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  1. I'm suddenly seeing the little guys everywhere in my snail tank -- on the driftwood, floating through the water ... Is it time to get some fish to eat them? If so, what would be good to add to my heavily planted 5g?
  2. Hello everyone my name is Mark and I have been keeping fish for 10 years now and i have never had a parasite problem the other day I did a water change and when I turned my canister filter back on detritus worms rushed out and my fish ate them. How do I fix this problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi guys, As I was feeding my aquarium this morning, I happened to notice what appeared to be some type of worm. At first I thought that they could be Planaria Worms but Chris and I concluded that they more closely resemble Detritus Worms. From my understanding, proper identification is key, so if someone could confirm that these are in fact Detritus Worms, I'd appreciate it! And under this assumption, it is not a huge problem in an aquarium. I am wondering what your experiences have been with Detritus Worms and whether or not you let them be or tried to eradicate them. Looking forward to reading your responses. Thank you for the help! 😊
  4. So was looking at my tank and just noticed I have a lot of detritus worms. I don’t gravel vac often because my plants and find my parameters are more stable when I don’t do it. This tank have 8 cardinal tetras, 5 panda corys, 3 cherry barbs, and a bunch of shrimp I tossed in the other day to start a colony. This is my first time seeing them. I’ve heard they are fish food for the most part and won’t hurt anything. Will they hurt shrimp?
  5. I am a little grossed out. I have never seen these in my tanks before. Saw several while rearranging some plants and doing a water change. Hopefully some of you wiser Nerms can help me out. P.S. Sorry for back ground noise. Was watching a movie and doing water change.
  6. I have a 20 gallon and ever so often I see detritus worms while gravel vacuuming. I just got my tank fully cycled. I think they came with some plants that also had snails. I want to get rid of them completely. Help?
  7. Are these worms? There seem to be hundreds of them on the glass. They are 2mm or less in length. White in color. Thanks for your help.
  8. I have a 10 gallon tank that I have been preparing for a little while now to eventually put pea puffers in. Right now it is basically a bladder snail breeding tank because I have hundreds of tiny baby snails in there. In staring so closely at all of my little snails, I have noticed there are other things hanging out in the tank. There are some tiny worm things, at best only a few mm long, that are on the walls of my tank. I think I have also spotted what I learned online is a hydra. I have only seen one of those but I am sure there are more. 1. What are these things? 2. Are they dangerous to my future fish? I assume they hitched a ride in on the plants I put in there because the only other objects in the tank is driftwood and rocks and those were boiled before setting foot in my tank.
  9. Hi everyone, I've recently become very fascinated wuth detritus worms and want to learn more about them and their life cycle. Yesterday I put a manzanita branch into my betta tank. Today I noticed a couple of detritus worms on it and thought nothing of it, because why would I? But then I realized... these have to be new detritus worms and thus must have just built their casings... or maybe they are still building them! I looked, and sure enough they were wiggling around, appearing to grab...detritus... and it looked like they were pulling it back or maybe eating it. I took a short timelapse that just shows a couple of them wiggling around on the branch and uploaded it here if you'd like to watch it.
  10. So I miss identified these guys as parasites, and the lovely community here has helped me identify them as helpful things and that I want to keep. so now the question begs how do I keep these things, are there certain things I should be doing or should I just leave it alone and let it do its thing
  11. this was my community 10gal of assorted guppy/ albino corridora's/American Glass shrimp and a couple nitrite snails and a pleco that started my multiple tank syndrome Edit 2 I don't test my water so I couldn't tell you what it is but it's Southern Illinois so just stupid hard water is all I know but I use natural regulator seven as my water conditioner so idk and they just got done with a set of API fungus, bacterial and parasite meds and salt. Edit 3 Okay y'all after much research and consulting, sadly this is a failed general cure run that has resulted in the contamination of my tanks Live and learn I guess. Edit 4 ,so with more research and the helpful people here I guess I've done a terrible identification and overreacted taking down most of my tanks, and I have to agree with the people here, it's Cyclops and deterias worms so in the name of discussion, what is the best thing have y'all used to treat parasites.
  12. https://kapwi.ng/c/oC12JeWa Hey guys! I have about a two month old shrimp tank and have been noticing these little guys on the glass. There seems to be at least two different kinds. Any idea what they are? Can they be harmful to shrimp or fish? Do I need to eradicate them? Thanks! (sorry about the background noise and my finger in the video)
  13. I see today worms..tiny ones...they dont appear to have that head shape planaria does...slithering across the glass on my tank. Seemingly only the front pane. Maybe they like sunlight There was also some white growth on my hornwort that i have removed one already and it came back in the same spot and i removed it again..i thought maybe it was some fungus or algae. It sort of grows in a ring. But made its related to the worms. Anyone have any ideas. I have 2 different types of anubias, hornwort, and elodea. I have recently noticed baby snails. One betta. Feed dry foods. I may need to replace some of my filter media...could they have come from old slimy media? Help me.
