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Found 6 results

  1. I could literally write some sort of an essay on how much I have had to mess with my HoBs to get them to function and "fix design issues". I have always enjoyed this aspect of the hobby and I'd love to ask everyone about their setups. For reference below, I'll toss in a few pretty epic videos when it comes to filter setups. Please feel free to post and share your filter setups here! I'll have to grab some paper and sketch out a few mods I've done!
  2. Hey everyone, I think sometimes it's hard to remember and hard to realize exactly how far we've come in the hobby. I am sure many of us don't even know what the oldest photo we have really is. I am sure plenty of us will end up finding a great memory to explain or be able to see the journey you've taken as a hobbyist and feel a bit of pride. There is a saying, an old quote, "you can never step in the same river twice." For me personally this speaks to a lot of things in life. I look at each tank I've kept and every moment in the hobby as my attempt to start over and make it better. It might take me a year, five years, or ten years to finish the project, but I hope that with everyone sharing their journeys in this way, that we can find some inspiration for new hobbyists who happen to find their way here. If you can, take some time to find your oldest tank photo, let us know whatever you'd like to about it. Following that, please post your most recent tank photo and be sure to let us know whatever you'd like to say about it. Finally, I'll ask everyone who posts to try to give some sort of tip, advice, encouragement to a new hobbyist. Thanks!
  3. A simple request. For anyone who feels like it would be fun and interesting, please reply below with a photo of your tank from an angle you don't usually view it, share it, or see it. I was taking photos for a buddy this morning who may or may not get a tank and they had asked what species I had in mine. this led me to the following view and the thought of this post. I will retake it after I am done with the water change today, but I'd really enjoy seeing everyone's tanks in a new perspective.
  4. Hi, I was scrolling around and was wondering if this image: Is a photo or an illustration, to me it looks similar to both. Either way props to whoever made it, it looks awesome!
  5. My partner and I are a freshwater aquarium obsessed COUPLE. Yeah, you read that right. We both love keeping fish, which means in our household it’s double the hobby, double the tanks, and double the opinions on water changes. Over the past year we have outgrown our downtown apartment and have purchased a new home. Which means an epic fish apartment move and a new 842 sq ft basement dedicated to this amazing hobby. We have a closing date range of mid-Sept to October, so naturally all we care about is getting our current tanks moved and building out the new fish space. I am hoping to share this journey with you all by providing updates as they happen. We are true Nerms that are balancing full time jobs and other responsibilities, but always find our hands in a fish tank (or a few fishtanks) at the end of the day. -NeoNerd
  6. Hey fellow nerms, I want to have a fish photo contest on this forum. How its going to work: -Private Message me a photo of the fish that you want to be entered in the contest. If you are unsure how to do this, click the mail box icon next tot he notifaction bell, and click compose new. -I will then create a tournament bracket, and I will post the photos submitted to me on this thread -You can vote on the better picture by using the heart reaction, or other reactions. The photo with the most votes/ reactions will move on to the next round. If there is a tie breaker needed, I will be the last vote. -Winner will receive official nerm braging rights Please private message me the photos no later then Monday11:59pm centeral time. The Contest will start on Tuesday. Each competition will close on noon centeral time the following day (I will try to post the photos by 1pm Centeral time, no promises). I may hide the posts that have been outdated (I may hide tuesdays competions on wednesday when it closes)
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