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  1. Hm... maybe? I've checked on it late at night in the past and it was fine but I had not done any late night checking recently. That would be something id be curious to check. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Unfortunately, he did not make it through the night. I appreciate everyone's help!
  3. Yeah I've had the stuff since I got into the hobby, never needed it until now. I'm not expecting much in terms of recovery, but worth the hail mary try, it's very clear he's deteriorating in health.
  4. Ugh lol. You are probably right. I have no idea how long he was at my LF. He's only been here a few months. Real bummer if that's the case, we specifically bought the tank for this fish, since my fiance fell in love with it. Alas...I'm guess I'm committed to at least an overnight swim in the tank. Idk if I should move him back right now. Seems like unnecessary stress....but what do I know.
  5. So here is where I'm at. I have him in QT with aquarium salt. I am starting him at 1 tablespoon per 3 gallons as Level 1. He will lay on the bottom, going up every minute or so for a gulp of air. He always like to go up for a gulp, so THAT portion is totally normal. But he is clearly breathing heavier and is slumping/falling to the side on occasion when on the bottom sometimes. Up to luck and science at this point. Will update tomorrow.
  6. So come home, he was in the same spot, but then moved down, alternating between these two. It's very clear something is wrong. He barely ate and is not active at all. Should I put him in QT and get some salt going?
  7. ODDLY ENOUGH. Literally just ordered the floating log for mine hese. I'll have to see how that works. He always sleeps in those two spots, that's not what was unusual, doing it during the day was. But maybe it is just energy change. I was worried cause was not coming up for food, but was still eating, which was just....odd.
  8. So when we got him, he had that appearance. It's one of the reasons we named him Mr. Misfit lol. It did look like he was blind since weve had him. But he had no trouble seeing food on the ground and falling through the water column. I will have to check again I had never heard of the dragon scale trait.
  9. Feed all three of those on a schedule lol. Also will feed some vibra bites, cause it's funny to watch him chew them.
  10. Cant add salt cause of the plants. Rather not kill the pink flamingo lol.
  11. Got him from LFS a few months ago. Heater is working fine per thermometer. Water feels the right temp too.
  12. Water parameters: 0,0,0 7° KH and GH Ph 7.2-7.4 Temp 80° All the parameters are how they have been for months now. He normally comes and "greets" me at the front, and is very easy to feed. Today, (and maybe yesterday, I was barely home) he is a completely different fish. Lethargic, and is wedging himself between the thermometer where he normally sleeps and just floating there. Even laying on the ground at times, going as far as starting to tilt to one side. He will still swim about in spurts, going up to gulp some air occasionally, or laying on the anubius. He is also responsive to any touch, and will swim away like he normally would. I fed him, before I realized this, and he ate his pellets as they floated down, even scavenged some off the ground, but he is normally at the surface like a normal pig betta. Unsure how I really should proceed or If I should just continue to monitor this.
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