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Excited for the live stream?


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16 hours ago, Cory said:

You search on the youtube page for aquarium co-op


I thought that was the website. My YouTube does not look like that. The only search on my YouTube searches all of YouTube, hence my frustration. I hate 2020. This is what your YouTube channel looks like to me...


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1 minute ago, Randy said:

Getting work done and catching up on yesterday's stream.

Anyone else watch the livestreams at work?


Man I wish I could watch at work, I am forced to just listen in with my bluetooth ear protection... everyone thinks I'm big on safety. Nah, I just like my fish videos.🤣

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Back in February my job was talking about blocking YouTube on our network. Well since working from home I no longer have to worry about that. Seriously, the Co-Op live streams and @Randy 's interviews have got me through so many long days. #RFT

Thanks guys.

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