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Found 7 results

  1. Hey! I have a 10 gallon tank sitting around and after a lot of contemplation I really just want to use the tank to study bugs (fun fact: I am a nerd !!!!!) but I was wondering if there were any pet bugs you would recommend? It will be a vivarium, as I want to keep scuds and possibly semi-aquatic insects (like stoneflies and mayflies), as well as I really wouldn't mind keeping another backswimmer (I had a pet backswimmer for few weeks named Charlie. I loved that critter) or the very similar water boatman. But I don't know much about keeping vivariums or terrariums. My dream pet (once they are legal) are Giant African Land Snails, so this is kinda terrarium practice for if that dream ever comes true - and I also just like bugs! From what I've seen with other builds on YouTube, springtails are a must to prevent bacteria growth, and woodlice / isopods help a lot too. I would include pot worms in my substrate as well. But what are some cool bugs I could keep in this little area? Notes 10 gallon tank (standard 20" x 10" x 12") with mesh top will be a vivarium / riparium, with at least half of it being water will have a fountain for water movement, will not have air stone or filter, can add heater if necessary but not planning on it will be using rainwater to fill the tank - typically the parameters of my rainwater is pH 6.0 - 7.0 gH 0 kH 0 ... I will add minerals to it using crushed coral shells leaf litter etc uhhh yeah if you have any other questions pls ask !!! but thats all I can think of atm :]
  2. Hello everyone my name is Mark and I have been keeping fish for 10 years now and i have never had a parasite problem the other day I did a water change and when I turned my canister filter back on detritus worms rushed out and my fish ate them. How do I fix this problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. So i just finished the 1 week of med trio treatment with just paracleanse and maracyn, can i treat with some hydra killer while i wait the 2 weeks to dose paracleanse again its from buce called aquarium bio protector z-1 formula or would that be too stressful on everyone? 7 forktail rainbow's,1 vampire shrimp,1 bamboo shrimp and 5 amano shrimp
  4. I was servicing my invert tank and found this little sucker. It was free-swimming. I haven't seen any detritus worms in my substrate so I have no idea what this is, I've never had any fish in this setup (the only thing intentionally added were two nerite snails and five crystal red shrimp). I haven't made any major changes ever since I removed my CO2 about a month ago. The balance is a bit out of whack. The last time I've fed this tank was 1 month ago when I added some catappa leaves, there's a lot of biofilm that my shrimp graze on. The tank has a lot of daphnia and seed shrimp and a moderate amount of hydra, this is just the first worm I've seen ever since the rhabdocoela and planaria died out (they went away after the hydra started coming in). I took a photo with my macro lense but it's not great.
  5. Does anyone have an idea they swim on top of water they are freaking my wife out lol i just told her it’s nature
  6. I can't get a good closeup as its on the back glass of my tank, but I also saw a couple of them free swimming. I don't have fish in this tank yet TG but am wondering if the worms will die of starvation without fish/fish food in there, or if I need to treat with panacur. And if so then I guess I need to take my 4 new snails out and quarantine them but have no idea where as I have no more tanks. The worms are small. The pics are 10x mag on my cell. Any help in identifying and eradicating appreciated!
  7. I have a German blue ram tank, I have always kept up on maintenance. However recently my pair hatched eggs. Soon after (within 5 days) tiny thin white worms have appeared all over the glass. It is a live plant tank, I have adequate filtration...I just worry about what to do for the fry and if this is actually detritus type worms that are fine or something worse. They are to small to tell appearance wise.
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