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  1. I would rather feed my culls to another fish so their life isn’t “wasted” but... I accidentally started a guppy colony in my flowerhorn tank this way... so. 🤷‍♀️
  2. I received some nodes of Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' in the mail today. Most of the green has melted into soup but the roots look very healthy. Should I let them float for a few weeks before I try planting? Or just go for it now? Any insight or advice is much appreciated! This is the only one with a leaf, the rest are just roots.
  3. I have a fluval aquasky on my bedroom tank. After sunset mode there is a nighttime mode that I schedule for an hour (5% blue light). It’s relaxing, doesn’t interfere with my ability to fall asleep, and since it’s only an hour, no crazy algae problems.
  4. Looking good! Thanks for the ammo case tip. What are the potted plants in there? (I am still new to the world of pond plants 😄)
  5. Wow! I am a little jealous. 😁
  6. My first rhododendron blossom of the year 💜
  7. Hard city water here with lots of calcium and magnesium. No matter what I seem to lose 25-50% of new shrimp during the first molt, but if I manage to get any shrimplets out of the survivors, they are bullet proof. I will echo that the more seasoned a tank is the better they do. Keep that algae and mulm! #STT
  8. Happy earth day 💚🌎💙 Hope I didn’t kill my lens!
  9. If you’re handy, Google “diy water polisher” to find tons of designs for a recirculating gravel vac. Also, do you pinch the hose while you gravel vac to control how fast the water drains? I picked up that tip from the co-op!
  10. - pepper grinder for larger pellets (or mortar and pestle when I need an arm workout lol) - reusable coffee filter for live baby brine - sugar bowl for storing the small wonder shells
  11. Started prep for a mini pond~ Applied a coat of sealant on the unglazed inside of this pot... and got some floating plants together. I hope water can be added to the pot by next weekend. 🙂
  12. You can put a root tab in the rock wool for extra insurance but you should be fine! 🙂
  13. Take internet advice with a grain of salt. 😝
  14. Me when there is breaking news on April 1st that Fluval may no longer be trippin:
  15. Welcome @Fishgirl! You can use those two products together. Equilibrium will add hardness and easy green will add nitrates/macronutrients for your plants.
  16. When I had a dwarf wild type crayfish, I used easy green and it lived to about 1.5 years old, which from what I understand is typical for life expectancy.
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