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Found 8 results

  1. In the wake of some unfortunate loses in my tank this morning, I have some good news! I found 6 little guppy fry swimming around my female guppy quarantine tank today. I have no idea who the mom is because all of the living ones still look pregnant, could have been one of the ones I lost, I probably wont know until they grow up and even then, I don't know who they bred with. That being said, look at these cuties! Now, I have a few questions. These are my first guppy fry, not my first fry, I've had quite a few ember tetras before which is always welcome, but those were accidents and I never actively took care of them. This is a whole new world to me. As I said before, they're currently in a quarantine tank with four adult female guppies. I fished them into a breeder box I had and put some pogostemon stellatus octopus in there for them to hide in and be made comfortable. The quarantine tank currently has 3 doses of paracleanse running through it with another dose being planned tonight. It also has crushed coral and 3 tbsp of aquarium salt which was added yesterday. Are they safe to be in there as I run through this treatment? This is the alternative tank that I was actually putting together just for the purposes of having guppy fry in it. The plants are currently floating because I overestimated how much fluval stratum that I had and none of the plants besides a few pieces of dwarf hair grass can sit in the thin layer I have. I was thinking of either getting more or just capping off the substrate with a layer of crushed coral. I realize that the fluval stratum is leeching nutrients into the water as we speak. I think I might have enough plants to soak all of it up, but the only possible bacteria that is in that tank is from the plants because that tank went through a heavy round of disinfecting. I have a sponge filter sitting in my other quarantine tank with honestly perfectly healthy fish in there. It's two male guppies that I've had for months, I just haven't finished their medication cycle and I restarted last week after having done a round of medications when I first got them and life happening. They're probably completely fine and the filter just hanging out in there is probably completely fine and more importantly has bacteria in there. TLDR; My question is should I keep the new guppies I have in the breeder box or should I, with normal parameters after thorough testing, move the fry to this new tank using a drip acclimation? @Henry the fish keeper Here are the pictures that I was talking about! Any advice would be very appreciated!
  2. Hello Everyone! This is my first post to this forum; I was formerly a member of the Facebook Group "Aquarium Group Support". I've been keeping freshwater fish since 2018, and have at one point had 5 separate tanks! I usually keep single bettas with community tanks, and have kept pea puffers at one point. I've been having bad luck with my last couple bettas because I wasn't buying them from a breeder, and decided to take a break from buying any more. I currently have a Giant male I got from a breeder and he's great. So when my last one died, I refreshed my memory on on the individual species in my 2 community tanks and was happy to find they could all co-exist, so I combined them and freed up my 20 gallon long. I decided to buy my first fantail goldfish to put in it! I just had a few questions on goldfish specifically so I can give it the best care it can have: Do I really have to feed it everyday? I've always fed my tropical fish every other day to cut back on waste, but online sources for goldfish were telling me once or twice a day. Is that what's best for it? How do you sex goldfish? I'd really like to know what it is 🙂 Is a consistent temperature good? I know they don't need a heater, but I left the existing heater in the tank and set it to 68 degrees. For some reason leaving in the heater made me feel better, since I've always kept tanks at a consistent temperature. Can I house two fantail goldfish in a 33 gallon long (dimensions of a 55 gallon tank cut in half horizontally) tank? This tank is my other community tank, but I don't plan to replace any of the community fish that die off at this point. Eventually I would like to downsize to only 1 tank, and I know goldfish can live a long time, so I was wondering if it could be moved into the 33 gallon with a tankmate eventually? Could I put a mystery snail with it in the 20 gallon currently? Online sources were very clear about no tankmates in a 20 gallon because of goldfish waste output, but I was wondering about the opinions from this forum. Is it going to eat the gravel? I've seen him put it in his mouth and spit it back out, and do the same thing with pest snails. Do I need to be concerned? Thank you all in advance for your time and opinions!! I look forward to participating in the forum 🙂
  3. Hii I just got back into the hobby after a long time and I have a question I bought a 100 gallon stock tank I plan to put a Oscar in but I have a few questions?Is it to put two Oscar’s in there ? What type of heating can I use inside the stock tank it’s a 100 gallon Rubbermaid? Finally is there any good bottom dwelling fish that won’t out grow the 100 gallon ? Thank you and sorry if this isn’t the write spot to post this just joined and figured this is the right group of people that could answer my questions
  4. I started a brand new 20 gallon tank 8 days ago. I planted it with low light plants and have been dosing, per the instructions, with Seachem Stability and testing my water every other day. I'm trying determine what I need to do next. Here are my test results... May 16th: A=0, Ni=0, Na=5ppm May 19th: A=2ppm, Ni=2ppm, Na=10ppm May 21st: A=0, Ni=5ppm, Na=10ppm May 23rd: A=0, Ni=5ppm, Na=40ppm I have new plant growth starting on several different types of plants and I have some hair algae growing. I believe I need to do a water change and recheck my water parameters. Then possible add a fish or two and keep checking water parameters. I'd love to get some input from others and thank you in advance!
