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Found 8 results

  1. My pond has ricefish and white clouds. I recently found a bunch of fry, but don't really know which fish they're from though I suspect its the white clouds since the ricefish have had a rough start in the tub pond. The fry are all the size of mature mosquito larvae right now but some of them are surface dwelling and whiter and some are swimming lower and darker, though the dark ones do come to the surface sometimes. Do youall think this is an age difference thing or do I have both species of fry? I didn't manage to photograph any of the darker fry since they're deeper and dark on a dark background.
  2. Huge surprise!! So fun to find this little one
  3. This little guy appeared in the tank today when I was doing a water change. The tank only has ever had three boys in it. I think he was a hitchhiker on a tiny sprig of guppy grass as an egg (When I picked up his three dads from aquarium co-op). So long and thanks for the free fish.
  4. After growing out a small batch of Odessa Barbs I acquired from Select Aquatics over the summer, I finally attempted to breed them this week. Two days after pulling the adults, I'm finally seeing fry! Not sure how many will be in this batch total (three? three hundred?). Time will tell. Right now there at the teeny-tiny, glass-hugging, sliver stage. Almost impossible to focus on with my phone, or aging eyes! I'm currently feeding them a diet of micro-worms, vinegar eels (alas, don't really have enough of these right now), and Sera Micron. If anyone wants specifics on the breeding setup, go to Greg Sage's YouTube channel. I'm replicating his most current set-up note-for-note. His great video series will get all the credit for any success I achieve (I'll gladly own any failures). I'll keep this thread updated with any trials or tribulations (and hopefully successes), just in case anyone else is interested in Odessas.
  5. I think it might be a Cory cat or Otto. But I wasn’t breeding and I found it in my hob filter. One Otto looks giant and sever Cory cats laid eggs in our 40 gallon breeder.
  6. I upgraded my platy tank from a 10 to a 20 and got a bunch of fry. There are 30 - 35 by my count, but it's hard to tell because they keep moving. These are currently in a breeder box.
  7. So, pulled half a dozen Emerald Killifish eggs from a mop awhile ago. Put a Cherry Shrimp in to ”nurse” the eggs — keep fungus down, and eat infertile eggs. It appeared only one egg hatched. Just changing out water in container... and woah! There’s two!!
  8. These fry are much smaller than my normal guppy fry and they also are blue and seem to have allot of shimmer. I've only ever had guppies in my tank, it could've come in on a pregnant females but doesn't look like my other fry? Thoughts?
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