  14. Anyone know what these are, if they are dangerous to my shrimp and or plants, and how to get rid of them. They're way smaller than any detritus worms I've had in the past and seem to stick close together almost in a cloud, but it could just be that they are staying in a low flow area. I sucked as many as I could out during a water change a few days ago and now you can't even tell I did.
  15. I'm not sure if I am looking at a bunch of happy detritus worms, or something more sinister... This tank is shrimp, snails and plants only. Planning on adding 4 Endlers that are being shipped this week.
  16. Any ideas on what the white floating stuff is? It first showed up when quarantining some sterbai and a butterfly loach and treating with paracleanse. It’s in my 5 gallon quarantine tank with a sponge filter. Have used paracleanse before an have never seen this.
  17. Please help!!!! I noticed some worms in flowerhorn fish tank . He has been sick , some slimy transperent have been coming out of its mouth or body I couldn't figure it out and now I saw this worm crawling ...can someone tell me what is this worm and how can I fix this ??
  18. UPDATE - ok guys. I’m ok. After burying myself in all thing aquarium worms online - these do appear to be detritus. Would really really love a second opinion though! Hopefully you can access my video link to see them in action. What are these? Please help! I’ve got some very expensive fish in this tank. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MrMcvpB_QSKzd-cIs3CT7JKGF3J2pbA-/view?usp=drivesdk These are stringy little white worms. They move fast and kind of inch around. There are all kinds of critters suddenly crawling all over my glass. OMG, and now I’ve just seen something white dart across my eyes inside the water. Like something swimming and not a worm 😭
  19. I have a 29 gallon freshwater cichlids tank and I noticed these tiny white worms in my tank right after I did a water change. What are they? And how do I get rid of them?
  20. Hi all, I am a newbie and still cycling my planted tank , (no more ammonia but nitrite still high ) The thing is that I go some algae in the process... with the algae I started to see other creatures appear (hitchhikers form the plants) I am guessing . I see baby snails and I know that these are good , I also see very skinny and long worms, they almost look like white hair until you notice them crawling and eating the algae . I also see tinny little creatures looking like small bugs or fleas ? I know that some worms are and some creatures are good and some can be very bad I going not find on google a worm that looks like the one I have and I want to make sure nothing bad is going on before adding fish after the cycling . I tried to take a picture but these are very small things we are talking about so it blurry Thank you
  21. Wondering if anyone knows what this is? It’s caught around a few of my low plants- just noticed it today. Looks kinda like a string of pearls but brown. I’ve never seen or heard about anything like it. is it just detritus or some kind of algae or worm? Mystery snail poop? i am also noticing planeria for the first time today on the glass - still tiny - but could it be related? I’ve been trying to gravel vac and will do more but it’s a PITA bc I have some plants not firmly rooted yet that get dislodged and the fluval stratum tends to get stuck in the hose. There’s various snails in there (rams horn, bladder,2 mystery, and maybe a tiny MTS or two) they don’t look like any snail egg clutches I’ve ever seen. tank was set up just under 3 mos ago, mostly empty other than the snails and plants. I just added 3 endlers on Sunday night (4 days) ago including one clearly pregnant female so I’ve been feeding a lot more than has ever gone into the system. I also started CO2 three days ago (at very low levels to begin with and gradually moving up). I did a small water change on day 2 after adding the endlers (maybe a little more than 10%) and will do a 20% and try to gravel vac this weekend Temp is 72, ammonia and nitrites 0, nitrate about 10-20, ph is about 7.2 but fluctuates. It’s a 16 gal tank.
  22. Hi - I have a 2 gallon planted tank, under-gravel filter with no fish. I had a few lamb-chop tetras that I removed to another tank about 3-4 weeks ago. Today, I added some tap water and saw these little worm-like things swimming in the water. There are really a lot of them but you can't really tell by the picture. Can anyone tell me what it is? I have the same plants in my 10 gallon with about 13 fish and I don't see these worms in that tank. I appreciate any help with this identification!
  23. i noticed these little tiny white string like worms in my clay substrate, are they something i should worry about or are they good for the tank?
  24. I was servicing my invert tank and found this little sucker. It was free-swimming. I haven't seen any detritus worms in my substrate so I have no idea what this is, I've never had any fish in this setup (the only thing intentionally added were two nerite snails and five crystal red shrimp). I haven't made any major changes ever since I removed my CO2 about a month ago. The balance is a bit out of whack. The last time I've fed this tank was 1 month ago when I added some catappa leaves, there's a lot of biofilm that my shrimp graze on. The tank has a lot of daphnia and seed shrimp and a moderate amount of hydra, this is just the first worm I've seen ever since the rhabdocoela and planaria died out (they went away after the hydra started coming in). I took a photo with my macro lense but it's not great.
  25. i noticed the following while layer on my aquarium substrate. its a new aquarium. is it an algae? any recommendations to get rid of them
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