was right (traded for fish & plants), but it needs a reseal and a new cross brace. I’m looking at it as a fun challenge and something new to learn as I always just buy new tanks and this will (hopefully not backfire) as both a basically free tank and a new skill set. So the reseal process looks straight forward enough, but the cross brace is troubling. It looks like it was melted off by a very hot strip light, one side is all melty and the other looks snapped off. I’ve done some preliminary research and found several ideas - ordering a replacement frame (but I’m not sure what brand of tank this is), using a strip of glass siliconed or epoxied to the frame in place of the brace, just slapping a clamp across it, or stripping the top frame completely and eurobracing it. So I guess my question for the collective nerm-mind here is; what do? Please advise 🙂
  3. Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a 100 gallon acrylic tank. It came with 3 drill holes that i want to cover up/patch. Im worry about leaks etc. Any recommendations, tips etc that could be helpful? Would i have to get the same thickness of acrylic to patch it up? TIA
  4. I recently picked up a free 75 gallon (what I would guess is an Aqueon) glass tank from OfferUp. The seller repeatedly dodged questions about whether or not it held water and when I got it home and filled it, I found unfortunately that it leaked. I also saw that the silicone seals had been redone in several places. Being the spiteful lover of free stuff that I am, I'm determined to make this thing usable. I've already scraped out the silicone corners from all the seams and removed the top and bottom frames with the intention of resealing everything. I've noticed that the bottom has separated from one of the sides on the long side, so I would need to figure out some way to reseal that area as well. I'm not expecting it to be my main display tank or even to go anywhere other than my garage but is it worth putting the time in to try to basically completely overhaul this thing or is it a lost cause? Should I just refurbish it a bit and see if I can sell it as a reptile habitat? Does anybody have any experience doing this?
  5. I purchased a 2nd hand aquarium and it wasn't until I arrived home that I realized I was missing roughly half of the bottom trim. My first thought was to order replacement trim but that ended up being roughly the same price as if I was buying a new 29 gallon aquarium. I had some thoughts and I am mainly looking to see if this makes sense or I am doomed to fail. 1) Take the remaining trim I have and cutting it into 4 pieces and centering it on each side and then using styrofoam or another semi-rigid foam around the rest of the base if necessary. 2) Same as above except cutting into 8 pieces aligning them at each corner. 3) Building a new bottom frame out of wood and siliconing it into place Those are my options or I could just go without the original pieces and rest it on a foam pad. I want to do this as cheaply as possible while still having a secure tank.
  6. I am preparing to reseal a 30 Breeder. I am having issues getting the silicone out of the corner. Any tips? 2nd hand looks like revealed once already. Wanted to get all silicone out before I get to cleaning.
  7. Hi folks. I recently purchased a second-hand 55 gallon Oceanic tank. It appears to be in really good shape, with excellent-looking/feeling silicone. The one concern however is a small chip in the glass right on one of the corner edges, about 1/3 down from the top of the tank. I have watched a view videos about chip/crack repair on aquariums, and most use an epoxy or windshield repair kit. However, all of those were not on the corner of a tank, they were on a flat area. There were a couple videos of edge repair. One of them used a concoction of thin super glue and baking soda to create a ‘cement’ that was super hard and strong. The other used two new strips of glass, about 4 inches wide, and siliconed them to the aquarium glass. One of the two pieces overlapped the edge of the tank, and the other butted up to it, just like a tank. All the edges were then siliconed to create a seal. So, do any of the members here have experience with repairing, or attempting to repair a chip on the edge of an aquarium? Was it successful? What works? What does not work?
  8. Hey everyone! Turns out my 6ft tank has a very very small leak in it. So time to reseal! I have used a razor blade to remove all the old silicone and have the new stuff (aquarium safe) ready to go. This is my first time resealing a tank so does anyone have any suggestions? Here are some photos (sorry for the poor quality):
  9. Cleaning my old acrylic tank. Stuff on the inside is coming off well with a microfiber cloth, water, and a gentle touch. On the exterior, twenty year old scotch tape that held my background is proving itself a bear to get off. After googling, I tried some WD40 on the tape near the bottom of the tank - below the substrate level - with some success. And I didn't observe any harm to the acrylic. Removing the tape near the top of the tank has been a slow slog. I tried using my hairdryer and the edge of a credit card - and I imagine that I will get there eventually - but I thought I would ask the community for recommendations. Thanks, Bill
  10. I’m trying to remove hard water deposits from a used 75 gallon tank I’ve tried a magic eraser a scotch bright pad and a plastic ice scraper and tried scrubbing with vinegar and filling the tank and scrubbing and soaking none seem to work good does anybody have any good fish safe removal methods?
  11. My neighbor just now gifted me with a 58 gallon aquarium he has had for 25 years or more. It has lovely woodgrain trim. He said the yellow tape was 'to keep birds from flying in to it'. Recently it started weeping a bit (a small leak). It is not really clear where the leak is. Should I scape away the old silicone, or just slather a generous bead on all the seams? Anyone had success with repairing older aquariums?
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