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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, so I am wondering the grow time for mystery snails. I have two big ones, but I received them when they were already big. Is it the feeding regimen? Or is it something else?
  2. Have any of you seen your Cryptocoryne Tropica growing so vertically, reaching up to the light like this. Does this mean that there is not enough light or too much light, or something else? Is this normal growth? I always see other photos or videos with Cryptocoryne plants and they all look more flat. And comments on this would be appreciated.
  3. How fast do Orandas normally grow? When could one expect them to start coloring up? Thanks!
  4. All I managed in that time was one tiny 10% water change. I did not expect this success but wow. I can thank the Co-op for the plants, root tabs, easy green, & expertise. I'm feeling blessed today! See all the growth
  5. I got some medaka ricefish in September and they started breeding like crazy after just a few weeks. By my estimation, the oldest fry I have right now are about 3-4 months, and I am anxious to sell them to my LFS. However, they are only about 0.75", which seems a little on the small side for selling. I have been feeding a variety of high protein foods such as live baby brine, frozen brine shrimp, Xtreme krill flakes, and rotating in a smattering of Xtreme nano and bug bites for variety (I have a fish food problem lol) Mainly I am wondering if others find this to be a normal growth rate or if there is something I could do to (safely) ramp things up? I know that guppies can appear "chesty" if you push it too much, and I wasn't sure if I might see a similar issue here. I see that a few stray fry in my heated tanks (80*F) are bigger than in my fry growout (69*F). Do you guys think I should add a heater? Could overcrowding be an issue? (I am happy with the water quality, but it is quite overcrowded... I'd rather not admit to a number 😅) Just looking for some input from others. Thanks!
  6. I was wondering, how fast does Java Moss grow when floating? Under the right conditions can it be consiered a weed?
  7. Hi all! My planted tank is about 6 weeks old now and everything is going well overall. All the plants are producing new shoots/leaves however the cryptocoryne lutea has been somewhat of an enigma. Each time it produces a stem, over the next few days, a different stem will yellow and die off. At this point, I'm 99% certain all of the original leaves have already melted away, so I'm dealing with all new, post-planting stems. All of the other plants are thriving, so I don't think I have a mineral deficiency. I also have a crypto wendtii green, which is having no problems. Maybe this species needs more root tab than the other? I've included a handy-dandy photo! Yeah, I have too much time on my hands... Thanks in advance all!
  8. I got a single jungle val from aquarium co op 1 month and 3 weeks ago.During this time it has grown new leaves and sent out 4 shoots with plants about 2 cm each.i have seen significant growth but not the tallness of a val.i use root tabs and liquid ferts.i dont know if its the lighting or what.
  9. I planted vallisneria from Aquarium Co-op on Thanksgiving into some Eco-Complete, and today at the end of January it's still only 2 inches tall. Is that normal?
  10. So I got some Bacopa and they were tiny baby plants. I got them planted and every thing looks fine but its been two weeks and I haven't seen any growth. How long does it take to grow to full size?
  11. bought a little less then an inch bristle nose and she has defently doubled in size in the past month and she has defently bulked up
  12. I’ve heard that it’s very important to do water changes every day when growing out betta fry, is there a reason for this other than keeping nitrates super low? I have a 10 gallon with several betta fry in it, and it is HEAVILY planted (I haven’t done a water change in months and my nitrates are always at 0). I feel like my fry are very small for being around a month old and unsure of the cause.
  13. Hello. I have had my red tail shark for roughly 10 months now. I got him at about 1.5inches and he’s probably only grown up to 1.8-2inches. I know he’s meant to be a lot bigger by now and I’m pretty sure the issue is that at feeding time he doesn’t get to eat much because he’s focused on chasing the tiger barbs. does anyone know how I can make sure my red tail shark gets more to eat? he’s very active and has no issues besides the growth. He eats every day but just very little. Any advice and shared experiences would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I started this tank July 14, 2020. Check out how it fills in. If you have a series like this, put it here, I would love to see it! 7/14/20 7/16/2020 7/18/2020 8/12/2020 10/17/2020 Today, 11/28/2020
  15. Hey! I have a question about my fish not growing. So basically I have a 75 gallon with multiple fish . The 2 plecos have grown a lot but my angelfish and parrot fish haven’t really grown and I’ve had them for 6+ months does anyone have an idea to why this is?
  16. Hey guys! I have several fish in my 75 gallon angelfish, parrotfish (1), penguin tetras, cories ,pleco, harlequin rasbora. basically the parrotfish and angelfish haven’t really grown since I got them and it’s been around 5-7 months. Does anyone know why they aren’t growing?
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