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Is this a detritus worm?


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I was servicing my invert tank and found this little sucker. It was free-swimming. I haven't seen any detritus worms in my substrate so I have no idea what this is, I've never had any fish in this setup (the only thing intentionally added were two nerite snails and five crystal red shrimp). I haven't made any major changes ever since I removed my CO2 about a month ago.

The balance is a bit out of whack. The last time I've fed this tank was 1 month ago when I added some catappa leaves, there's a lot of biofilm that my shrimp graze on. The tank has a lot of daphnia and seed shrimp and a moderate amount of hydra, this is just the first worm I've seen ever since the rhabdocoela and planaria died out (they went away after the hydra started coming in). I took a photo with my macro lense but it's not great.20201123_162914.jpg


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