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  1. I just noticed I have some Hydra in my shrimp/snail tank! Looking for advice... the tank is only about a month old, heavily planted, cycled early with some pre-cycled media.. Parameters are pretty stable: PH=6.5 NH4=0 NO2=0 NO3=15 GH=6 KH=3 TDS=205I I also have 6 little fish fry that hitchhiked in on my plants... and ive been feeding them very finely ground flake,,, i feed the shrimp Hikari Crab Cuisine... just a couple pellets per day... whatever they dont eat... my adult Mystery snail grabs quickly.. I have 5 nice Crystal reds... and about 6 or 7 Cherrys.... all of whom seem well...
  2. Hello everyone. Does anyone know what these little guys are that are growing on my Java Fern? They look like little stick figures brownish in color.
  3. Hello everybody! I have a fairly new 10 gallon planted tank. It’s cycled, but at the moment only has a pleco, a nerite snail, and a tiny amino shrimp. Last week I saw two tiny hydras in the tank -- I scooped them out, and today saw two more, one of which was fairly large. Any suggestions on how to stop the hydras before they get too far? My ultimate goal is to get a betta, but I’ve been holding off on adding anything new because we’re moving in about a week.
  4. Can anyone identify what this is and if I need to get rid of it?
  5. Have a five gallon that houses four mystery snails, four amino shrimp, a bunch of ramshorns and some pond snails. Located some hydra in the tank and want to get rid of it. Watched utube videos that suggest fenbendozole to get rid of it. Is it shrimp safe and has anyone delt with it before? Would love to hear about it. Thanks
  6. Situation: 55 gallon. Lightly planted. 1 angelfish. 3 species of snails (MTS, ramshorn, bladder). 8 days ago, the water was suddenly cloudy. Parameters: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10-30. I kept feeding the angel, but stopped feeding the snails. 4 days ago, the water was still cloudy, so I also stopped feeding the angel. This morning, I woke up to clear water... and the first hydra and hair algae I've ever seen. Most of the plants were purchased just days to weeks before the cloudiness started. I assume the hydra and hair algae rode in on them. I've read/watched the links below, but still have questions. The main thing I don't understand is what the hydra is eating. I've never put live foods in the tank, and hadn't fed the tank at all for 4 days before finding the hydra. How is it even alive? I think I'll be able to ditch the hair algae by figuring out how to balance my light and ferts for the plants. Right? If you have suggestions for animals to eat hydra or hair algae, I'm game to research them. (Take into account that the angel is more aggressive than most.) Thanks for any ideas or insights. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/hydra https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/aquarium-algae
  7. I have a five gallon pea puffer tank with two nerite snails that's decently planted. I ordered some floating plants off the internet and gave them a thorough salt bath but I suppose it was not enough given the infestation of hydra and planaria in my aquarium. I don't want to nuke the aquarium and start over because I really like the plants that have grown in it. So for now, my current idea is to use No Planaria in the aquarium with my two nerite snails removed in a bowl and just leaving my pea puffer in the aquarium for the duration of the treatment. Is this the best idea, and do you all have any other suggestions? Thank you! P.S. what are the chances of hydra and planaria hitch hiking back into my aquarium on my nerite snails, and how can I prevent this?
  8. Hello all. This is my first time on here and have some questions that some of you may be able to help with. I have been in the hobby for 30+ years. I had never seen a hydra in person until now. I recently purchased the ziss brine shrimp hatchery, salt and eggs from the Co-op. I hatched by first batch a couple days ago. I had never gone with live brine shrimp before but thought I would give it a try. Everything seemed to go great. However, 24 hours later I found these little green things all over my tank! On closer inspection they are indeed hydra. So I wiped down what I could to try to physically remove as much as I could. I know damaged hydra can multiply into more. I already had a second batch of shrimp eggs percolating. And went ahead and added them. Another 24 hours later and my tank is covered even more with hydra. The only addition to my tanks in Months has been the introduction of the brine shrimp. And since this is my first time seeing them in over 30 years in the hobby I find it too much of a coincidence! Has anyone else noticed this? Do hydra naturally hitchhike in with brine shrimp eggs?
