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Found 8 results

  1. Hi ALl, i noticed these super tiny white bugs swimming around in my planted aquarium (there is no fish at the moment) .Does anyone know what they are and whether they are harmful to fish and/or plants? Thanks!
  2. Hello Fellow Fish Enthusiasts, I have a 2+ month cycling 10 gal which I am slowing making a shrimp tank. As of right now, I have only 2 blue velvets in there about a 1/2 inch big. I was doing a water change today and noticed A LOT of little things floating in my water. Then looked at my rock and it was covered in these little guys. Everywhere in the tank basically. Below is picture. Any help in identifying and managing would be greatly appreciated. What I have heard is that they are a positive sign of a well functioning aquatic ecosystem. 🙂 But there are a lot, so I am entertaining the idea of adding some of fish from another tank, to get the population in check. Options are as follows: - Corydoras (possibly my two males that keep over breeding with my female) - Cory fry about 1+ month old. - Male guppies - Rainbows from my nano tank - Golden Mystery Snails
  3. @Cory hey you told me in that last live stream yesterday to post on forum hope these work was the last super chat of the stream white mite like bugs living in tank not appearing to harm fish but fish also want nothing to do with it. Won’t eat them etc what is it what do I do? It’s not letting me upload video but just imagine them wiggling around on glass
  4. Can you help me figure out what they are? There seems to be 2 tiny species, but my eyes won't focus on them. One seems to be a white worm, not even a millimeter long. I found 3, all on the glass. They move very slowly, but I can tell that they curve back and forth. The other is dozens of white specks, barely bigger than flour. I can tell they're more oblong than round. They can swim, and seem to move through the water similarly to the jerky motions of baby brine. Most are on the glass, Though I can tell they move across the glass pretty quickly, I can't see any details about how they're doing it. (In the last few days, I've received plants from 2 places, and snails from another. I assume these critters came on plants.) I've been wanting microfauna, so I'm pretty excited. Can you tell me what they're likely to be? And is there anything I should know to help me keep their populations alive?
  5. Hi again everyone. You all have been extremely helpful to me recently and I have greatly appreciated it. I am having another issue that has started to happen since about last week. I noticed small creatures jumping around in my 2.5 gallon ramshorn snail tank, at first I wasn't sure what they were but I did some research and they look to be copepods. I am concerned because I plan to transfer some snails out of this tank into another and I don't want to transfer the copepods with them. I read that doing frequent water changes can help, which I have been doing for about a week now. About 50% water changes every day and it doesn't seem to control them. Starting to see a few of them getting larger and definitely see the copepod features clearly now. I read on another forum that a UV-C sterilizer could be used, I like this idea but since I'm dealing with such a small tank, the options I see are for very large systems it seems. Does anyone have any recommendation for an external system with small diameter hoses? I figure I can probably pump water through it temporarily for a while until they disappear. Thanks everyone!
  6. I have a Planted shrimp and snail tank that is I think 5 gallons and it has been set up and going for about 2 months now. I have a big “infestation” of copepods, I know they are harmless and are a good thing to have. I was wanting to know what kind of fish can I put in this tank to control the population of these tiny creatures that won’t also eat my adult shrimp.
  7. Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I started to notice this small organism in my 5 gallon. A few days ago, the filter in my 5 gallon went out so I thought it was because of that. I am now noticing the same bug in my 75, 5 and 10 gallon aquariums. The video and photo are from my 10g. All of the aquariums have very low current because they all have bettas. Does anyone know what this is? I was able to get the photo on the the video was too long so the link is below. Thanks! https://cvws.icloud-content.com/B/AYuAAvBTY1spudP8dv0iYKZqmaldAUy0vX2uEekBuAWbAQwwkURU-_cS/IMG_4429.MOV?o=AmMAxOKLVUfMROjeN9T14CGYl6TJ48iXaza1KsYr0PYe&v=1&x=3&a=CAogjPZ3-vMRxuXnJvm399bHIVJLklslN4F6WBS_r4RmcsYSdxDnyNft2y4Y59jSweUuIgEAKggByAD_FJRhG1IEapmpXVoEVPv3EmomuMWk8xSMNOC0LZ8w4dzRUSm2o2fRv7b8BBrJp82CSLbIzO7UBIJyJnUkPGvV2UdogTvpzhZdyNp9SU_mwg6tRottmDsnYvkb4v4DnTF9&e=1607797615&fl=&r=23E95446-05B7-469A-92B8-97AF47026567-1&k=gJbTbfyuJAD3-vocW9IrUg&ckc=com.apple.largeattachment&ckz=E18BF4A4-D707-4442-9A01-14E76C6FDD55&p=11&s=2sCOjHCpge1vBxL_hsb8xZZaEKE&teh=1
  8. Pond water is pretty interesting too. I pulled some water out the little pond that receives my aquarium overflow, fed it a piece of squash and filmed the results this morning. It is its own little world with snails, scuds, seed shrimp and planaria. Aquarium water has about the same mix but I think the scuds wouldn't last long in most tanks as they are pretty tasty! The video is 7 minutes long and moves at a snails pace ☺️(there is some action, at about the 3 minute mark, a scud gets on the snail).
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