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  1. The most important thing with them is a good quarantine and preemptive treatment. I have never seen another species of fish as prone to ich and bacterial infections as they are. If you get them to live they are super chill and you just want to avoid any fish that are too boisterous and very agressive eaters that might steal all the puffers food
  2. Yea crypts can be temperamental like that, Sometimes you move a crypt to a different spot in the same tank and they melt. sometimes it gets shipped cross country into a all sand substrate and doesn't melt at all like when I bought my pink flamingo lol
  3. Congratulations on the new home and fish room! I too have been blessed with a wife that is into the hobby 🙂
  4. I'd like to take a moment to nerd out that this thread was briefly shown on a live stream today. I'll try hard to make it a thread worth following 🤣
  5. Phase 1 of the fish room is nearing completion! My original rack from my last fishroom built around 7 years ago is 3 tanks away from being filled again. The beast holds 16 20 long tanks and 8 29 gallons. Once it's done I'll get a picture of it assuming I can stand far enough back to get it all in one shot lol In the mean time here is another one of my "only makes sense if you are selling whole sale™" projects, snow white "parrots" aka short body white convicts 🤣 I am glad I get to play with them though I love their personality. Shown here is momma quickly grabbing her babies to get them away from the big scary phone hovering menacingly along the front glass!
  6. Just today I also acquired a group of juvenile L183 starlight bushynose/white seam plecos. They are beautiful 😍
  7. So one way you'll approach breeding for profit differently when you are selling direct to wholesale is there is now no such thing as a fish that can breed too prolifically when your customer is selling nation wide and even internationally. With that in mind angelfish will be a nice reliable income stream and to that end one of my first investments was 5 Green Avatar Turkey Smokey angels. of the 4 that made it through QT I have yet to get a pair but I'm hopeful for at least one here soon.
  8. Hey fish nerds, I wanted to start a informal journal to chronicle my fish room I think my situation might be interesting enough to follow for any aspiring breeding for profit fishrooms out there, and its always helpful to have other inputs on future decisions I make for the room. Without writing out a whole autobiography here basically between me and my wife, we have a combined 16 years and counting in the fish industry. I worked in aquarium maintenance and for a fish store here in Tampa. I met my wife at said fish store where she was in charge of the freshwater department for the majority of the time we were there. She now works for a local fish wholesaler. So long story short I'm a stay at home dad these days so as of 2 months ago I dusted off my collection of tanks and re set up the fish room in my garage. If I'm going to be home all day I may as well breed some fish for profit! I've already had a deal worked out with the buyer at the local fish wholesaler to buy anything I make (freight costs a fortune these days so wholesalers much like fish stores would rather have local sourced fish) So since I'm approaching breeding for profit form a different angle than a lot of fishrooms you'll see and because I'm in Florida I can, and plan to, expand into a partial outdoor fishroom I hope this will be interesting enough to follow!
  9. Looks like you have a future aquascaper on your hands! Between my 6 and 2 year old I haven't had to deal with any unwanted stuff in the tanks....yet. Glad the livestock made it!
  10. Yep, welcome to the literal only downside of outdoor fishkeeping. those darn visitors. Racoons are particularly annoying because they can get pretty smart and are dexterous, if those poly lids you make are loose fitting they will probably figure it out might want to devise some kind of locking mechanism. a motion security light might keep them away for a while too
  11. Considering its both shrimp and snails declining that narrows it down quite a bit. For both to be effected it has to be food or water quality assuming you don't have any predators in there. If the tank has been successful for 20 months Ill assume that the test results are typical? Personally id want to see the water a bit hard and higher PH but if they were doing well before now that shouldn't be a big deal. Id vary up the diet, maybe spread some leaf litter around for the shrimp to graze on all the time to supplement your feeding
  12. There are other members of the Hara genus, but I've never seen any of them in person as far as I recall
  13. So are they moving around in the hatcher just before you collect them? possibly too much air in the hatchery causing the bbs to bash around on the sides and each other leading to death. You want it to be just enough air to keep them from settling
  14. huh, true enough the internet does say no warmer than 75. that's somewhat surprising to me because the fish store I worked for always carried them and they were kept around 80 all the time and did well for us
  15. If its a planted tank, the yellow shrimp will show up better against the plants. As for the fish unless you are wanting a large number of 1 species for your own preference there is no reason you couldn't go with both, like a group of 6 pygmy cories, a pair of clown killies, and heck even some nano mid water fish like maybe tinwini danio, CPD, or chili rasbora
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