  9. Disclaimer: All of this is due to my incompetence, so no, hydra didn't come to my house and rob me. So I had a little 10g tank that had some plants in it (the main one I'll be talking about is some parrots feather I got. Now, I cannot confirm nor deny this was actual parrots feather, because there are so many species that look like parrots feather and hornwort and...ugh its making my head hurt. But anyways, I had a little HOB and a sponge filter in front of the HOB, catching the flow on the way out. The parrots feather was catching the bubbles and the flow between both the filters. It was a kinda new tank (not really though, the bacteria wasn't at least), and it started growing some kind of algae on the very fine leaves of that plant. I hear a lot algae is not necessarily bad unless its killing the plants, and I thought the couple of cherry shrimp I was planning to keep would benefit off of it, and I would just leave it there. Big mistake. Fast forward 2 or 3 months and it was a a lot thicker and small and black, just coating the plants. But I was still in denial. I forgot to mention, the algae was some staghorn algae. But I didn't know at the time. With the tons of pond snails I had, they were creating a ton of molm and poop in the giant pea gravel I had (that I recently covered up because I couldn't plant any plants in it), and from that there were a bunch of small cyclops and copepods, and Im assuming from that, there were a bunch of hydra. About 2 months ago I finally gave in and looked into what it was. I read that it can be treated with Seachem Excel or increasing flow and it was from a lack of CO2. I also heard it can kill Val and Anarchis, both of what I had. I figured I'd do a plant dip, and took out all my regular baby tears, which was barely growing in sand, and parrots feather. It didn't really do much but turn white/gray on me and I decided to cut everything off, and now the Baby Tears just stands out more. From there I watched and learned about balancing your tank (probably the video from Girl Talks Fish was the most concise but anyways..). I just added some plants, covered the gravel and heavily gravel vaccumed (not that much actually, and a lot was in my HOB, which is a Tetra Whisper 40 literally filled to the brim with sponge. Literally. It died down a little and now theres only a wall or 2 covered in it, but I assume theres still a lot in the algae- some I still have in my java fern or whatever else plants. I wanted to add some fish live livebearers (I was already planning to add some platies) but then I figured that since it was a 10 gal, the platies would not let the shrimp at least make a baby or 2. So I figured I would put some shrimp first before the platies. But then I remembered the hydra and it was back to square one. Anything I should do? Also, anyone have experience battling Staghorn Algae and it turning really short and thick, but stringy enough to not look like BBA? Honestly I just want to cut off all of the affected plants, add some new plants and forget about it.
  10. Has anyone have experience with gourami's wiping out hydra?
  11. So my lucky lucky pea puffers have been feasting on daily baby brine and constantly available snails. I noticed some cute little hydra a week or two ago, and thought, "oh, cool, new puffer snax" but now things are starting to get out of hand: I am a little floored that my adorable little predators haven't fallen on these sessile beasties with relish. But no. So now...Suggestions? Step one, stop feeding brine daily...I know...but if there was an excuse to get a new fish... Does anyone think they will get around to tackling this or should I put a guppy or two in there to clean it up? Other options? It is a small tank, so it would need to be a pretty small fish, that is still big enough for 3 (lazy) puffers to ignore.
  12. First of all, let me repeat: WHAT IS THIS??? There is this anemone-shaped mold growing on my two-day old Xtreme betta pellet. Its this white translucent 1 cm anemone thingy. I freaked out so I took it out with tweezers right away, The weird mold is in a freshwater tank, so it can't be real anemone, right?? And it just freaks me out and I'm really stressed about it now... can someone help me??
  13. I found hydra today in my 5 gallon Neo tank. Other inhabitants are snails and Thai Micro Crabs (which I wouldn't be able to find/catch if my life depended on it), so I am not willing to use no planaria, fenbendazole, etc. Have any of you had success with using 3% hydrogen peroxide? I am not sure that I would want to add a small fish, because I fear it would eat the baby shrimp. I had 4 zebra danio fry that I just moved into my 10 gallon, because they started acting like sharks when I fed the shrimp...