  5. Ziss hatchery, aquarium co op eggs, I follow Cory’s video. I harvest between 24 and 36 hours. When I put them in a small container after rincing them, some swims but most sinks to the bottom... why? Are they dead? I would also like to know what are the black specs with the BBS Thank you! I will get it eventually. It sucks to be the worst aquarist on earth!
  6. Hey fellow Nerms, got a few questions, I’m attempting to make a spray bar for my 75 gallon tank with a fluval 306 cannister. I have 1/2 inch pvc and I watched Cory and Deans video on making a spray bar and they said I believe to start with 1/8” holes and Dean drilled them 1 inch apart. Does the size of the spray bar matter on the distance between holes and size of them? I have a 24” piece for the bar itself but not sure if I was going to keep all of it or cut it down. Also I believe in a live stream Cory mentioned if you wanted to cut your flow in the water to point the spray bar to the back wall of the aquarium. Now I like this because I use a Fluval E series heater and need flow through it or it beeps low flow.( currently have an air stone dropped behind it). Can I have most of the holes pointed towards the back and drill a few on the other side to point to top of water for surface aggitation? I just want to do it right the first time if all possible 😂
  7. Hi! just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or experience with a Some of fish I’ve been interested in but haven’t been able to definitively answer some questions from just online searching. Please feel free to chime in about notable behaviors or experiences unrelated to the questions 🙂 blue neon goby- how important is high water flow? I know many of the high water flow species can do well in slower waters as long as oxygen levels are high so was hoping these would be similar. Butterfly Gobies- I see they are actually wasp fish but they have been listed as fresh water on many online sights. But most people keep them in brackish or even marine from what I’ve seen on YouTube. Is this the best way of doing so? And when do you know you should transition the fish into brackish if it came in freshwater? South American Green darter tetras- these look awesome and just found out about them so wanted to know if anyone breeds them or has found how they do in smaller groups rather than large as they’re quite expensive Pom Pom crabs- has anyone gotten to live longer than a year :/? Also would be interested in getting a few for my girlfriends 5.5gal solo act betta tank that’s decently planted but am concerned they’d get their Pom poms nipped off. It is a female betta who has not interacted with anything but snails yet. rhino pleco- can’t seem to find a definitive size range, see anything from 6”-11” and don’t know what to believe. Does anyone have an adult they’ve had for awhile now or now for sure? sorry for long post, can’t wait to Hopefully read some responses :)!
  8. I've been looking online for different calculators/ recommendations and I'm not having much luck. I want to build an octagon fish tank and put it in a table I'm also gonna build but have no clue the thickness of the acrylic I should use. Its going to be 5ft across, and each of the 8 panels are going to be 24" long by 12" tall which would make it about a 142 gallon tank. would anyone be able to either recommend a calculator, formula, or thickness to use?
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