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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I thought I'd share an incredible species of snail I personally own that is local to the country I currently live in (Israel). Meet Theodoxus jordani, this tiny snail is part of the Neritidae family. It behaves exactly like it's larger cousins, is voracious algae eater, looks amazing, and lays tiny little eggs everywhere. There are two main differences between it and a "regular" Nerite: Firstly, it's tiny! This snail reaches a maximum size of 1 cm but most commonly they reach the size of 0.5 cm. Secondly, they breed in freshwater. They lay tiny singular eggs in the aquarium that hatch after about 30 days depending on the temperature. This is what makes them incredible in my eyes. I have breeding groups of them in 4 out of my 6 aquariums. Breeding behavior Size comparison Horrible macro shot of an egg.
  2. I have so much fun trying to catch pics of fish and critters and thought I would try some face on views. This is Maverick—who is very personable and wants to know “What’s up?”
  3. Hi all, I am a newbie and still cycling my planted tank , (no more ammonia but nitrite still high ) The thing is that I go some algae in the process... with the algae I started to see other creatures appear (hitchhikers form the plants) I am guessing . I see baby snails and I know that these are good , I also see very skinny and long worms, they almost look like white hair until you notice them crawling and eating the algae . I also see tinny little creatures looking like small bugs or fleas ? I know that some worms are and some creatures are good and some can be very bad I going not find on google a worm that looks like the one I have and I want to make sure nothing bad is going on before adding fish after the cycling . I tried to take a picture but these are very small things we are talking about so it blurry Thank you
  4. Hi, I bought some corydoras, snails, and shrimp last night so they're in a quarantine tank with the med trio. The invertebrates came out of tanks with fish and will be going into a tank with fish and snails (though I'm not really attached to the ramshorn's tbh). Should they do the full quarantine with the cities, or can they move sooner after soaking in the meds for a bit? Thanks!
  5. Great information in this paper! I’ve already got a few experiments in the works. http://agrilife.org/fisheries2/files/2013/09/SRAC-Publication-No.-700-Zooplankton-Succession-and-Larval-Fish-Culture-in-Freshwater-Ponds.pdf
  6. Has anyone cared for freshwater mussels and can offer some advice. I did some searching, but didn't find a lot except to hear that if they die, they can pollute a tank quickly. My LFS had them and they were cheap, so I got 1. He said they can live in 80° water, but he said to try one first.
  7. While doing water change one day, I noticed tiny, salt-like dots on the emersed leafs of my giant sword plant. Then I saw them move! I had to bust out the macro lens and do my best to do some close ups, they were ultra-tiny so it was kinda hard even with the macro! After some research and asking around, it seems they are called "Globular springtails". I've been told the are harmless and great fry food! I just think they're really hard to catch by the fry, as they can stand on the water and even jump out of it with their springs (hence springtail). Each water change it's a jumping frenzy now lol. Does anyone have any microfauna too? I just found it fascinating how the ecosistem starts to evolve in such a small space, it truly is like having a tiny piece of nature in your home!
  8. Hi There, Newby here UK based, I'm looking at starting a Daphnia Culture in a 20 gallon tank to eventually feed my Koi and also to go in my Wildlife pond. I've read the excellent article on site but my questions are i'm planning on having it indoors but i also want to have freshwater shrimp in it to also feed my koi and the wildlife pond. Is this possible and if so need a suitable breed of shrimp ( what i can get hold of in the UK) Thank you in advance Tony
  9. Ok I took a sponge filter out of my outside pond to set up a quarantine tank for possible new fish and found little worms with what looks like a claw machine grabber on one end. It's the best description ive got... and the pond has green water so its hard to see but there are multiple to the right of the °C on the old sticker therm. SAFE OR NOT?
  10. Hi all, I am having an issue with my shrimp. I have a 60 gallon, well established aquarium (over a year.) It contains guppies, pencilfish, corys, and cloud minnows. They all seem to be doing OK. For inverts, I have 2 bamboo shrimp, cherry shrimp, and assassin snails. Two weeks ago I had a thriving colony of neocaridinia cherry shrimp. See photo- they were all over the food, they were chowing down on the algae on the back of the tank, feeling happy. Yesterday, I went to scoop some out for a different tank and noticed they were hard to find. Today, my fears were confirmed when I looked in the filter- there's always a few that live in there, but this time it was just carnage, tons of dead cherries. I also noticed that my bamboo shrimp shed yesterday, but it has not opened its fans to eat. Just crawling around, not by the filter as usual. (See before and after pics.) I can't currently find the other one, but there are lots of plants. Only a few cherries alive. I want to say there might even be fewer assassin snails. The cories are also acting strangely. Usually shy and hiding, always on the bottom. They have been very active and sometimes swimming mid-tank, I actually thought it was mating behavior initially, but now I am worried it could be as symptom of something in the tank. Current tank parameters of this morning: ammonia 0, nitrate 0, nitrite 0, pH 7.8. Gh is 12, Kh 7, as of 8/5. No major changes to the tank that I can think of. 3 days ago I got a couple new plants from aquarium co op, I rinsed under water but did not quarantine. And about a week ago I got some mature bio filter out of the HOB for a different tank. None of that really seems like it should change anything. I lowered the temp 3 degrees (from 80 to 77) a few days ago but was careful to do so slowly to avoid shock. I have been dosing Flourish excel daily for the past 2 weeks per directions but will be cutting that out ASAP as sources are telling me it basically kills things. I also dose fluorish twice a week, which the plants gobble up greedily. I am worried perhaps there was a change in the water from the city? Like maybe added copper, since all the inverts are suffering? Unfortunately I don't have a copper test handy. Anyone know what might be going on? Should I turn the heat back up? This was a perfectly healthy, balanced tank just 2 weeks ago. 😕 I also keep magenta mystery snails in a different tank, use the same tap water, and they are all fine.
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