  14. In my red cherry shrimp tank, I saw little tiny dot with white single string coming off of it. It does not have upside down umbrella shape to it nor thick stem like thing onto the dot. Is this going to be Hydra;something to worry about? I watched video Cory did here But the one I saw is not like that green nor the shape. I tried to take video but cellphone camera is not good enough.If you see white dot with single white hair coming off of it and move with current and dot stays on the front grass, is it baby hydra?? If you got Hydra,are they easy to spot with naked eye? I saw the dots when I was checking aquarium with zoomed up video mode.With naked eye, it is bit hard to spot. I let my husband watch the video and the video I took but he said he did not see anything on the grass... @Cory,what tool did you use for the video above to record? If anything you could recommend to take good,better aquarium picture of video,I will be appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Please help I have green an white hydra in my shrimp tank that has 2 neon tetras an 1 glow light tetra pond snails ramshorn snails an 2 mystery snails. I have no idea how to get rid of them I have lots of baby shrimp. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. I have a hydra outbreak in an angel fry tank. What is the best solution but wont harm my fry?
  17. I know badis are a micro predator. I have snails and shrimp in my tank so I don’t want to use chemicals to get rid of the hydra. And I’ve always wanted to get badis for this tank. So my question is will they eat the hydra? I know they will pick off shrimplets as well and I’m okay with that. Keeps the population manageable. Thank you all.
  18. I watched Cory's cool hydra video and thought to myself, "Huh...a creature that if you break it in half it grows into two wholes? I'd love to see some of those!" As if the Aquarium Gods heard me, within a couple of days I noticed hydra in my tank, on the glass near my filter intake. The tank is cycled and has been running for almost two months. Heavily planted, contains nothing but hitchhiker snails. I don't put any food in the tank at all. So what are the hydra eating?! I did experience a bacteria bloom after I added plants and re-scaped the tank on Jan. 8th (cleaned a lot of debris from substrate and snail poo from broad-leaved plants, probably replaced about 90% of the water). Are the hydra feasting on excess bacteria? Not asking how to eradicate them...just curious what they are eating since in most posts folks are actively feeding their tanks micro live foods.
  19. I have discovered enough Hydra in my tank, enough to become concerned, what do I do to get rid of them?
  20. Help with hydra? I have a 35 gallon tank with 2 angelfish , live plants and a Chinese algae eater. Noticed a few hydra today. Any recommendations on fish added to my aquarium that may eat the hydra or is chemicals the only route? Since I am not breeding them is it really a big concern? Newbie here 😐
  21. Hi there I was wondering how bad and how hard an infection of hydra can be to get rid of ... I have a 40g planted tank with about 35g of water, I have mystery snails, rabbit, and nerite snails, and I’m trying to grow out a about 30-40 ghost shrimp.. I’ve done some research saying use chemical in a tank but most will kill the snail and shrimp, I tried putting guppies in about 12 to see if it would help, I just don’t know anything about Hydra. Can someone help?
  22. Brought home some blue velvet shrimp and tiger snails. Within a week I’ve got pond snails, hydra, copepods and seed shrimp. It’s a new 14.5 gallon aquarium that I cycled for 6 weeks. Lots of plants, spiderwood and dragon stone. Water parameters were normal. Suddenly I’ve got lots of hair algae as well... What to do? I feel like starting over is an option? Should I remove plants and treat with peroxide and replant in a bleached tank? Ugh. Not sure how to salvage with so many pests.
  23. So i just finished the 1 week of med trio treatment with just paracleanse and maracyn, can i treat with some hydra killer while i wait the 2 weeks to dose paracleanse again its from buce called aquarium bio protector z-1 formula or would that be too stressful on everyone? 7 forktail rainbow's,1 vampire shrimp,1 bamboo shrimp and 5 amano shrimp
  24. So i only bought the paracleanse and maracyn medications, i have the ich x arriving in a few days so im only treating my 40 gallon community tank with those two under aquarium co-op instructions for the whole trio, minus ich x obviously. I have a hyrda issue but i believe the paracleanse or maracyn are killing them off as the water is getting cloudy??! If so should i do a water change and re-dose according to the water taken out or wait the full treatment week to do the water change according to med trio instructions? Also according to aquarium co op instructions it says treat once then let the fish soak in it for one week to then do a 25% water change, wait 2 weeks and then dose again the 4th week? Do i put in carbon for those 2 weeks or wait till after the 2nd round of treatment
  25. I can't get a good closeup as its on the back glass of my tank, but I also saw a couple of them free swimming. I don't have fish in this tank yet TG but am wondering if the worms will die of starvation without fish/fish food in there, or if I need to treat with panacur. And if so then I guess I need to take my 4 new snails out and quarantine them but have no idea where as I have no more tanks. The worms are small. The pics are 10x mag on my cell. Any help in identifying and eradicating appreciated!
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