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  1. 20 gal hi Temp 76.3 pH 7.8 Ammonia 0.15 (Water has ammonia out of the tap) Nitrite 0 Nitrate 40 - 80 (they look the same to me) I do weekly water changes due to nitrates always above 40. Amount of change based on the weekly reading but usually 30 - 40%. I bought my first real plant other than moss balls in February. Last night I saw my panda cory swim along the bottom of the tank and then turn sideways for a little ways. This makes me think he was rubbing his side on the aquarium gravel? Does this mean he "has something" or was he just being frisky? There is no sign of Ick I have plants, snails, shrimp which need to be taken into consideration if suggesting medication. Medications on hand are Fritz Maracyn and ParaCleanse. I've never used them before. I've had my aquarium and fish since 2019.
  2. Normally, the eggs are breakfast food for the other fish in the tank. Also, I hatched several last summer but it was bad timing because I had to travel out of state and I know babies need fed more often. I let them go in the tank, still very small, and never saw them again. What I have now is close to 1/4 of an inch.
  3. I successfully hatched a panda Cory egg in a mesh breeder box. I noticed it alive on February 10th. I’ve been trying to feed it crushed flakes and betta bug bites twice a day. I occasional suck out any uneaten food. How long should I keep it in the breeder box to keep it alive. Probably won’t get eaten but will it be old enough to find enough food at the bottom of the tank. it is in a 20 gal high with 3 panda Corys, 3 amano shrimp, 3 black skirts, and 2 bleeding hearts. Moss balls and fake plants.
  4. Jane

    Ruptured Tumor??

    I dosed the aquarium salt and 1st dose of Kanaplex. After dosing the salt, he became quite agitated as you would expect with an open wound. I was able to get a better picture when he was swimming around more. Now he is hanging near the top so he can breathe from the surface.
  5. Jane

    Ruptured Tumor??

    Temp 76.1 pH 7.6 ammonia 0.25 City water has this amount of ammonia nitrite 0 nitrate 30 I do a weekly water change I need identification and a course of treatment for this. This gourami was one of a pair. As usually happens in my tanks, after a while the weaker Gourami is picked on and dies. The remaining Gourami ends up eating itself to death. I noticed this Gourami was getting fatter and thought that’s what was happening. A day ago I noticed that it was really a bulge on its right side. It had started hanging out at the bottom and resting. Sometimes going to the surface for air. Today I noticed that something either burst out of it or has scraped it on something, but it is opened up. I did my best effort for a emergency tank by getting a 3.5 gallon top fin out of storage, using sponge material from an established tank instead of a cartridge, filled it with seasoned water and added api stress coat. It has an air stone and an old heater that is stuck on 78F. It took me a while to get him out of the community tank. I’m willing to treat him but I’m also concerned about my community tank and if it is contaminated. I have on hand aquarium salt, Kanaplex, General Cure, and Ich-X. What can I do?
  6. Thank you so much. I have a community tank I can put the snail in. And I know I have to remove him if using salt.
  7. Can anyone tell what this is, and how to treat it? It does not look like ich to me. He was fine 2 days ago. Yesterday I was very busy and it was designated fasting day, so he didn’t get much attention. Today I wake up to this. It was hard to get a good photo since he is still very young, small, and quick! His body is the size of the end of my thumb. I’ve only had him 12 days. I thought it was strange that the spots appear to be perfectly spaced out. 3.5 gallon tank with nerite snail Temp 80 pH 7.8 Ammonia & Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5
  8. I had a betta in a 3.5 gal tank. He died this morning, but he had been sick and bloated with fluid for 3 months. I was told it was dropsy. I treated multiple times with Kanaplex, epsom salt baths, and Cory’s aquarium salt treatment over the last three months. My question— How long do I need to wait before getting a new betta. I had done a 30% water change a couple days before the death so 30% of the salt has been removed. I would like to do a 95% water change with a good gravel vac. Put plants and snail back in to clean up the algae and eventually a new fish. The betta was very bloated with liquid but never did pine cone, not even at the end.
  9. Jane

    Treating Dropsy

    I understand what you are saying. But in general, what is your personal opinion about giving epsom salt baths (say, every other day) while also treating the tank with aquarium salt, especially for a betta. Is it overkill, or even dangerous for the fish? And a question for the future, how many 30% water changes before the tank is safe for a snail again? More than 4? You’re the best, Cory. I wish you lived in Ohio.
  10. Jane

    Treating Dropsy

    Treating my betta with dropsy. He has an extended belly on the right side since August 1st. Betta is acting normal but has swelling that you can see through the cavity. Treated with Kanaplex, added salt to aquarium per Cory’s instructional. My questions are: 1. is it safe to give epsom salt baths when also dosing the aquarium with aquarium salt? 2. should I do another round of Kanaplex, treat with API erythromycin instead, or just continue to treat with salt?
  11. I thought that was the website. My YouTube does not look like that. The only search on my YouTube searches all of YouTube, hence my frustration. I hate 2020. This is what your YouTube channel looks like to me...
  12. On the livestream, Cory showed how to search for videos on the website, but I can’t find it. Can anyone give me some hints?
  13. Jane

    Other Pets

    Winnie. Fresh from the groomer.
  14. Thank you, Brandy. He’s still active and flaring at his snail, so I believe he still has some time. It just doesn’t look like the one tumor I have experience with. Thanks again for your time. At least I learned how to do salt baths.😁
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