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  1. Suggestions for eggs source? Carolina biological supply?
  2. The guppy grass was in with the platinum rice fish at AC. The size about right for a rice fish that is a couple days old.
  3. This little guy appeared in the tank today when I was doing a water change. The tank only has ever had three boys in it. I think he was a hitchhiker on a tiny sprig of guppy grass as an egg (When I picked up his three dads from aquarium co-op). So long and thanks for the free fish.
  4. Are you using Methylene blue in your hatch out?
  5. Anyone in Washington state have a small starter culture of daphnia? I am looking to start a culture. I can travel from Seattle to Mount Vernon for it.
  6. Don’t mess around with kids and water. Take every precaution. There is a reason buckets have the image of a baby falling in them.
  7. Here is a more typical example. The short ones seem about 75% the length
  8. Reduce light or number of hours light is on? Near a window? Water change? Or add plants to compete for the nutrients? Add daphnia? To eat the GW Green water is usually a product of Light + nutrients + algae. Reduce or remove one offending variable... or attack them all! my 2 cents
  9. Preface: These two platinum medaka are not from Aquarium Co-Op. Are they culls... or short bodied medaka? One has a bent spine... but the other is just short. Of the 10 that arrived... 3 were short. Thoughts / opinions?
  10. At what age could your medaka start to take down / eat a baby brine? Mine appeared a couple days ago... but seem to small yet. ...significantly smaller than a newborn guppy. Anyone with experience feel free to respond. Regarding selling them... it seems that fat healthy ones start producing eggs at about .75 inches. (My blue eyed pearl medaka did). I sure it will be up to your buyer. Once you can sex them, I would think most would be game. ...Depending on their stock levels. Some of the thin yellow/golds that I picked up at over an inch but thin... and I haven’t seen eggs on them yet. if you are shipping them... at about a half inch then seem to travel ok.
  11. Howdy I am Washington born and raised Getting back in the hobby again. Found the store through the youtube Channel. Found the forum through the store. My mom had a fish tank when I was a real little kid. I still remember when the guppies where born. I had my own tank by fourteen or so and salt tanks by 19. Since then, I seem to get into it for a few years and trim back to a single tank.... then get back into it again. Good to be back in the hobby again. looking forward to catching up on new stuff. Take care everyone
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